The Tale of the Missing Puppy, Cont….

I know it wasn’t very nice of me to leave you hanging yesterday without the conclusion of the lost puppy story.

However, I do have a good excuse.  I HAD to leave in the middle of my monologue, and it couldn’t be helped.

For Real.

Anyway, we got home, and I literally jumped out of the van before Jeff could even park it in the garage to go check on Bisco.  I was a little worried when I didn’t see him at the door, but when I realized that he really wasn’t in the yard at all, I got the worst feeling in my stomach.  All the “what ifs” started flowing in my mind, and I basically imagined him as gone.  For good.

He definitely wasn’t hanging around the house, and I didn’t know how long he’d been out.  We have coyotes in our neighborhood, and live near enough to a busy street.  I just didn’t think we’d ever see him again.

To try to stop the flow of tears from the kidlets we started knocking on our neighbors doors.  The first neighbor who answered said that a few hours previously a man had knocked on their door asking about the dog, but he didn’t know who it belonged to.  Even though we live RIGHT. NEXT. Door and the dog gets walked daily.  Anyway.

We knocked and knocked and knocked, and finally someone told us that one of our neighbors had the dog, and they pointed to a house where the owner already told us she didn’t know about the dog.  We went back and luckily her husband knew something about the dog.  See, she was hosting a big party when the dog escaped from the yard by jumping the chicken wire barrier that we thought was sufficient, and so she didn’t know anything about it.  Her nephew had found Bisco, taken him around to try to find his owners SINCE BISCO DID NOT HAVE TAGS (don’t worry, he does now), and then took him home with him when the puppy wasn’t claimed.

I keep thinking how lucky we are that the neighbor was having a party and that people were in her front yard to notice the escapee.  I don’t think that if he had gotten off of our street we would have ever seen him again.

Luckily the stars were aligned, or we were blessed or just very lucky, because Bisco is back home.

Safe and sound.  Sporting a brand new tag.

And I’m relieved. Oh so relieved.

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  1. Whew! I am SO glad he’s okay. I was skeered!

  2. I’m so glad you got your puppy back. Mine has escaped several times but I have always been able to catch him.

  3. I’m so glad that it all turned out ok! 🙂

  4. Yeah! 🙂

  5. yeah for happy endings!

  6. Thank goodness!!!

  7. Oh so glad he’s home safe! Don’t know what I’d do if I lost my Brisco or Charlene!

  8. Oh. My. Word. A lost pet is the worst feeling of panic! So glad you got Bisco back!

  9. Whew – thanks goodness for a happy ending.

    And it surprising how often neighbors know nothing about other neighbors’ dogs or other pets. Glad he has tags to identify him now. Have you considered a microchip, too? This way no one can steal him.

  10. Glad your pup was OK. (=
    We had a similar scare with our cat, Shadow shen he was a kitten. I was terrified that he would never come back and it would break my son’s heart! Santa had brought him as a gift to my middle son who had been begging for a kitty. Luckily, he showed up — a coouple of days later!!

    Clark’s project! Pass it on!

  11. so happy for a happy ending…
    but you know that wasn’t right to leave us hanging like that~
    i bet the whole house is super happy now

  12. what a happy ending…

  13. Oh, what a relief! Even if I’m mean and would think it was a relief if an animal escaped my house. 😉

  14. Let me get this straight…Bisco has no collar or tags, Bisco has never been left outside alone before, you live near coyotes and fast cars…are you out of your mind over there?? I am dying laughing at this point…please don’t leave that dog outside again. (like your kids would even let you at this point.;)

    Great great story and I’m SO glad you found him. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a cute little homeless puppy!?! They’re lucky he didn’t find his way to MY house!

  15. That’s so sweet. I’m so glad you got him back . . .

  16. Oh, thank goodness…that would have been devastating.

    (And so glad Bisco has tags now, too!)

  17. And more chicken wire has been added, no doubt?

  18. Lovely :)… so happy for you… was so depressed about your dog !