Uncross those fingers…

Because it’s going to take a whole lot more than luck to get that audition. I mentioned in another post that the twins were auditioning for a national commercial with a celebrity mom….it was yesterday. And it was painful.

The casting call was for redheaded MALE twins aged 3 to 5. So, I thought, great…that narrows down the playing field. A ton.

The boys call time got pushed back an hour up front. That worried me because it made their call time during lunch. I rationalized that it would be OK because after
all, they’d have to eat the product so they should be hungry. Terrible assumption…..or was it a justification for dragging them down there, hungry?

We walk in, and there are like 100 sets of twins. And I only see 2 that are male with red hair. One set obviously wasn’t even 3. The rest of the twins? Girls, boys, blonde hair, brown hair…..not even all identical twins. I should have walked away then. But I didn’t. And we waited 2 dreadful hours to get called back. 2 hours with a roomful of other twins aged 2 to 7. Use your imagination. Not fun.

Then we got called back. We walk into this tiny, stiffling room and there is a camera man and the casting director. They order them to sit at a table, for me to stand to the side and they start shooting questions at them. “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “Now eat/drink that —-“. Jacob almost crumbled and refused to speak or eat the product and John played it cool. He took a swig of his drink, put his hand on his head and gave them a look like, “had better”.

So, the director asked us to walk around and try again because I really DO think they were what they were looking for, LOOKS wise. The celebrity mom has red hair.

Against my better judgement, we walked around for 30 minutes and went back in. And Jacob clung to my neck and John just wanted the candy I bribed him with. It was a disaster. I could tell the casting director was on her last nerve and she none to nicely escorted us out, and even confiscated a beverage Jacob was to drink. That was fun to deal with once the door closed.

I came to a conclusion. Commercials are a great gig if you can get em’. But auditioning is the pits. And not all up our alley. As for lunch? My poor boys didn’t get lunch until 5pm. Neither did I. Not good. Not good at all.

Normally I participate in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This week however, I was at the blasted audition, killing my whole day so I didn’t have time to write it. I can assure you all though, that I had nothing to say anyway. The prompt I chose was about whether or not I am still friends with people from high school. Basically (except for Jeff), the answer is No. BUT, I have had 3 high school friends contact me last week through Facebook, and my sister in law did too. Is it just us, or have you all been reconnecting with old friends this holiday season?

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  1. What a bummer…sorry to hear it was such a rough time.

  2. Talk about a crazy day! Sounds like the producer and camera people need a refresher course on how to work with toddlers.

  3. Ack! That does sound painful! I’m sorry to hear it didnm’t turn out quite as you had hoped.

    I’m on Facebook, too. Thankfully, I’ve yet to have anyone find me from high school. I’m so not interested…I guess that makes me a big meanie, huh? πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds like the producer and casting crew were not ready to be around young children! I mean they should of made the casting call after lunch or at least had lunch there!
    I have random people ask me to be their friends on facebook daily and I see that we have friends in common and that they went to my high school but yet i cant seem to remember who they are. They usually are younger or older becasue the people in my grade I knew.. at least I hope I did!!!

  5. OMG– were you totally pulling your hair out with all that??? Yikes– I can’t imagine the stress on all of you!!

  6. Well I for one loved hearing about your audition and its fiasco. Sorry it was so lame. Your boys are ADORABLE!!!

  7. Cheffie-Mom says

    100 sets of twins! It makes me tired just thinking about it! (:

  8. Aw, that is too bad. You would think that they could use a better system when they know they will be dealing with children. They could have made it fun.

  9. Adventure girl wanna be says

    OMW! How awful!
    That stuff is usually awful. My girls did some stuff when we lived around Atlanta. They were in a fashion show at Atlanta apparell Mart on time. The staff that put them on are not kid friendly.

    Sorry you and the boys had to go threw that. Hope today is better;)

  10. The Jensens says

    Oh dear. I know the auditioning process all too well and can just see this scenario playing out. Sorry such a bad experience, I wish it could have been better.

  11. wow that is a lot of little people in one place!!! one time our playgroup ended up at a playdate location and about 10 min later a huge Mothers of Multiples playgroup came in. talk about feeling outnumbered by the little ones!!! wow.

    i think your boys are adorable and should get the part but missing lunch is no fun for anyone…i can’t believe they didn’t have snacks or something out. oh well…

  12. Facebook has undug MANY people that I thought were good and buried in the past! I’m still waiting to see if it’s a good thing or not . . .

  13. Yikes…that was what I was afraid of. Too bad they couldn’t just look at how adorable they are and hire them without an audition!!What will you do?

