{The Tale in Which This Mama Saw Red}

I should begin by telling you that we are drowning here.

It has rained and rained and rained. All week. We’re talking pouring rain here. Grey skies. Wet.

I don’t know how we ever lived in Portland.

We’ve been inside basically all week and the confinement has not been well received.

Yesterday someone I know cut his hair and his brothers. For like the 4th time. Because he wanted to.

I don’t understand.

Then, I found some white drips of paint on my tile floor and a discarded bottle of crafters acrylic paint. I couldn’t even tell you where it came from. The paint cleaned up easily {thank goodness}; I quickly found the culprit and was marginally angry that he’d gotten into the paint. He definitely knows better. I was annoyed that he ruined his brand new shirt, but I think I reined my frustration in pretty well. Even when he lied to me and told me he “didn’t know” if he got into the paint, I remained calm.

Until this morning when I discovered this:

That’s right, white crafters paint all over my brand new, never-been-worn {True Religions}. ย There’s more on the back side of the jeans, too. ย Just in case you’re wondering.

This Mama saw RED. It’s a good thing he was asleep because I wanted to wring his little neck.

Instead I threw a little tantrum and then took the kids to school.

I felt much better when I got home. And found………..

P.S. {I hope you all know I would never wring my child’s neck.}
P.P.S. {Let it be known that the culprit was NOT one of my older children.}
P.P.P.S. {This really happened last week….I just didn’t publish it then.}

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  1. OMG! Maybe not a neck wringing but something else for sure! I know how you feel about jeans and I am running to hide in my closet right now in fear. Never been worn! AHHHHH! If you wanna make them look wearable, though maybe you could let him paint the other leg some too?! Kidding! Ok, I’m leaving now before you put me in time out too!

    • Seriously, it’s a good thing he was asleep when I found out……..:) What I am going to show soon is that Jeff got most of the paint out!

  2. Oh boy…I’m with cha mamma, I’m with cha. Do with the culprit what you may.

  3. OMG!!! Can I just say that if I spent that much $ on those fab jeans and that happened, I would be seeing red, too!!!!!!

  4. Oh my! I would have been so mad that I would have seen a whole new shade of red!

  5. Oh momma, I’ve been there. Sometimes you just wonder what is going on inside their heads. I swear I’m never going to understand it even if I knew though.

  6. My jaw is literally hanging down reading this. Your true religions? I would completely lose it. I’ve been PINING for those jeans forever.

    Actually….you know those look horrible and you’ll never be able to wear them now…

    Why don’t you send them to me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Here’s the best part. I got such a great deal on them. I only paid about 25% of what they normally retail for. I knew that I could easily make about $100 for them on ebay so I agonized for a week on whether to keep them or sell them. I finally decided to keep them and he that that.

  7. Neck wringing no, but butt spanking yes!!!! Well probably not, but I would totally think it in my head.

    • All I can say is that he’s lucky he was asleep when I discovered what he’d done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. OMG I would have been livid!!!

    So I’m confused, what did you find when you got home???

  9. Yeah, the weather is sending everyone over the edge. But those jeans….that’s could be anyone’s last straw!

  10. Did you get it out?

  11. Oh man!!! Yeah I would have been ticked too!

  12. how on earth did he get it out? I have thrown away many an article of clothing due to acrylic paint. I’m looking forward to that ‘tip o the day’.

    and btw, I totally would have ‘wrung his neck’, or my equivalent of such violence.

  13. Oh, man! I can so feel your anger. I would be very, very unhappy.

  14. Wait! What did you find when you got home???? I hate teasers dammit!

    Oh boy, that little stinker needs a good neck wringing! LOL

    Will the paint come out of the jeans, I hope?

    Justine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  15. Oh no!!! I am mad right along with you. That is simply heartbreaking. ๐Ÿ™

  16. Oh, no!

  17. Love, love, love the jeans…

    That paint *should* come out, no? I hope so!

  18. Oh man, sounds like a hangin’ offense to me. What DID you do to him? I’m a creative punisher, so I probably would have made him wear a sign around his neck to school. “I ruined my Mom’s best jeans, so I have to wear this sign all day”.

  19. no way, those jeans are very $$ did you get it out? ๐Ÿ™
    “sorry mommy, i didn’t mean it”

  20. Grace's Mom says

    Oh my…nice restraint.

    A few years ago, my roomates brother was staying with us and he dripped bleach on my favorite Citizens that were hang-drying in the laundry room. They were pretty worn out, and I didn’t make him buy me a new pair (he could have never afforded it) but I have never forgiven him and I asked him to move out shortly after that.

    Don’t mess with a girl’s designer denim!!

  21. Oh yikes. Kinda like how I felt when my bulldog ate my $80 pair of shoes. I can’t wear them, you can’t tell they were once shoes. But maybe, just maybe, you can get an artist to do some design on those to disguise the paint.

  22. O.M.G. !!! Not on your BRAND NEW True Religion jeans. YIKES!!!! Ouch!! I would’ve seen red myself.

    Kids do the darndest things I tell ya. Maybe you can try making a cute pattern out of them? I dunno. Just trying to find a positive out of it.

    Good luck with all the rain hun.

  23. Oh Girl…I know how you feel about your jeans. I think I would have had to have a little temper tantrum over that one. You are such a good and rational mama!

  24. Oh, and I DON’T feel for you about the rain. Serves you sunshine hogs right. We should all share the pain. Just kidding…kind of. Let’s hope the sun comes out for all of us very soon!

  25. Uh oh! I can totally understand the seeing red part:( But what did I miss….what did you find when you got home?

  26. I would die!! Seriously? Brand new TRs?

    It’s tragic really.

  27. Maybe the spatter paint look is coming back in style? Be a trend setter Angie!!
    I hope your child has nine lives he/she is going to need it at this rate!

  28. I would be seeing red, blue, black, you name it. You know how I am with my jeans. Why why do they insist on being so naughty some days????

  29. Those are GREAT jeans! I am glad I read the other part first. This might have given me a heartattack! : (

  30. Oh no……not the designer jeans!!!!!

  31. So glad I saw part 2 first! Super cute jeans. Glad it all came out!

  32. OMW!!!

    I would have DIED.

    And actually literally wrung his neck. I’m a good mama like that.