I’ve been a Twitter member for some time…….but I still don’t “get” it.

Explain it to me please!

I “get” that Twitter is a great way to interact and get whatever message you’d like out (if you know how to use it)……I’ve been told that having a million and one followers is a big deal (big deal to whom?). I just don’t “get” why. I realize it can’t all be about popularity.

I’ve been told that I have dismal Twitter stats. Sadly, it’s true.

The question is: will increasing my Twitter Followers help me in any way besides making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

What do I need to do to make Twitter “work” for me?
What exactly do you Tweet about?
Is Twitter mostly about “I’ll Follow you if you Follow me?” for you? Or is it more?
I really want to know.
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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. I'm on twitter and I'd like to know the same thing. I mostly follow celebs purely for entertainment.. but I am in the same boat as you. I just don't really get it.

  2. scrappysue says

    i refuse to even go on the website. it's the anti-wordful wednesday lol

  3. I'm on twitter but I don't take it all that seriously. I throw out the occasional comment or response, and I've discovered some cool things there (like a very cool HDR photo license that I just won in a contest!), but I'm simply small time and I'm fine that way. I don't need another major timesink in my life, blogging and photography are bad enough.

  4. I don't get it either. I joined and seem to follow all these people that I just don't care what they are saying! I probably need to go back and delete them all and just follow those I know or sort of know. Of course all 7 don't really make for a fast paced life!

  5. Oh – love the new layout. V cool!

  6. parentingBYdummies says

    This is an excerpt from a post I wrote on my blog last week. Perhaps it will help:). But, you know me, sometimes I think I'm being super helpful, but then turns out, I'm not. But, I try SO hard!


    1. A mini version of blogging wherein you use catchy one liners to garner interest in you and/or your blog from random people and celebrities. Tweeting allows you to blog on the run using 140 characters or less.

    2. An annoying, although surprisingly effective, method of advertising used quite profusely by sellers of porn. (Side note: Seriously, I am literally going to cut my eyes out if I have to look at the Britney F*^%$ed message from user XJ87FKI#E one more time. I block it like everyday. What about me makes Random Porn Promoter think I would be interested in Britney getting f*^%$ed? It's a forgone conclusion anyway, is it not?)

    Sentence: I Tweeted Soleil Moon Frye (@moonfrye) last night about the funniest movie, but she didn't respond. WTF?

  7. Love the comment from parentingBYdummies. LOL

    I am with you, girl. I have an account, I rarely use it. hmmmmm

  8. Erin, Nick and Merrick says

    twitter is just another way to avoid my family- wait- strike that. It is entertaining?? 😉

  9. mommaof4wife2r says

    i twitter bc it's fun…don't care at all about how many followers…it's like blogging to me. fun and happy. when it becomes about numbers and time, it's not fun. well, that's my take!

  10. Ronda's Rants says

    I just joined…I am a little late to the party…but I have been entranced by Iran Elections tweets…
    I can't believe that even CNN uses it to let viewers know what is going on!

  11. Love the new template to match the renovation on the new house! ;o)

    I love Twitter just to check in with some of my blog friends on the quick. I can see that others really utilize it in a number of ways, but I'm with you–I need a tutorial to take it any further–


  12. I don't get all to hoopla about Twitter, either. But I am a member.

    And I like the new blog design!

  13. All Success says

    You are correct, Twitter is not all about popularity, it's more about getting connected ! Second increasing your followers is about providing content of value to others. Its not about Quantity but certainly about Quality.Follow people that suites your profile and, tweet about your self, your life, work and play. Tweet about interesting events,contests,tech,people, anything that you feel should be valuable and useful to your followers. Suggest you to keep track of my blog on Twitter.(

  14. I am on Twitter and I find that I am just repeating what I already wrote on my blog. I think of it as a way to reach another audience with my material.

