the way it goes

When John started climbing the stairs I tried working with him to teach him to crawl back down. He would have none of the instruction. UP, UP, UP! I gave up. Then one day I’m watching John climb the stairs, he gets half way up and then starts climbing back done. Mission accomplished, although it wasn’t my instruction that taught him to do it. A few weeks later, Jacob starts climbing the stairs. I try the climbing back down instruction with him. Nope! UP, UP, UP. Last night I see John climbing down the stairs. Jacob decided he wanted to go down too, so down he went. Hum!!!!! How do they learn these tricks?

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  1. Busy busy busy! I teach my kids the stairs too but I still use my baby gates to keep my sanity. Sounds like the boys are going to keep you hopping.

  2. The home we are moving to is 2 stories plus the basement. I am so nervous about stairs!!! Should I use gates or teach them and at what age? I bet it makes you so nervous with your boys!!

  3. Mark and Kiss says

    We are doing the same with Stephan right now. Last week he climbed to the top, I went to the bottom of the stairs and he started laughing, turned around, sat down and tumbled backwards. I caught him halfway down after he had already done a flip and a half. He still won’t go down backwards though…I wish he was as fast a learner as Jacob and John are.