Upon our doorstep appeared……

This is a picture of Grace…..she had the opportunity to carol at a nursing center and in a parade. Although she is MY caroler, she is not one of the carolers I talk about below.

In my mind, I have memories archived of Christmases past. This year, we had a caroling experience that will be held in that vault with other events that left me happy, thoughtful or nostalgic.

Last week we had a knock on our door in the evening. Emma ran and opened the door (even though she knows she’s not supposed to) and quickly shut it and ran away. I heard singing and went to the door. There upon my doorstep were two families who had come to sing Christmas carols to us. They were obviously two musically inclined families because they sounded great. Really great. They even had accompaniment from what I thought was their car stereo. At the last song I peeked around the porch and saw that the trumpet I heard was live. The trumpeter was out on the street so that he didn’t overwhelm the singers. It was pretty spectacular as far as caroling goes, and I’m thankful for those two sweet families who braved the cold and dark air in order to sing to my family. Oh, and did I mention they also brought really, really yummy s’mores?

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  1. PETIT COCHON says

    up with the times? i don’t undestand… but… i try


  2. How fun!!! I cannot wait till the boys are older so we can go caroling!! I have sweet childhood memories of all of us getting in the back of my grandpa’s truck after he filled it with hay. We would go caroling around the neighborhood. It was great! Of course that was before all the seatbelt laws! LOL

  3. Grace is so pretty! The carolers sounds just amazing too! Hope you are ready for Christmas. ((HUGS))

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