    As for reading other people's stuff, I use Tweekdeck. It helps me to organize what I want to read. That way, I still have an audience but I only read what I want to:-)

  15. The ongoing mundane status reports on Twitter drive me INSANE! I only tweet when I have something to say! lol

  16. …. which isn't often!

  17. I don't get the whole twitter thing either. I find it overwhelming, actually, like all these people shouting at the same time. I rarely update mine. Sigh.

  18. Stephanie says

    Angie it didn't "work" for me either. I don't get it. For me it was another thing I needed to check and the blog/facebook keeps me busy enough! Besides it just seemed like the "what are you thinking?" updates on facebook to me…I dunno. I deleted my account. But the rest of the world seems to love it. so what do I know?

  19. Twitter is a good way to get new readers to your blog. You can tweet your posts. And you will get a few lookers. It's also a great place to network and make some virtual friends.

    The number of followers depends on the person. Personally, I feel, if you have millions of followers how can you follow the converstaion?

    My low expectation goal is 2000. Anything after that is great, but I'm not going to lose sleep if I don't have thousands of followers.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  20. Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    I use it to share little snippets with my friends. I was following a ton of people, trying to drive traffic to my blog, and get in on giveaways etc……but that's just too much work and stopped being fun. Its also fun for sharing the goofy little things the boys do on a daily basis without posting a million blog posts.

    (oh and I have a hundred or so followers, but I only follow about 55 or so. It just gets too confusing otherwise)

  21. I do not get this either. I do not do it .

  22. I use Twitter as a quick stress relief and for things that really don't qualify as a whole blog post. If the kids are driving me crazy, tweet. If something is funny, I tweet. Thats about it.

    I don't follow every one who follows me and I block ppl that want to follow me who have like 1000 and 1000 of followers. B/c then its just about the numbers.

    I say if it makes you happy then do it, if not don't worry about it.

  23. Samantha says

    I'm not a twitter lover and have often wondered why so many others are. I use my acct to share an inspirational or encouraging word here or there but rarely check others status's and even more rarely get a comment on mine.

    Oh, and your layout is adorable! I LOVE the colors!!

  24. Jennifer says

    I have a twitter name and only use twitter as an extra entry for a contest. I never, ever go there to chat or read other people's tweets. I just do not have the time or the desire.

    P.S. I adore your new look!

  25. Swirl Girl says

    I don't twitter.
    Facebook status updates are bad enough. I don't even text message on my phone.

    Like I really need to know that "so-and-so is standing up now"

  26. My thoughts exactly, Angie. Looking forward to going back and reading some of the comments. 🙂

    Site design looks gorgeous.


  27. Migraine Mom says

    I don't know…I like twitter although I used to be better about "tweeting". It's a quick way for me to blog…

  28. I twit. As does Heather…Kathy…Tiffany.

    There you go. That right there should convince you, my friend!

  29. T Rex Mom says

    You're making me glad I don't twitter!

  30. Elaine A. says

    I love twitter, although it does take more time out of your day! ; )

    I started by just following bloggers I knew but I've actually had fun going to other links people post, finding out about giveaways and making new "friends" on it.

    I'm not sure if they are doing it during the Summer but two of the ladies host a GNO (girls night out) on Tues. nights and although it can get a little crazy, it's a good way to make new twitter friends. They usually focus on one topic, find some bloggers that blog about that specifically and have everyone post questions and comment tweets about that topic.

    Also, on Fridays many participate in Follow Friday, suggesting people to follow. I've found friends that way was well…

  31. I'm on twitter and I have a few measley followers and people I follow as well. However, I don't know how to use Twitter. The last time I updated my status was when trying to win a blog giveaway a couple months ago.

    So, I'm in the same boat you are. I know another blogger who seems very adept at it…I always wanted to ask her the logistics. Maybe I will….or maybe she'll read here and comment! I'll be looking for it!

  32. ps. love the new look!

  33. Scary Mommy says

    I never really *got* twitter until recently, but now I'm sold. It's amazing to be able to reach so many people so quickly. I have a really hard time keeping up with all of my bloggy friend's blogs, so twitter allows me to still stay connected. You can get fast answers and learn cool stuff. I have to say, I kinda love it now.