  14. That must have been awful. I can’t believe the casting director acted that way. But really what does she expect from toddlers sitting around all day.

  15. What a day! Eeek!
    Poor little guys AND mama! LOL

  16. Kelly Deneen says

    Ewwww! It sounds like a terrible ordeal for all of you! Now you’ll probably get a call back on the commercial. hehe. πŸ˜‰

    I am not really friends with people from HS either. There are a couple that I randomly talk to on facebook, but that’s it. As for the new contacts, it must be the holidays – I have heard that from several people!

  17. Wow that sounds like a disaster! I dont get how people can expect kids to just snap to and do what they tell them to do .. I guess some kids can I know mine cant. I guess in the end if they dont get it atleast they had the chance to do it.

  18. i just saw a ceommercial the other day that had two red-headed boys that looked to be twins and quite young. i couldn’t help but think of you and your boys πŸ˜‰ sry it was a mess, better luck next time, hey?? be blessed!!
    ps. thanks for stopping by with a comment, i loves me some comments!! πŸ˜‰

  19. sorry to hear it was such a disaster. Those people don’t sound kid friendly.

  20. They should have planned it better! Not your fault and they should be the ones to blame. They could have started out with pre auditions and had you send in pictures or a video first. They could have narrowed it down before making ALL of those kids wait so long. Some people just don’t know how to deal with kids!!!! You never know they may call you back. That would be exciting.

  21. mommaof4wife2r says

    seriously?! i love that your boys were so themselves. good for them…and don’t be too hard on yourself. those boys had fun…and a little late lunch never killed a kid. ok, it makes us all grumpy, but no one ever died from it!

  22. you are soooo funny. i love how you laid out this horrific scene and then very lady-like and expeditiously moved on to the topic at hand. so, although i really want to talk about the audition (i still think they just have SUPERSTAR written all over them), i’ll answer your question…

    i actually AM in touch with people from high school, but just very recently. we went to a small american school overseas and there’s been talk of a reunion, so one of our classmates organized us on, where else?… facebook. it has been a hoot reconnecting with a few, BUT, up until a few months ago, i had not stayed in touch, nor thought very much about most of them.

    i am a COMPLETELY different person than i was in high school. some of my old classmates and i have connected on the things we have in common NOW instead of rehashing old memories. that has been fun.

    more than you wanted to hear, i’m sure!

  23. That’s terrible. When this commercial does come out on TV, I’ll be sure to change the channel and not buy whatever it is they are selling. πŸ˜€ The poor woman was probably stressed to the max by all the other kids she had before your guys came in.

    Maybe next time.

    (This is officially reason #2 why CA is better than MI, you can be on TV.)

  24. Wow, that audition sounds like an absolute nightmare.

    I’ve rediscovered all sorts of old friends on Facebook lately, it’s been great fun.

  25. Stinks about the addition.

  26. Facebook is great for reconnecting! lol

    As for your audition, YOU. POOR. THING!!! Crazy!

    Hey, look me up on facebook! I think my name is a little more uncommon than yours (Lemoine)so should come up fairly easily. (Unless it is your middle name on your email?)

  27. I think if you’re gonna be working with kids then you need to be willing to work with them.
    I mean you’d been waiting FOREVER and they’re only 3 years old.
    I wonder if she was a mother.
    I would’ve gotten to know the kids a little bit and worked really hard with them especially since yours were the only red head twins in the age group.
    Of course they’re gonna clam up.
    Sorry man.

  28. I know this will sound crazy but don’t be too surprised if they get it! They expect working with kids to be a challenge…so that part wasn’t a big deal even if they acted like it was. If the boys are what they need looks-wise, that’s about 90% right there! Oh, also, I am dying to know who the celeb is! Did they tell you? Redhead? Nicole Kidman? Julianne Moore? Ashlee Simpson?
    Good luck and keep us posted.

  29. Wayfaring Wanderer says

    Oh man, my head would be spinning!!

  30. OMG hon I so feel your pain. When Jay decided he wanted to do modeling and acting for 2 years we would spend countless hours in LA sitting in audition rooms with a thousand other kids and the parents, OMG let’s not even start on the parents trying to ‘teach’ their kids how to say and act and living vicariously through them. I was so glad to get pregnant with the twins so I could justify not driving to auditions anymore πŸ™‚

  31. How awful! I’m sorry.

    K so I had to tell you this.. my husband was an “actor” when he was little. One time, he was auditioning for a milk commercial .. he was on the last call be with one other kid.. but they left the milk out all day long. So when they asked he how it tasted.. he told the truth.. Tastes like crap..you left it out, it’s warm and gross!”
    Needless to say, he didn’t get it.

