Tuesday’s Tribute-Hip-T

What is it?
Well, we’ll tell you what it is NOTIt’s Not About YOU. It’s about SOMEONE ELSE. It’s our chance, each of us, to shine our light on someone else.

Huh? Whaddya mean?
We each spend a lot of time talking about ourselves and our lives, but we are also fairly GIVING people too…Tuesday’s Tribute is a chance to talk about OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives.

Now’s your chance to shine your light on someone else.

You all know how I feel about designer jeans. Right? Right.

How they changed my life. And my pocketbook.

Don’t roll your eyes. They really did. Once I discovered them I stopped wearing track suits and I think we can all be glad of that. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard track suits are a fashion faux pas UNLESS you are actually exercising. Which I wasn’t.

So anyway.

I’ve found something else that I can’t live without.

One word.


You all MUST have one. It’s only like the best fashion accessory since….well, I don’t know what.

hip-T’s are “layering accessories” for your hips. They are great for layering, but more importantly, they cover up your muffin top (if you have one) and your um…..bum crack. hip-T’s are brilliant because they keep you covered, but don’t make you hot (as in over-heating) since it’s not a whole T.

hip-T, I love you.

I immediately contacted hip-T when I discovered them and asked if they would please, pretty please donate a hip-T to one of my readers. They immediately responded in the affirmitive, so I’m THRILLED to be able to give one away to you.

If you don’t win, when you place your order, shipping is free AND speedy AND you should know that all of my interactions with the company have been positive.

If you’d like to give the hip-T a try, visit their site and then come back and tell me which hip-T you like best. If you’d like an extra entry, sincerely thank me for exposing you to hip-T.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Contest ends at 12:00 pm on Sunday the 24th.

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Crazymamaof6 says

    Thanks for sharing the wonder Angie!

    i am so excited . i checked out the website. and HOLY COW! they even carry my size. which isn’t very common. YAY! i’m gonna get myself one. great tribute choice!

  2. C.C. Almon says

    love, love, love the pink hip-t with lace; how come no one ever thought of this before; it’s brilliant!

  3. I like the plain white one. And thank you! Never heard of these!

  4. Erin, Nick and Merrick says

    I TOTALLY need one of these!
    I live in FL and an sweating in my double shirt!

  5. sassy stephanie says

    I need need need the Hearts of Hardy!!!

  6. Love it! I have 8 gazillion tank tops because I always have to wear one under my tees! What a great idea. I would totally choose that little white one with the lace on the bottom. Super cute!

  7. Jen at Cage Free Monkeys says

    Thank you so much for turning me on to these!! I would L-o-v-e the white one 🙂

  8. What a great find! (You’re so stinking smart!)
    Although the white one seems to be popular, that’s what I would choose because it’d go with anything. And I have that muffin top you were talking about …it’d be nice to cover that up.

    These kind of remind me of the belly band I have that supposedly keeps me pants up when they don’t quite fit – not totally true, but anyway.

  9. Oooh. I’ve seen these before! SUCH a good idea. I do the tank top thing too for layering and it just gets so bulky!
    I’d want the basic on in black because it seems like everything I wear is black!
    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I have never seen/heard about these, but they look great. I’d have a tough time deciding between white and black, but definitely the basic style for me.

  11. Sounds wonderful!

  12. OH my gosh! I need one in every color. These are seriously the cutest things ever! Thanks for the info and a chance to win 🙂

  13. Those are pretty cool! I would love the plain white one. Thank you!!!!

  14. I’m a standard black or white gal. They look like they might ride up. Don’t they? My shirts always ride up in the back because my butt is so big. Sigh…..

  15. That’s awesome.
    Once I’ve finished giving birth, I’ll have to try these out.

  16. Those are great! I want every color but would settle for white. I had one that was similar when I was pregnant which are as equally as fantastic when you are with child and are between regular clothes and maternity clothes. I am so glad that they have one for the non pregnant people of the world. Fun Fun.

  17. Oh WOW…that is possibly one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile! I love all the plain ones, but I especially love the white with lace. I would wear it all.the.time.

    (I have a gazillion tank tops for reasons listed above…thank you for making my life easier by telling us about this!)

  18. This is such a cool idea. 🙂

  19. MamabearMills says

    Im giving one away on my blog!!! COME ONE OVER PEOPLE AND SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Now Spanx…I am the queen of those wonders. But the hip-T is new to me.

    Where has this been all my life? Furthermore, where have you been? Keeping all this good info from me…shame on you!

  21. p.s. Don’t think I didn’t order the Hearts of Hardy one. ‘Cause I sooooooooo did. LOVE IT!

  22. Is this a mormon company? I wondered when someone would come up with this, since they make ’em for maternity already.

  23. I am off to check this out. I think I so could use one. I have a child if you know what I mean. Thanks for finding this.

  24. ANovelMenagerie says

    I like the black one with lace $19.95.

    I wonder if they will also suck in and flatten my huge belly!


    Hope all is well with you and the kiddos.

    A Novel Menagerie

  25. these look so AWESOME! I love the plain white one (because i’m weird like that), but the madrid one lookes interesting, too!

