This little game

The kids and I play this little game…..well, let me amend that. I always try to make the kids play the “back guessing game” since I get a free back tickle out of it, but it goes like this: The kids draw a number, letter or shape on my back with their finger and I guess what it is. Tonight Garrett and I had this converstation:

Garrett, “what number is it, mommy?”
Me, “Um, a 12?”
Garrett, “NO, MOMMY! It’s an F!”

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  1. Melissa M. says

    That’s cute…

  2. Is that kind of in the ‘close but no cigar’ category?

    I may have to start this game with Hope, would be good for her to use those fingers more.

  3. That is a cute game. I’ll have to do that with the Olivia. She is just like Garrett. Gets her letters and numbers mixed up.


  5. Mom!! How could you have missed the number F??? Too cute! Love it!

  6. My name is Tammie says

    Of course it was the number F. Sheesh Mom. 😉