    Haha.. I always laugh when he tells this story.

  32. a commercial would have been really cool but so not worth that. How do they expect the best out of kids when they treat them like that?

  33. Bummer! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! Hopefully, if you decide to go again it will not be as bad.

    As for the reconnecting with old high school friends? Hmmm. Not so much. Its tempting, but I like to fly low.

  34. I was just wondering last night if we were going to hear what had happened. And I’ve heard that auditions can be pretty brutal. Oh well. Lesson learned, right? =)

  35. Erin, Nick and Merrick says

    That stinks!
    And what a brat that director was!!

  36. Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine says

    Your kids were to cool for that comercial anyway.

  37. This story was probably a lot better than the writers workshop. Very interesting. Good for you for trying!

  38. Through Facebook I have found 100’s of long lost friends this year. It’s been so fun! I love it.

  39. Katie Says So says

    Dang it, thats no fun….who needs that commercial anyways though!

    Want me to kick that directors ass?? lol!

  40. Scary Mommy says

    Oh, no! What a day. They’re too good for TV anyway. πŸ™‚

    And, yes, I totally lost touch with 99% of the people from HS. It’s nice to be back in touch with some, but others I’d rather leave in the past!

  41. That’s too bad…I am sure what was meant to be will be!

  42. My bff and I have known each other since kindergarten, my 2nd hubby I also went to school with and I keep in touch with a few others. Of course I live in a very small community (if you call it that) in the same school district. My son goes to the same school I did from k-12.

  43. girlytwins says

    Oh No!!! I am so sorry your first experience was so horrible. They are not all like that but they can be a pain. Bummer.

    I am actually in contact with quite a few of my high school friends. It’s kinda crazy πŸ™‚

  44. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ What a day! Sounds like a day I wouldn't want to repeat! I can't believe all the non-red headed non-boy twins that were there! πŸ™‚

  45. YOur boys would be adorable in a commercial.

    The craziest people have contacted me on facebook. My best friends are still my high school friends. I have college friends and after as well but if I ever need a midnight cry it is a high school friend who would answer the phone without question!

  46. wow.

    it was worth a try!!

    I have just recently jumped on the Facebook wagon;-)

  47. Becoming Me says

    Awww. that’s horrible and shame on the director! I took my daughter to something similar a few years ago…so not good either

  48. Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy says


    Having done commercials when I was a child… I feel their pain.

    Just wait a few more years… young ones aren’t cut out for the likes of Hollywood. My mother learned the hard way.

    I did a Disney commercial when I was 15 and it went sooo much better!

    Your kids are so unique and beautiful… they will still be wanted when they are better able to handle a little hollywood scheduling… hang in there

  49. I guess it all depends on how many auditions they have had before too. Hopefully this won’t taint them into not wanting to audition in the future.

  50. Thanks for the warnning! I’ve had a lot of people over the years tell me Emma should be a model, but I never had the interest in putting her through that process.

  51. Angie,

    I’ve totally been there. My twins were on a season of Baywatch… we got our own trailer, nurse, and teacher (and, they were 1!). They’ve done soap operas and commercials. But, what it came down to is that I was sick of the driving back and forth to LA, as I was a single mom and working. I don’t know what was up with that casting director, but she should be slapped.

    Do you have an agent or are you doing this all yourself?

    A Novel Menagerie

  52. What an ordeal! Sorry about that. I couldn’t even imagine the no food part.

  53. Jonny's Mommy says

    What a nightmare. Eh..it’s not all it is cracked up to me. Being famous. At least that’s what I tell myself. The money..yeah, i could do with that. The rest? Not so much.

  54. Oh man! That really stinks! I’ve had go sees like that before. Usually if I walk in there and see hoardes of people, I just turn around and walk right out. My boys don’t seem to have normal attention spans so I think the waiting would be way beyond their ability. At least they got a bit of experience. So, can you tell us now who the celebrity was?

  55. My kids did a few of these when they were little, and I have to tell ya…the shoots are worse than the auditions! Hey, I’m returning visits from the FanTAbulous Merry SITSmas Event the other day. Thanks so much for visiting, and please…come by my place to see how to Pay It Forward during this Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  56. poor you having to sit around with all those other kids. :S And really? You would think they would turn away those who didn’t fit what they wanted. weird

    I’m the same way about high school friends. We’re “friends” on Facebook, but that’s about it. Same as it was in high school. ha

  57. Casey's trio says

    Oh man, Those boys earned themselves a BIG dinner last night huh? You would think they would see the kids who met all of their criteria first….I would imagine it isn’t very often you find red-headed twins who are adorable as your boys. Sorry about your horrible day.

