This Summer is NOT quite what I expected…..

Not only has the weather been absolutely wacky with incredibly mild days (high’s in the low 80’s) and chilly nights (dipping down to the 50’s), it hasn’t been nearly as relaxing as I had anticipated.

By the end of the day, we all kind of look like this:

Summer isn’t supposed to be exhausting…..or is it?

I’m playing along with Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot.

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  1. It sounds like it’s been unusuallly cool in a lot of places around the country, right now.

    And I hope they are still breathing.

  2. This picture is so funny!!

  3. Are they REALLY asleep?
    Cause if they are, that’s pretty funny.

  4. OH! I wish it was like that here (the temps I mean). It’s in the HIGH 90s and HUMID. So humid you can’t breathe. UGH

    Hope you get some relaxing days. You need it mama 🙂

  5. I feel JUST like that…without the muscles and the cool super hero gear. This summer has been unusually exhausting.

    LOVE the picture.

  6. I also notice how it is NEVER too hot for little boys to wear superhero costumes 🙂

  7. All I can say about that picture and post is: welcome to my world – only with 60 degree weather and mist daily, instead of 80 degrees and sunshine. It’s crazy!
    Love the picture.

  8. hahha – that shot makes batman look REAAAAAAAAAALY long 🙂

  9. You know, there is something to be said for cooler weather and tired superheros…love it!

  10. I know! When did summer go from lazy days to overly hectic days? I always remember being bored during summer, not over run with actives. Oh how I long for one boring day.

  11. Looks like a great day to me. Sleeping kids are perfect kids. Now, for that cool weather bit. LUCKY! I live in the city that marked the hottest temperature this past Wednesday. What the butt? I live in Maryland. It’s not supposed to be that friggin’ hot here.

  12. So cute! That’s how I feel too when the temperatures climb – I don’t blame them.

    But Batman? He takes naps? Who woulda thunk.

  13. I wonder why the Batman theme song is running through my head. I think that picture needs a “Kapow” on it. 🙂

  14. It is hot as Hades here on the East Coast- enjoy those mild temps while you can! and love the pic, BTW =)

  15. Love it – we are exhausted too – but mostly from working doubles for 6 days and then we get to relax for 7 – we are packing in all the fun that we can and end up a little exhausted on our days off too! 🙂 Love the pic! Have a great weekend!

  16. Susie's Homemade says

    Totally exhausting!

  17. That is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. Yes, I think summer is supposed to be exhausting. I know I am beat.

  18. My summer has been crazy too! Hope you get some R&R soon.

  19. No, in our house it is just me that looks like that and my daughter is still raring to go, saying she is not tired and does not need to go to bed 🙂

  20. Laurie Johnson says

    I feel the same at the end of the day! gotta say that I LOVE that batman allowed a pic:)

  21. Hahaha! Oh my gosh that picture is priceless!!!

    Looks like my kinda summer!

  22. Love this post with the pictures. Truly adorable.

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    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  23. What is with this weather? My daughter is waiting to hit the water park and the beaches, but it has been too cold in the mornings to do any of that!

  24. Holy hot shots Batman!

  25. Sorry you haven’t been able to relax much..I like the pic!

    I’ll trade temps with you ANY DAY though lol-The heat & humidity here in South carolina is horrible..It is almost 6:30 pm and I just came from outside, and it’s still over 90 degrees..With the heat index it felt way over 100 today!! ughh lol

  26. Oh that is our summer too.

  27. They heat can certainly do that to you! Love the photo – even Batman gets exhausted.

  28. Yes, this summer has been totally exhausting! Now that all 3 of the kids are old enough to get out of the house without diaper bags and strollers, it seems like we have been NON STOP since the last day of school.

    Slow down a little and try to enjoy summer……. 🙂

  29. What a great pic! I love the batman costume =)

    Weather in Hawaii has been pretty unpredictable too…the last few days have been non stop rain, so it’s been cooler, but not as cool as where you are!

  30. cute boys.
    love the costume. ..

  31. Love the photo … I thought Batman was a superhero!!

  32. exhausting days are my favorite days with my girls. Especially when they crash in the middle of of the day.

    My youngest fell asleep and slept through all of “despicable me” despite being so excited to see it.

  33. I always remember it being exhausting….but it’s even more so for mom!

  34. I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be 100% exhausting! It is for us too…. kids staying p late mom staying up later going and going all day, yup completely exhausting and absolutely wonderful!!

  35. I have found myself taking naps with my girls during the day. I am pooped by 8 every night LOL.