To Work, Or Not to Work?

My twins work occasionally doing commercials and print work.

I hesitate telling people this because I’m afraid they’ll think I am one of those stage moms who drags their kids to auditions even if they are not interested (my boys LOVE working), or they’ll want a big list of projects they’ve worked on, and when the list isn’t that extensive, I feel like it’s a let down for those asking.  So, I usually keep my mouth shut.

Yesterday we embarked upon unchartered territory.  For the first time, one of the twins booked a job without the other.  I was unsure how to approach the situation because I didn’t want the other one to feel badly.  Kind of like, “how come I didn’t get invited to the party?”  You should know that “work” for the boys really is like going to a really, really great birthday party where they get to play all the good games, eat lots of yummy food, do things they are not allowed to do at home, and get tons of attention.

The twins started working because they are identical twins and when children are babies and toddlers, identical twins are in demand because they can be “switched out” for each other.  With 5 children to put through college, I thought it would be a great way to help pad the reserves.  And it has been, yet sooner or later the gig is going to have to come to a stop.  Eventually they will start to wonder why another child was picked over them, and that’s not something Jeff and I are willing to wade through for a few bucks.

I took both boys along for the shoot and eventually the one not working said he wanted his turn.  Uh oh.

In the end everything worked out fine and it wasn’t an issue.  But will it become an issue in the future?

I’m just not sure.

So, for now we’ll play it by ear.

P.S.  I’m wearing the newly released necklace from Twisted Silver (compliments of Twisted Silver).  It’s called the Moab Rocker, inspired by the vistas at Slickrock in Moab, UT, and is totally unique.  Each pendant has a custom “landscape” so no two pieces are exactly alike.  Retailing for $70, it might just be the one fashion accessory you can’t live without this season.

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  1. How exciting for them!!

  2. I think just take it case by case. One boy may end up wanting to continue and the other may not. :S

  3. One of my friends from high school now lives in that area and has twins who work regularly on some big television shows. They’re 2 now and she’s already expressed her concerns over the time when they won’t be needed as a “pair”. Certainly a unique situation for you twin mommies! Sounds like you guys are handling the situation just right. And you look gorgeous to boot :).

    All the best to you!

  4. I think the best think you can do is go with your instincts on all of this. It’s exciting for them, and as long as it’s fun, I say go for it and pad their college funds! You definitely don’t strike me as a stage mom at all. I can understand your feelings though – I just put Jordan in Theatre class and she has her first performance in a week – but I’m afraid to tell people about it because I don’t want them to think I’m a stage Mom. She just asked to do musicals after we saw the Lion King. AND it just so happens that there’s a little stage company a mile away – perfectly convenient. 🙂 So follow your gut Mama. They’ll be fine.

    As for one working and the other not. This is a good opportunity to let them know the realities of the biz and it’s a good lesson in being happy for one another when they get separate opportunities. 🙂 I imagine it feels sticky regardless, but the conversation was going to have to be had at some point I would guess!

    PS: They are so stinkin’ cute. We can’t be friends anymore when my twins are teens. Sorry. Too risky. My girls will swoon for your boys. 😉

    • I hadn’t thought of this: “This is a good opportunity to let them know the realities of the biz and it’s a good lesson in being happy for one another when they get separate opportunities. ” Thank you for another angle from which to view the situation!

  5. hmmm. Hard to foresee. I’m sure you guys will figure it out though. How did they pick which one they wanted? Is one better than the other (acting-wise) or was it just random?

  6. I agree with the above that you don’t strike me as a “stage” mom. When I took classes in my 20’s I learned first-hand what the stage moms go through. They sometimes neglect the other kids in the family, which comes back later in life. My son went to preschool with the little girls who played Pebbles in the live action film The Flinstones. When the movie wrapped, there were parties expected to be hosted by each of the main characters. The mom of the girls was a really nice woman, but was so stressed and felt that the party had to be up to par with the other parties. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. There is so much sacrifice that the family makes. I am with you, I told my kids that “when it isn’t fun anymore” they didn’t have to do it.

    I think you’ll be fine. I don’t think you’ll get caught up in that world. And yes, every little bit of cash helps pad that college fund!!!!


  7. I love it but for $70 I’ll HAVE to live without it. LOL

  8. You are such a stage mom.

    Ha! Totally kidding. You are way prettier than those other stage moms!

    Love the necklace!

  9. My sister has five kids and they all Modeled and it went towards college! I say good for you thinking ahead. They are such cute boys….why not!

  10. Is it weird that all I can think is how much I want to be around professional photographers for a day so I can stalk them and learn all their secrets?

  11. I like your description of their work – like going to the funnest birthday party and playing games. I want that kind of work! Don’t we all!

    Glad it all worked out. I think you will find it will just always have a way of working out. Time will tell.

  12. why not…if they have talents, it is good to start it in the early stage of their lives..i believed you are a proud Mom! congrats Angie and take care!

  13. It might get a little sticky if they both aren’t working.

  14. Love this, Angie. And not just the necklace, which is-of course- fab! But what strikes me is how thoughtful you are in making these kinds of decisions. My gut says that as long as you’re questioning, dialoguing and teaching your children to do the same, that this won’t become a problem. Great post! 🙂

  15. I think that is brilliant. How often do they get jobs?

    Folks keep telling me I should have Delia do print work or something, but I think the timing would not work well with my office hours.

  16. you just need to treat it like most anything else if they enjoy it and are good at it then why not pursue it more. for example my kids enjoy baseball so we do that, my son is getting older (8yrs) and has become a good ball player so we pursue it more with lessons and doing a more serious ball this spring (travel baseball) and we will see where it goes if he decides it’s not for him later on down the line then alright, will we be upset sure because we know his potential but would we force him to do something he doesn’t like no, so like I said if they enjoy then go for it. As they get older sure there will be times they have different opportunities but you and your husband can sit and talk with them about it and help them to be happy for the other and know that there will always be more opportunities. Just promise me we won’t see you on one of those TLC shows about the crazy pageant moms 😉 now those women are nuts!

    and BTW they are stinking adorable and I just loved those shaving cream pics you showed last time. did you tell what that was for?