Twisted (Silver, that is) Times TWO…

While I was busy letting the summer was pass me by, Twisted Silver launched two new necklaces that you should know about!  🙂

First up is the Element Necklace. Retailing for $80.00, it’s the new “IT” necklace in my house.

The Element necklace is so much more fabulous in person than the pictures illustrate, probably due to the ombre (shaded or graduation of tone) effect on the natural raw brass element used in the piece.  In person the colors look really rich, and the links look like they are made of very high quality material.

The 411 on the necklace is this:  it’s 20 inches, made of brass (with the ombre effect, so it’s not all one shade), weighs 2 oz., and has 1/2″ wide links.

Translation:  the necklace is “bulky” (but in the best way possible), rather than delicate and is DEFINITELY a piece that can be used to compliment ones wardrobe everyday; either standing alone, or layered with other pieces.

AND, the necklace is great for sharing, too.  Between my daughter and I, the Element necklace has gotten the wear time it so deserves!

The second necklace I’d like to draw your attention to is the Lily Necklace.

If you are up with celebrity fashion and gossip, then you may have seen it recently worn by on Ali from The Bachelorette.   Apparently, she likes it as much as I do.

Retailing for $120, the Lily Necklace (33 inches in length)  makes a statement with it’s collection of vintage art.  The main element in the necklace is brass, but it also has silver elements and clear and gold crystal embellishments.  Oops, I can’t forget to mention the pearls, either (I’m assuming they are fresh water pearls?)….

What you can’t see in this picture is the yellow leather purse and gray and yellow heels that I wore that made the gold in the necklace pop.

I LOVE this necklace!

Disclosure:  Twisted Silver sent me both necklaces to ENJOY and for review.

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  1. Very cute!