  58. Bonnie the Boss says

    It sounds like my kind of fun. Sorry it didn’t work out! They are the most adorable red headed boy twins I know. I would hire them just on looks.

  59. Casey's trio says

    Oh ya,
    Facebook has been fun. I haven’t gotten in touch with a ton of old friends but enough to make it worthwhile!

  60. Well that’s a total bummer!!!

  61. that does not sound fun at all…boo!

  62. My name is Tammie says

    Oh Angie. I am so sorry it was a miserable experience. I have to tell you that what you described was very close to what we went through with that same agency. On calls for triplets 18mo I would be in room with 100+ people ages infant to 7 and not even all triplets. I think the call can be for whatever they want it to be, that or they just send all they’ve got and hope one of their clients gets picked.

    I also agree though that the boys are what they are looking for looks wise. They would be perfect. And very well behaved.

  63. Honey Mommy says

    That sounds completely miserable!

  64. Sounds like a total nightmare. Surely they can’t expect little kids to wait that long and perform well. It might still work out though…I hope, I hope, I hope!

    Of course, now I’m totally trying to think of the celebrity mom … Marcia Cross? She already has twins … but she has red hair. Hmmmmmmm…must think more.

  65. blueviolet says

    Wow, what an experience you had. I wonder if the twins will remember that years down the road,once they’re already celebrities…;)

  66. oh, that sounds terrible. you’d think they’d want to make it a welcoming environment?!

  67. That is pretty lame that the lady was kind of a punk. I hope they can still manage a call back or something because I would love to see the cuzzies on TV.

  68. What an experience! Could have been very cool except for the whole not eating part. I would have crumbled a well.I have just started reconnecting with some high school aquaintances, but I mainly have friends from college and beyond.

  69. I Wasn't Born a Soccer Mom says

    I stumbled upon your blog throught SITS and I must say your family is so neat! Sorry about the crazy daymaybe next time it will go alot better!

  70. Kelli @ Gohn Crazy says

    Aww your poor boys and you. That just sounds PAINFUL. πŸ™

  71. LaTonya Yvette says

    A room full of twins! You are an angel.

  72. That sounds like pure torture!

  73. Jenni Jiggety says

    Well they certainly wouldn’t be able to find CUTER kids than yours, Angie!

    I am sorry it wasn’t a better experience!

  74. Yes, I am loving FB for reconnecting. It is a lot of fun!

    Sorry about the audition…

  75. My fingers will not come un-crossed until a rejection letter is posted on your blog.

    You can’t have wasted that day for nothing…your babies are STARS darnit!

  76. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Oh, I am so sorry! That sounds pretty exhausting and crazy! Does that mean they didn’t get the part or are they just going to let you know?

  77. wow I’m sorry about your audition! Poor kids probably just wanted to get the heck out of there (you too of course!). The casting people sound like jerks, I hope you don’t have to work with them again!

  78. Tiaras and Tantrums says

    oh you poor dear – and those poor boys! my son does modeling – but we waited until he was 5 before he auditioned for anything and i took the girls with me ONCE – might as well give me a razor blade – argh!

    HS buddies – so weird – one that I have not spoken to n OVER 20 years contacted me on facebook like we were the best of friends and invited herself out here to see me? WTH? Very strange I thought!!

  79. I’m sorry the audition didn’t go quite so well. Have a great weekend though!

  80. scrappysue says

    like you say – nice gig if you can get it! maybe the casting director didn’t have kids! she sounded none too patient. she should try to be 3 and hungry!!!

  81. The Pink Potpourri says

    ugh. so frustrating. they need to do a better job with the audition process with they’re dealing with little kids!

    ps…its Free Giveaway Friday! be sure to swing by and enter to win this week’s gift!

  82. β™₯spoiled mommyβ™₯ says

    Id love to know how you got them into the whole modeling thing…is there a post I havent read, yet?
    I tried with my daughter, I was told all these wondrful things about her “look” so I did it, got riped off, lost LOTS of money, broke her heart and was left feeling very bitter and angry.
    Would love to know what service you used, if you dont mind sharing.
    I couldnt imagine doing what you did, w/twins!!
    You go Mommy for having the patience of a saint!

  83. in time out says

    sounds painful. sorry to be so frustrating for you and them. i see why you need the chocolate….pamper yourself today…

    take care β™₯

  84. Regardless, they are supremely famous in MY book.

  85. Living in So. Cal. I know plenty of moms who can share your audition from hell story.

    My daughter has had one friend make it in the commercial/movie biz. Well, he has had some smallish roles, nothing major.

