Toe biting fetish?

I’m starting to wonder about Jacob. Does he have a toe biting fetish, or what? When we were in CA my sister was feeding her baby in her high chair while Jacob was standing up and playing by Sofia’s feet. All of a sudden, Sofia starts crying and there’s Jacob standing innocently by with her sock in his hand. I apologized for him and thought, “hum, I need to keep an eye on this”. Today, new house, new baby. Baby is sitting in his high chair happily drinking his bottle when he starts to cry and Jacob is once again standing by with a sock in his hand. I go over and sure enough, there is a tooth mark in the babies toe. Fast forward. Floor play time. Again the baby starts crying, and there is Jacob with the babies sock in his hand and there is another bite mark. Are you kidding? The weird part is that he doesn’t try to bite John’s toes. Or his own.

Then I’d really start to worry.
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  1. Sneaky little guy! Maybe he is just pulling the socks off with his mouth? LOL

  2. Note to self: Next time I’m at Angie’s, fortify Haddie’s shoewear. I’m afraid if he tried to go for Lilly he might get a little nibble back. Hope this phase goes away soon, but it is pretty funny!

  3. Mark and Kiss says

    Angie, that is hilarious, well, not for the bitees. I am sure he loves the amazing response he gets after he takes a chomp. That is very funny. –Kirsten

  4. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    a different thought on this, maybe it is because the babies are sitting in the high chairs, so their toes are eye level with him and when they wiggle their toes, they catch his attention. even though once was on the floor, he may just be very interested because they move. i don’t know, just a thought. one of my twins is a periodical biter but his sounds more of just a fascination, where as mine is a bit my sister cause she made me mad bite!

  5. Joey's Grandma says

    I have a year old grandson who bites everyone’s toes. He has been doing this for a couple of months. We just cant seem to stop him from doing this. He always thinks it’s hilarious and needless to say we are constantly having to hide our feet. He will try to bite whether one is barefoot with socks or has shoes on. Thinking he may grow up to be a podiatrist….I DUNNNO