Uma Thurman & Motherhood

Uma Thurman.

I talked to Uma Thurman on Wednesday.

Well, almost. I was supposed to ask her a question, but time ran out. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be on a panel of mom bloggers allowed to participate in conference calls with headliners from Motherhood, the movie including Katherine Dieckmann (writer/director), Anthony Edwards and Uma Thurman.

I really like what I’ve seen of Uma Thurman both on screen and off. Off screen, she always seems so self possessed and poised and most importantly, intelligent. Even though I haven’t seen the bulk of her work, I’ve been mindful of her career because of the intellect, maturity and the humanity she appears to exhibit when she is not on the silver screen.

I appreciate that she slipped into the role of a mother without all of the hoopla associated with Hollywood mom’s today and has been able to juggle her career and motherhood with such grace. In fact, one of the questions that was asked was what is was like to balance her work schedule with her job as a mother. She said, “It’s very hard work. ” and went on to elaborate about only being one person and missing things when she works but trying to balance it with a “rich and warm family life” at home when she is not working.

The phone call only re-inforced my opinion of her. She’s an actress, but more importantly she’s a mom, and takes that role very seriously. She’s smart and well spoken. She also knows how to get right down to business without being abrasive. Now more than ever I want to see the movie being released October 23rd that she stars in and is proported to be an authentic view of motherhood.

Here are some fun tidbits I gleaned from the phone call:
*Her lower back paid the price of filming running up and down the stairs of a walk-up wearing a baby carrier.
*She was surprised at what wonderful actors the children were that played her children because they are just children.
*Filming a movie that takes place in only one day is “tricky” but rewarding.
*She really enjoyed working with Anthony Edwards and thinks he’s a marvelous dad in real life as well as in the movie. And she has been friends with his wife for a long time.
*She has an expansive vocabulary and knows how to answer questions with just the right amount of detail.

This whole upcoming week I’m dedicating my blog to topics dealing with motherhood since I’m basically up to my elbows in it. 🙂

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  1. I want to see this movie. I think I'm going to try and organize a mom's night out for it. Looks fun

  2. Ronda's Rants says

    She is wonderful in everything she is in! Thanks for sharing and enjoy Vegas…I am missing it …so sad!

  3. The girl with the flour in her hair says

    Well written! I didn't get to ask her my question either, but she really impressed me with her composure and intelligent answers.

  4. It sounds like a really neat experience:-)

  5. brunger bunch says

    Can't wait for your tributes to motherhood in the upcoming week. You are such a great mom!

  6. Very cool. Sounds like great fun to participate in.

  7. Okay, so you never got to ask her your question, but at least you got to listen to all the answers she gave everyone else!

    I didn't even know she was a mother!

    Justine 😮 )

  8. scrappysue says

    so is uma at the sitscation? i'm so confused, AND jealous! i was on someone else's blog and read about this movie. had never heard of it before yesterday!

  9. Ya, I have always liked her as well…I like most of today's actors that are not constantly in the tabloids 🙂

    How very awesome for you to get to be a part of that…and I am jealous at her ability to answer just enough detail. I, well, I don't have that talent.


  10. Holly at Tropic of Mom says

    Cool! Too bad you didn't get to answer your question.

  11. The Blue Zoo says

    How very lucky you are to have had that oppurtunity!

  12. Twisted Cinderella says

    How very cool that had that experience!

  13. Cool! I have always liked her … she does seem to avoid so many of the scandals and weirdness of other Hollywood stars. And she isn't afraid to be seen an "unglamorous." Always a plus for me. Have fun in Vegas!

  14. MammaMania says

    The call really was fun, wasn't it? I was at work and had to shut and lock my office door. (Shh… don't tell anyone what I was REALLY doing!)

    Can't wait to read your week long tribute to motherhood! 🙂

  15. That sounds like a neat movie. My sister and I are going to dinner this Friday and maybe we could go see it together!

  16. From the previews I've seen this looks like my life to a T. And after reading your post I think I'm even more excited to see it. I will be checking back this week. I would really like to hear what other moms are saying about the most wonderful and horrible calling in life!

  17. Well I am all sorts of envious about you getting to sit in on a conversation like that! Tell me….how do you get involved in all these cool blogging things?

  18. confused homemaker says

    She has always seemed very connected to people & her children. I'm hoping to see the movie at the actual theater.

  19. Kelli @ writing the waves says

    What a cool opportunity! My mom actually saw the premiere in Chicago and Uma Thurman was sitting five rows in front of her and spoke to the audience before the movie. She said it was really awesome. I can't wait to see the movie. I'm sure we moms will all see a bit of ourselves in her character on that big screen. 🙂

  20. This blogging gig certainly is bringing about some fun opportunities for you!

  21. She sounds pretty impressive to me. Can't wait to see the movie. I hope I can get to the theater to see it (you know, it may be hard with a newborn and all…)