  34. Elizabeth Bradley says

    I love Twitter. I don't over do it, but I post links to my blog and have gained in readership. I follow readers, writers and literary agents. I have made some wonderful connections. Plus, I can touch base with family and friends instantly. I am a big fan. I don't GET Facebook, though.

  35. I didn't get it when I joined, but quickly got into it. I link to fishful thinking pages to share, link my blog posts, and chat with friends. Is it just another way to waste my time? Maybe. Maybe not. I like it. 🙂

  36. Jenni Jiggety says

    I do some Twittering, but I don't really get into it like some others seem to!

  37. sassy stephanie says

    Love your new look!

    I did Tweet for a little while, but quickly grew tired of it. I'm not at a computer all day, so I don't interact enough on it. I think it's great to establish 'relationships' outside of blogging and get to know others better, but only if you use it pretty much ALL DAY!

  38. I enjoy twitter. I used to have an account with a ton of followers and I was following a ton of people and it was NOT fun and I didn't get it. And then I opened a new act, locked it where I have to accept the person that wants to follow and get this I have less than 10 and I LOVE it! I'm hooked! It's fun to send out a quick note to a blogging friend or non blogging friend, vent, or chat, things you would not do on the blog. Yeah, give it a second chance, follow less people and then you might enjoy it!

    Love the colors, so fresh and inviting!

  39. thatgirlblogs says

    I am a twitter addict, so I will chime in. It's like when someone asks why you blog — it's a release of some kind. On twitter, it's microblogging because of the character limit, and there is instant feedback instead of waiting for someone to comment on your blog. There's a greater sense of anonymity and it's quick — like basketball vs. baseball for example.

    It's not fun until you follow a lot of people. It makes it like a party with lots of friends coming in and out at all times.

    Don't give up 😉

  40. I am not a fan of twitter. How many things do I have time for? I love blogging, but facebook has random updates too. I hardly have time to read those. I just don't need one more. I certainly don't think my thoughts need to be followed. I might have to spend some time thinking up good tweets and wondering if I am going to get positive feedback. You get the idea… its a no go for me. Never say never though.

  41. Live.Love.Eat says

    No twitter for me, thanks. That's where I draw the line:)

  42. I really like the new look on your blog. The brown font could be a little darker so its easier to see, but maybe thats just me… .

    I use twitter so my friends and family stay updated with me. Maybe you use facebook status updates that way. I also use it to post interesting articles I have read or blog posts. If you are already facebooking these things then maybe twitter is not for you. Everyone has to choose their media. . .

  43. greedygrace says

    I'm going to start following you, you can do the same…. but I got to say… I really don't "get it" either!

  44. Julie B. says

    Great new blog look? I had to run over here from my blogroll when I saw the title of this post because I don't get it either. I have an account and I almost never use, so I don't understand the random requests I get to follow me from people I've never heard of. How did they even find me to request to follow me? They're complete strangers. It's pretty odd to me..why can't they find my blog and follow me THERE 🙂

  45. Julie B. says

    Sorry that was not a question. It IS a great new blog look 🙂

  46. Oh, I did the same…saw your post title and ran over to see what the answers would be 'cause I don't get it either!!! Not at all! Now, reading some of the responses, I go back and forth. I'm totally cemented in the, "No way, not enough time and so totally not my style!" then read someone's comment about that it's like blogging in fast mode and I'm all for it! 🙂 Wishy-washy!!!

    Love the new look too!

  47. Jennifer P. says

    I need a few silent spaces in my life still, so I have chosen not to Tweet. Facebook is my blogging in fast motion, I suppose.

    I am LOVING the new look here! Very you—as I imagine you anyway 🙂

  48. ChefDruck says

    I used to not get Twitter. I felt like a wallflower at a party, a very loud party where everyone is shouting but not hearing each other. Every once in a while, I would send out a Tweet and no one would answer. I never got an @Chefdruck reply.

