The Puppy Arrives SOON!

Next week is monumental.

It’s the week that I give in to my children and husband and bring home the puppy that I promised them.

I’m kind of excited. Β I actually like furry little loveable creatures. Β A lot.

I just don’t like owning or training them. Β Or having them jump on me or lick me.

The puppy we’ve picked up is adorable, laid back, and sure to be trainable. Β And he’s not a licker.

He’d better not be a barker or sprayer, either.

I can’t wait to show him to you.

The best part is that I don’t have anything I’d change about him.


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  1. I can’t wait to see him!
    Do you have names picked out already?

  2. hehe – we can’t wait either!

  3. That’s great you are getting a puppy! We love our dog who is older (6) and wonderful! She is very teachable, loves to eat, loves to walk and does not jump on us or lick us. She only barks a little, just enough to let us know she is a dog. I’m sure you’ll love you puppy very much!

  4. So you want a dog who doesn’t lick, jump, touch you, bark or pee?

    Maybe you should just get a rock on a lead.

    • I know, right? Too bad my kids won’t go for that.

      I really am being facetious with this post!

  5. Oh I’m so relieved, sorry to go all militant, I’m just a sap when I comes to animals!

  6. Good luck with that! Your kids are at a great age for a dog.

  7. I remember getting our puppy who is now a 10yo distinguished gentleman dog (yeah, right!) He was so cute and small and timid…the first day. I slept on the floor with my hand in the crate so he’s stop crying. Within two days, he was a crazy, licking, jumping machine (and has never out grown it.) Beware! πŸ™‚

  8. Good luck with your puppy. I wouldn’t be a puppy trainer either. I am too soft.

    Popping by from SITS.


  9. Congrats on your SITs feature!!

  10. We just got a couple new kittens. They are SO sweet and adorable but I am reminded of my days with newborns: they are needy, eat constantly, and don’t know their own boundaries yet πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the new puppy. I can foresee some adorable pictures in your future, probably a Wordless Wednesday or two

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

  11. how exciting. i’m lucky that my dog is not a licker, i don’t think i could handle too much of that

  12. We have been contemplating a pup (or a kitty) too!
    Anxious to see how it all works out for you.

  13. Good luck, rather you than me.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  14. I hope it stays that way! I discovered that I’m a terrible dog owner. I’m not much of a fish or bird owner either. LOL

  15. I hope he’s not a biter! Those puppy teeth are sharp!!! Good luck!

  16. We did everything right with our puppy – all the socialization and training. She’s smart, and energetic, and a serious a pain in the ass. You can’t train personality! But we love her anyway πŸ™‚

  17. I have three dogs (4yrs, 3yrs, and 6months) who are the bane of my existence, drive me absolutely insane . . . and who I love to death.

    Here’s hoping you get a great pup! πŸ™‚

  18. Ooh.. cute! I wish I could get a puppy.. I’m so mad I’m allergic.. Can’t wait to see the little puppy.. and hear what you’ve named him. πŸ™‚

  19. I’m really looking forward to photos. I’m still surprised you gave in a opted for a dog. I think Scary Mommy did that a while ago, too. Sometimes you just cannot pass up those sweet puppy eyes. Just think, lots of good blog fodder!

    Plus, I think your kids are just at the perfect age for it, too! Enjoy!

  20. A new puppy, how fun!!! Enjoy. I want a dog so bad, but I’m afraid I’ll love it more than my kid. πŸ™‚

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  21. Hubby and I have been thinking about getting a puppy for the kids for a while now, but we can’t agree on the breed. I hope you’ll share pics of your new arrival!

  22. How sweet!!! Congrats on being the newest SITStah!

  23. Awe puppies! Love them =) Congrats and good luck! Visiting from SITS today.

  24. It sounds like you have found the perfect pup! I bet the whole family will love having him in the house.

  25. Hoe exciting!!! Can’t wait to see the little guy.

  26. It’ll be just like a newborn … and you’ve survived that lots of times, so you’ll be a pro!

  27. aww can’t wait to see him.

  28. I love dogs too, but I am actually allergic to them and my husband is not a pet person…. so I don’t really see a dog in our future!

  29. just remember when he/she comes along there is a reason God makes puppies and babies SOO adorable.

    It’s so you don’t throw them out on the curb when it’s 2am and they won’t stop crying πŸ˜‰

    Oh and puppies are so sweet and puppy breath, you should reconsider the licking thing at least for a tiny bit. We are about to be on the hunt for yet another puppy Abby wants a wiener dog! I need another dog like I need another hole in my head!!

  30. Nothing you’d change about him… yet… lol.

    Hmmm, like barking, jumping up, shedding, drooling, chewing, pooping… ??? I hope he’s cute enough to make it all worthwhile. I hear it’s like having a newborn. Should fill the space left by kids that grow too fast though, everyone says so…

    good luck!

  31. I puppy raise hearing dogs. The current one, Taz barks, licks, nips, jumps and whines. I love him to bits. Most of the time. When he has a tantrum in the library I’m not too happy… wait a minute! That sounds just like a kid (minus the barking – usually). I guess of you can survive kids you can survive a puppy.

    Dropping in from SITS.

  32. Good luck with the puppy! I love puppies. They’re a blank canvas. What breed are you getting?

  33. hey… visiting from SITS! yes, do put your new puppy’s picture here! =D

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  34. Ha! I knew you would eventually cave and get that dog!!! They are pretty fun to have around…I must admit!

  35. So fun! I’m sure he will bring your family so much love πŸ™‚

  36. Ooooh PUPPY BREATH!

    Can’t wait to see pictures!