  26. Great tribute:-)

  27. Jennifer P. says

    agreeing with Lula on the Hearts of Hardy one. I LOVE layering my t’s, but it’s getting too hot! I’d love one!

    Good to get all caught up on the blog too! I’ve missed you!

  28. this is total genius. except i do worry that my muffin top will only rise to just below my boobs, giving me a double boob look.

  29. T Rex Mom says

    I’ll check it out – fun tribute!

    I posted mine on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.


  30. girlytwins says


  31. Jenn@ The Crazies says

    I LOVE this product!! I want the pink HipT with lace!! thanks so much!!

  32. Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out says


    Love the white one.

    Thanks for introducing me to something that may just change my life!!!!!

  33. Live.Love.Eat says

    Girl, there isn’t many fashionable things I truly love because I am just not fashionable BUT I would love one of these. Or a few. I have been doing the 2 tanks thing with the one hanging out under the other and I love it. ALSO, my jeans button and fabric corner are ripping through my thin shirts and these things would help. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Straight to Your Hart says

    Yes muffin top it is:) Well, it’s called bisquit…you know the refrigerated kind? When you open them the middle pops out..yes that would be me. Now I could handle having the abs pictured!:)

    Great idea…will check out!

  35. mommaof4wife2r says

    this is making me smile…i have a “healthy” midsection and i sure don’t want it sticking out! count me in for the pink and the lace is awesome!!! ok, and i am shouting form the mountain…please angie…no more muffin tops!!!!

  36. GodseySix says

    OOh! I love these! Thank you for the introduction (does that count as my 2nd entry)! 😉 Ever since I’ve had my fourth child it seems like none fo my t-shirts are long enough to cover, well, what’s left over! lol!

    Now I’m off to their site to see which I like best…I’ll be back!


  37. GodseySix says

    I like the sassy zebra one! So cute!


  38. Muthering Heights says

    These sound awesome…I actually used a Bella Band in this pregnancy, which I believe is similar (except for the holding your pants up part). Anyway, the lacy ones are adorable!

  39. Kacey R. says

    Um, my bum crack is my only cleavage so I’m not really sure I could use this. LOL Just kidding…sort of. These do look fabulous I have to say!! Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  40. hip chick says

    These are fantastic! I love the pink madrid one. So pretty with something green. Oh, and thank you ever so much for showing us these. I had never heard of such a thing. They are great.

  41. Nicole O'Dell says

    I really really NEED this! lol

    I’d get the white one with the lace.

    Great giveaway!

  42. Proud Mommy says

    I didn’t know a product existed that could hide my muffin top!!! You ROCK!!!! I would have to pick the basic white b/c I would be wearing it with EVERYTHING!!!! Woohooo!!! Man, you just made my day. I probably should refrain with wearing it with my swimsuit if I win though, huh?!!

  43. Nicole O'Dell says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…on my knees thanking you. 😉

  44. Honey Mommy says

    You picked my favorite. I like the white hip-T with lace. That would go with ANYTHING!

  45. Honey Mommy says

    Thank you so much for sharing your fashion expertise with me! Now I can be stylish too!

  46. I joined in for the first time for this. It was fun. Thanks.

  47. oh, i love this! i would like to win the black original (the one with lace) in a size large.

  48. i thank you (profusely!) for introducing me to these!

  49. Oh yeah definitely need one maybe 2 of those! Thanks for sharing, checking it out simultaneously as I write this post! I know incredible!

  50. Love this!! Being a tall person in today’s fashion world can be hard! These look awesome! Love the black and white ones with lace.

    Thank you Angie!:)

  51. What an awesome Idea. It’s a good thing I check your blog or I would so be in the dark about cool stuff like this. What a mommy helper.
    I would have to say I would go with the original in white. I love the lace detail.
    I definitely need one if they help cover things as I am just starting on the road to rid myself of extra baby “leftovers”:) THanks for the info.

  52. What a cool idea! TFS — They look awesome!

  53. I’m a white or a brown kinda girl. I might have a hard time deciding.

  54. Michelle says

    Hip T’s? That is such a clever idea……why didn’t I think of that?? Seriously though, I think I just might order one and give it a try. I know that my daughter would love them as she is a layering queen.

    Thanks for introducing us to Hip T’s!

  55. The Blonde Duck says

    That’s like a God send!

  56. Kelly Deneen says

    I love this! It’s like a bella band for the non-pregnant. 🙂

    I like the plain black one myself. So cool!!

  57. Tiaras and Tantrums says

    original white!!

  58. Sweet Serendiptiy says

    Oh. My. God. What a fabulous, fabulous idea! I love the basic hip T and want one in every color! They I can wear all those t shirt I’ve been avoiding in my closet because I hate that they are looooooooong. I’m always searching for super long t’s and usually wear long tanks underneath. This is so much better! Now, why didn’t I think of that?!

  59. Sweet Serendiptiy says

    And yes, thank you divine one, for sharing this amazing fashion find with me. I am in your debt.

