The Surgery was………..

terrible. Worse than terrible. I expected some discomfort, some pressure. What I experienced was PAIN. It appears that the numbing drops did not work the magic they were supposed to. The 20 minute procedure took over an hour because they kept loosing suction. The surgeon said it was because I was involuntarily clenching my eyes. Hum…..could that have been because it hurt so bad? When Jeff picked me up I burst into tears and said I wish I hadn’t had it done. It was that bad. And all those stories I’d heard about instantly seeing perfectly? Not me. BUT, now I feel much better, my vision is improving and I’m looking forward to seeing how much my vision has improved tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you wake up and see completely perfectly. You deserve that so much. I wish I could have been there to be your advocate. Nobody should endure any medical treatments that painfully.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I am so so sorry for you. You should have insisted they get you something that was working! UGH! My sister in law did not see instantly it took overnight. How are you feeling today? I am hoping now its over it will only be uphill from here. I am thinking of you, ((HUGS)). No one should have to go through that without pain relief!

  3. triplet mama says

    Oh no! That’s terrible. I hope that you are feeling better today and that you have the results you expected.

  4. I am soo sorry this was so miserable! I am sure that you will be singing the praises of that doctor as soon as the memory of the experience fades away and you can see perfectly!