The Nutcracker in 3D World Premier: A re-cap

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night.     How anyone regularly survives all the hoopla involved in a movie premier and the after parties, too, is beyond this mama-to-a lot!  Perhaps this is just a wake-up call that I’m turning into a Cat Lady.  But without the cats.  And, in case you wonder, I jest.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event as a member of the “PRESS” with my 2 daughters and my sister and her 2 daughters.


The Premier took place at THE GROVE in Los Angeles, a favorite shopping venue of mine; I feel compelled to add.  I arrived early and got to see part of the set up for the event.

Of course, the red carpet was already in place, but it was fun to see the press arrive and take their places.  Even funner still was getting my own PRESS badge and finding my designated spot on the Red Carpet.

While crammed (and boy was it crammed-but that’s to be expected) into the press area of the Red Carpet I had the opportunity to meet/catch up with a few of the other Southern CA mom blogger’s in attendance including Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom Rockin’ Mama, April from Cafe Mom, Savvy Sassy Mom’s and Tracy from Hollywood Mom Blog.

You know on TV when they televise premiers and everyone starts screaming the leading actors name and it’s a frenzy of sounds and motion?  It was exactly like that when Elle Fanning arrived.

She looked ADORABLE.  She IS adorable.


She has such a genuine smile and laugh and seems like such a great role model for young girls.  Notice how appropriately she is dressed?

Adam Michael Drozin plays Elle’s brother Max in the movie.  Super self assured!


And I cannot talk about the premier without mentioning how nice the director and his wife, the actress who plays the Mother/Snow Fairy in the film are.


Andrei Konchalovsky is clearly proud of the movie.  In fact, he said he’s been thinking about making it since 1968!  When we asked him why he wanted to make The Nutcracker for the Big Screen he said (and I’m paraphasing here) that he wanted to make something lasting for his children and grandchildren.  LOVED his response.  Loved even more that he took the time to talk to my girls after the premier despite the fact that many, many other people were vying for his attention.

The same can be said for Yulia Visotskaya.  She not only took the time to talk to my girls, but she asked their names and wrote them a personalized autograph, which of course is something they’ll always cherish.

Let us go back to Elle Fanning, please.  TOTALLY stopped a conversation to ask my girls if they wanted to take a picture with her because she could see that they wanted to ask.  So. LOVE. her.

The sort of kindnesses and attention shown to my children and me at the premier made me a HUGE fan of those that took the time for us.  They didn’t need to, yet they did.  That says something.


I’ll always be grateful that my girls and I were able to experience the premier of a movie made without questionable material for families.

Disclosure: Caryn’s photos blew mine out of the water.  Her Nikon is NICE, so I’ve stolen some photos {shown here} from her.  With her permission, of course.  Also, forgot to add that I met two awesome So. CA bloggers you’ll want to check out: @jessicafuselier @thehappyhourmom.

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  1. sounds like a fun evening and evening getting a press pass. Oh little jealous here –need to take my kids to see this movie.

  2. Sounds like a super fabulous event! The red carpet!! So fancy!!

  3. Wow.
    What a great night for all.

  4. Totally awesome!!! You are so luck to have this oppurtunity. 🙂

  5. You are so lucky!!! Love your outfit 🙂

  6. Annika & I are looking at the pics now. So Cool! Tell the girls hi from her 🙂

  7. This is AWESOME! How fun! 🙂

  8. Yeah! So happy you guys got to go and had such a wonderful time. So happy for you!

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  10. what a FUN night for your girls! I wonder when the movie will hit UT? No sign of it yet…
    This is a good alternative to the ballet, which is pricey, and hard for littles to sit through.
    I like your choice of outfit btw. You always look like a million bucks.