  60. shopannies says

    I like the black with lace

  61. Kathy B! says

    I like the black one… I wear a lot of black to try and make me “appear” thinner. It has lcae at the bottom…

    Why haven’t I heard of these?! As a mother of four kids in four years my stomach has taken a beating. This will cover it nicely 🙂

  62. oh i would so love to win one of these! i am pretty plain so would probably get the most use out of the basic white hip t! thanks for a great giveaway!!!!

  63. scrappysue says

    thanking you sincerely angie for this fabby giveaway!

  64. scrappysue says

    def the madrid pink one – very cool. such a great idea

  65. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says

    Wow, how awesome Angie! I’d go with a black, so this way I’d match everything. How awesome are they, huh??? So useful for those who breastfeed and hate to show their tummy when its time to hike up the shirt, huh?

  66. Casey's trio says

    I wear little camisoles ALOT under my blouses so this is a whole new twist on that! I think I’d have to go with a basic white because I would wear it so much. Great giveaway:)

  67. I love the white one with the lace!!! I would probably wear it every day lol! Thanks for the site..their stuff is super cute!

  68. My favourite is Sassy Prints – Madrid!

  69. I do love these and want a few very badly! Thank you so much.

  70. So adorable! What a great idea. That ever problematic muffin top eraticated…fabulous!

  71. I love these! I think basic black or white would be what I started with but I’m thinking my daughter will want one in every color 🙂

  72. Drama Queen Jenner says

    OMG! My 13-thinks-she’s-18-y-o daughter needs some of these. Wondering if they have something like this at Macy’s, which she has a ridiculously-inappropriate gift card to…

  73. Adrian's Crazy Life says

    Thanks for posting that. I saw these the other day, but I couldn’t remember what they were called. These are amazing, especially for those of us who are uh muffin top challenged! I took a peek at the site and I flipped over the Zebra stripe one.

  74. Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    What a wonderful idea!! I love all the solid colors, but really really love the madrid hip-t….I need one of these now!!! I live to layer this fits me perfectly!!

  75. What an awesome giveaway. There is nothing more tacky than exposing your crack (or thong) to the world! I’d LOVE to win any of them! Hey, Sunday is my oldest boys birthday…..maybe that means I’ll be EXTRA lucky. I must say though…I haven’t check the site yet. I’m off to do that now.

    They do make these for pregnancy too. They’re apparently great for nursing. You know, to avoid the letting the newly deflated belly hang out….

  76. sorry to comment twice but the pink with lace is adorable as is the madrid. SUCH a great idea. Hey, I don’t know who they have modeling those but I sure would love to have HER abs! LOL

  77. James and Summer says

    Thank you! Thank you! This really solves the ‘issues’ I have chasing around after kiddos!

    I L-O-V-E / NEED the Hearts of Hardy – I would never buy it for myself – too impractical. I would go for some solids instead. But we ALL need a little SASS to cover our … ummm… assets.

  78. parentingBYdummies says

    Bum crack, check. Muffin top, double check. Thank you so very much for bringing hip-t into my life. It is truly awesome, as are you (was that good?). And, I’d love to order that zebra one, but that would only match w/like one thing, and I couldn’t wear it repeatedly. So, I guess I would go w/white and ignore the obsession I have recently developed w/animal prints. Guess my inner cougar is rearing it’s head:)

  79. Madrid, madrid, madrid. All over that one!

  80. The Pink Potpourri says

    these are fabulous! i could definitely use one 🙂 i LOVE the pink one with lace! pink is my favorite color…in case you didn’t know

  81. Sam_I_am says

    This are amazing. They need to make them for boys too, cuz I’d totally buy one for my 15 yr old nephew, who has a horrible case of plumbercrackitis… I think the gray one is awesome, cuz there is nothing like a gray tshirt! Great find, Angie! Your the awesome and I’m not just saying that cuz you’re giving something away 🙂

  82. Miss Anne says

    Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

    They’re GENUIS’!

    Seriously! I want every single color!

    🙂 I honestly would have to say the white with lace would be my choice, just because it’s so versatile! 🙂

    excellent giveaway!

  83. Miss Anne says

    Dearest Angie,

    Thank you from the bottom of my hips for introducing me to a product that offers both style and functionality to my wardrobe! Not to mention it keeps me from having to wear 10 layers 🙂

    Thank you kindly.


  84. Miss Anne says

    p.s. go check out my giveaway too!

  85. Clint and Mary says

    my bum crack is ALWAYS showing! This could be very good for me…thanks for putting this on your blog!

  86. I love that it’s not a full t-shirt, especially since our summers are really hot! I would love to win a plain white one! Even if I don’t win one, I’m going to purchase me some!

  87. Why have I never heard of the FAB product before!? THANKS for bringing this wonderful T to my attention!

    I would go for the basic black! My fingers are crossed! I’m a little late to this party but better lat than never!!!

  88. eastsidemommy says

    I like the basic T in Dark Fushia!

  89. Dear God,

    Please let this boring midwest girl with no fashion sense win something totally hip.

    I love the black and brown but because that might be just too boring and more of the same old,same old. I could spice it up with fushia.

    these are great. Thanks Angie, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my muffin tops hidden!

  90. I would want a basic white one. Thanks!