The Things that can’t wait……

Some of you may remember me mentioning that getting a 4 minute uninterrupted shower seems like a luxury. Doesn’t happen very often. Today about 1.5 minutes into my shower Emma opened the shower door to have this converstation with me:
Emma, “Mom, Grace missed Felicia’s birthday”.
Me, “Who is Felicia?”
Emma, “you know, Grace’s Webkinz horse”.
Me, “That’s too bad. I’m taking a shower”.
Emma exits bathroom and Grace enters: (can’t catch a break here)
Grace, “Mom, Goldie’s birthday is October 2nd, and my other one is born on the 23rd, so can I have a party for them and just invite my special friends and they can each bring their favorite Webkinz to the party?”
Me, “I’ll think about it”.
It’s taken me years to learn that this answer will buy me another minute in the shower. The real answer of, “there is no way I am hosting a birthday party for a stuffed animal and your friends” would have bought me a migraine. It’s taken some hard knocks, but I’m learning.

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  1. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I do the same thing… Glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  2. Casey's trio says

    That’s too funny! So glad I can learn from you NOW so that I don’t have to waste any time coming up with the answer that will buy me some more time!

  3. oh, so funny, although i know it isn’t at the time. sounds like you know just what to say!

  4. That is funny…I love the buying time…I take showers very early in the am, or not at all…somehow missed the Webkinz craze around here….

  5. Good to know. I have just resorted to only showering when Don is home, for that same reason. I guess there really is no place in the house where you can have a break.

  6. I do a lot of “thinking” as well. It is the best. I feel your pain. Sometimes Aaron will come in when I am showering just to say”I want to tell you something.” No matter how many times I ask whator any other variation he just says” I want to tell you something”:)
    Brian was away for a conference last month. When he got back it was such a joy to say “don’t open that door, go ask your father!”:)
    Someday will have time, right?

  7. LOL.

    I could live with the coming into the shower thing, it’s the coming in while I’m using the bathroom that I really hate. For some reason they never bother their father when he’s in there, just me.

  8. children only want answers at the time, even if it’s “I’ll think about it”
    smart answer 😉

  9. Ack! I would have lost my mind!! I’m remembering that line…

  10. This is why I shower at nap time because I can’t stand all of the “urgent” discussions through the shower door. I use that same phrase often. Works but only for a while. I guess long enough to get yourself clean:)

  11. Churchill says

    LOL. I think you need an industrial lock on that bathroom door and a sign that says go away and come back in 15 minutes.

  12. LOL!I go through this too. I never know which answer will settle them till I can deal with them. Like your in church they are screaming. Which incentive will be the one to work. LOL!

    I am totally with you on NO webkinz parties LOL!

  13. Cecily R says

    Once I tried locking the door. It didn’t go over well. The kids just knocked and knocked and knocked until I wanted to swallow all my shower water. Buying time is one of the last weapons moms have!!

    The webkins party would SO be something my Gracie would dream up. Maybe it’s a good thing that we’ve avoided that toy so far…

  14. My name is Tammie says

    Oh man! A webkins party! Thats classic!

    I have even tried to lock the bathroom door and they go get one of their little toys, jiggle the thing a couple times and viola, their in. I personally love it when they come in and all play with the toilet flusher while I am trying to shower. Nothing like being scalded while being invaded.

  15. girlytwins says

    I will have to keep that answer in mind for when my girls start asking silly questions. My last shower was interrupted by a blood curdling scream. I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair when the scream came in so I tried to get as much out as possible before running naked thru the bedroom only to find Charlotte had just locked Addison in the closet. I thought someone was dying. I guess it was better than a dying child but shampoo in the eyes and cleaning up water all the hardwood floors didn’t make me happy…AT ALL.

  16. Crazymamaof6 says

    Oh that was COL(cackle out loud) funny! seriously smart mama. i always say maybe. or we’ll see. and i hope they forget. sometimes i say that and they say “that means no” ha they know me well.

  17. After telling Tess that same thing one day, she said to me, “That means never. Smart girl. Very smart.

  18. I love it!

  19. I giggled. Thanks. I have used “we’ll see” a lot. Lately though my kids seem to think that this means yes. I’m confused. But, what’s new about that. May the force be with you on the shower thing.