    It’s hard work!

    And to answer your question, I haven’t been connecting with old friends this season.

    I only keep in contact with a couple old friends.

  86. Yes, auditions are the worst. I went on a casting call for boy twins with blond hair that were 6-12 months. You wouldn’t believe what showed up. Long story short, we stood in line for two hours, but they got the part. Yep, that is my babies in the Dale Earnhardt movie, 3. Want to know how much they got paid? Fifty bucks a piece. Yep, AND they BOTH got sick from filming in the winter time in an unheated trailer. Lesson learned.

    At least we have the DVD right?

  87. I totally stole your idea of flying kites πŸ™‚

  88. poor boys (and mom)…

  89. Live.Love.Eat says

    Well, that stinks! Sorry it didn’t go better. It seems the audition isn’t just the time you spend in that little room, it’s the waiting and going through the whole experience unfortunately. Otherwise, I am sure your boys would be #1!!!!!!!

  90. sassy stephanie says

    Wow. THAT many RED twins? I’m shocked. Of course, little monkeys never perform when you want them to!! Poor boys and poor you!!

  91. sassy stephanie says

    Oh, wait, I just re-read….only 2 reds. Whew. I like to think reds are SUPER SPECIAL!!!

  92. Wow!! That does sound like a nightmare day.

  93. Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit says

    Ugh, what a day…sounds like a painful experience.

    I haven’t done the facebook thing yet…but I’ve been thinking about it recently.

  94. Oh gosh…that sounds miserable. Sorry it didn’t work out. I’m sure your boys would have been perfect, but it sounds like it wasn’t perfect for them. Maybe something else will come along that will be even better!

  95. Sorry for that rotten day but at least you know what life is really like behind the cameras. My kids would never have made. I too have reconnected with an old friend, she is experiencing breast cancer and has reconnected. I was glad she contacted me so that I could pray for her. I think people reconnect for many reasons. We just went to a party with friends that we have known for 20 years but have not seen in a long time. We have recently reconnected and it is great to be that much older and still like each other and have things in common. It may be a great thing that your friends are trying to find you, I do know that you have alot to share with them and they would be better for it!
    Thank you for the encouragment at my place. I like that you see quality in my posts!

  96. Sounds as though it was a nightmare of a day. I briefly thought of doing the audition thing with my twins and promptly decided against it. I am glad I did. I am sorry about your day. I know you were looking forward to it.

    I do not use Facebook. I set one up to connect with some GNO group, but was being connected to people I had *NO* desire to be in contact with so I shut it down.

    As for high school, I graduated almost 22 years ago (WOW) and have no desire to re-connect with any of them now.

  97. Wow that sounds like an awful way to spend a day. Sorry they didn’t get the part.

  98. The Shillingburg's says

    I’ve started reading Persuasion!! Thanks for getting me hooked on Jane. πŸ™‚

  99. Ahhhh… show biz. My family is deep into it. Looking forward to seeing what your cuties do!

  100. You gotta wonder if the people holding the auditions have kids themselves? I mean come on, at least have drinks and some snacks to offer….esp if the wait is 2 hours! Geesh. Sorry about that one – but surely there are better-handled auditions out there for them.

  101. Now that is a painted picture of one rough day…so sorry! They were crazy not to pick your charming, beautiful boys:)..And yes I have been finding all kinds of people on FB too. It’s very cool!

  102. Straight to Your Hart says

    Oh..the horror…to top it off..no lunch?! Talk about tipping the scales in the wrong direction..but I would pick them..they are so cute!!

    I just started facebook and am finding the same as well. It kinda scares me in a small way. On the other hand…it’s fun to see how their lives are (k-probably made NO sense), time to go back to bed!

  103. I loved reading your story Angie. I always wondered what went on at those commercial auditions. My imagination was not too far off.

    And I too have just reconnected with some high school friends through Facebook. I only set up an account last week.

  104. WheresMyAngels says

    Oh that would be so the pits! I don’t know how you managed it even that far. People always say my Aysha should be a little model. Well I sure as heck wouldn’t be excited about trying to do anything like that with all the competition.

    Hugs for trying, would of been cute to see them. BUT, what if they got famous and then were on drugs by age 12 or something. Best things went the way they did!

  105. Clark Captions says

    Good luck Ang! Sounds like a not good, dirty rotten bad day! I’ll be crossing my fingers for some good news!

  106. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    That audition sounds horrible!