The Tale of the Missing Puppy, aka, my Tale of Woe

We decided to wrap up spring break with a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm with the kids.

They were excited, I was excited, everyone was excited.

Except, I couldn’t stop hem hawing over what to do with Bisco.  Bisco the dog.  (You can just start calling me the dog lady since he basically rules my life.)  I’ve never left Bisco outside unattended for an extended period of time.  For the past 2.5 months, I’ve literally not left my house for more than 3 hours at a stretch because of the dog, with the exception of the one time that I had my sister come and check on him.

Yes.  I KNOW.

I have an excuse though.  I made a resolution to do things right this time and properly train the dog.  He loves his kennel and does not like to be outside alone, so that hasn’t been an option.

Until yesterday.  I felt like he was finally old enough to be left outside for several hours at a stretch.  Plus, the weather was beautiful.  Who wouldn’t want to be outside?  So, we set up a comfortable little home for him outside, and off we drove with me saying over and over, “Oh, I hope Bisco is OK outside all day”.  “I hope Bisco is OK outside for this long”.  “Do you think Bisco is OK?”

Jeff was amazingly patient with me, too.  He didn’t once tell me in the 7 hours we were gone to shut up,  that of course Bisco would be OK.  It was just like leaving my babies for the first time.

Except this time, unlike all the other times when I returned home to my happy babies, I returned home……

to no puppy.

And, I would have cried right then and there if all the kids weren’t already doing it for me.

There’s more to the story (and a happy ending), but I don’t have time to finish right now.

But I will.


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  1. I was nervous to leave my puppy when we first got him also.

    Definitely want to hear the rest of the story.

  2. so glad there’s a happy ending-sorry you had to go through not knowing what happened first though and worrying-my kids would have been the same way and there would have been no consoling them had they thought their pet was gone.

  3. You better finish this story ASAP. I can’t think not knowing where Bisco was. At least he’s okay. You did say this was a happy story, right?!

  4. Oh, goodness. I am SO glad you said there is a happy ending. Lost puppies make me SO sad. I keep a leash in the back of my car for lost dogs I find. Once we went on vacation and as we were loading up the car two lost puppies came strolling by. We locked them in the side yard, called their owners, and drove away. They were not there when we returned a week later so we assume our message was received and all was alright.

    Looking forward to the rest of the tale.

  5. Tease.

  6. Well I’m glad there’s a happy ending, but so not nice to leave us hanging like that.

  7. Oh no……

  8. Cliff hanger…….

  9. This is like the same thing as an UNhappy ending. What?? leave me hanging like that. I will not believe your facebook again.

  10. I’m glad there is a happy ending, but I still feel like I need to hug you!

  11. I need to know what happened!