    Then I did 2 things.
    1) I downloaded Twitterberry onto my Blackberry and found an outlet for those random moments of boredom, frustration, or humor throughout the day. It was suddenly so easy to just send out a little tweet.
    2) I downloaded Tweetdeck onto my home computer and suddenly the conversation on Twitter made sense. I could see that people had been replying back to me but as I'm not on the computer all the time (imagine!) I wasn't seeing them. And I could search for topics of interest.

    Suddenly Twitter made sense to me. And I blogged about it here:

    Now I use Twitter a lot. It's really grown my blog readership because all my blog posts feed there. I've used it to find sources for freelance articles and to find new online friends for the town I'm moving to. And to get suggestions on wall decals companies for my new home.

    I also use it a lot to find companies to do giveaways.

    I'm a believer!

    Oh and one more thing. I try very hard to use Twitter to share information and interesting articles, not the random boring activities I do all day. I figure, if I wouldn't bother to mention something on a phone call to a friend, then it's probably not interesting to read about either!

  49. Michelle says

    I'll have to read what your commenters said because I don't get Twitter either.

  50. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    1) Dentist office waiting rooms
    2) use the 80% 20% rule, 80% about other people and making connections and even helping shout out for those friends when they have a contest, new blog post etc.. And 20% about yourself, what I'm doing, funny thing my kid said, my latest and greatest post update…"literally microblogging"
    When my kids says something funny but I don't have a photo of it, and it's not enough to make a blog post, I just tweet it out there to share with the twitter stream…
    3 #GNO (of course 'wink-wink') when I moved and had not local network, I was able to tap into my online friends more than just commenting on their blogs, by literally agreeing to meet in one place at one time to 'chat'.. I created #GNO on Tuesday nights back in September of 08, it grew into what it is today and out of that… 🙂

    You'll get there..

  51. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    PS I'm excited to be on board for the OOAL network back to school road trip… I'll be the 'twitter' contingent apparently! so you gotta get it figured out by then.. ! 🙂

    Call me I'll walk you thru it?

  52. Well, since you asked, I'll refer you to a post I wrote about this very topic!!! : )

    It is called "So Maybe Twitter Isn't A Total Waste of Time" and the subtitle could be "But It Isn't That Great A Use of Time Either."

    Maybe it will help!

  53. i consider twitter to be the status update section of facebook and nothing more… it's still the same time suck thought:P

  54. Crazy Daisy says

    I use twitter for a couple different reasons.

    1) I give status updates of "what am I doing now". I often use it more when I don't have time to blog.

    2) When I do post on my blog, I often link up from Twitter

    3) I also use it to follow others that have a lot of information. Such as the local news channel, local newspaper, professionals in my field… etc. It is a quick way to keep up without having to read much.

    I do not always follow someone just because they follow me.

  55. Bonnie the Boss says

    No twitter or tweet here! Blogging and FB are quite enough time on the computer for me! But good luck with it!

  56. I signed up but never use it. Instead, I use Facebook, which seems much more interactive to me.

    Justine 😮 )

  57. Adrian's Crazy Life says

    I hear ya on Twitter. I go over there once in a blue moon just for giggles, but it's not very interactive. I feel like I'm talking to myself most of the time. I do like to vent on things I don't want my Facebook or blog friends to see because most of them don't follow me on Twitter.

    Love the new blog look.

  58. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says

    You've received some great advice so far. The only thing I can think to add is this: on your twitter home page, you should add a little bio about you so that like-minded people can know who you are and follow you; and add your blog url so that people can visit your blog.

    I use twitter for a lot of different reasons, one of them being to bring visitors to my blog. I post a link to my posts so that people can click through and read. I also love to find other moms to follow and talk with, especially when parenting dilemmas arise. I use my Twitters peeps (Tweeps) like google – they're my reference book!

    Follow me – I'm @notdiyheather