The first day of…………

school started yesterday for my oldest three. They had a wonderful day……I even have pictures of it. But I’m saving those for tomorrow.

Today, I have to be a little snarky.

First, I have to know:

Do you cry when you send your kids to kindergarten?

I know that I am in the minority here. I have never cried when I dropped my children off for their first day of kindergarten. Disclaimer: I’ve never sent two at once though, leaving no children at home, so I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry when I send the twins.

Back to my story. The kindergarten teaching team gave all of the parents this note when we dropped our kindergarteners off. It had a ziplock baggie attached, and inside the baggie was a tea bag, a kleenex and a cotton ball.

The letter said this:

“Dear Parents,

The first day of school is here, your child is growing up. Here’s a little “gift” for you as you leave your precious one with us today. After you have wiped your tears {guess I won’t need that kleenex}, make yourself a cup of tea {when it’s 100 degrees outside?} and put your feet up and relax {people have time for that?}. Then hold the cotton ball in your hand {hold the cotton ball in my hand? Seriously?}. The softness will help you recall the gentle spirit of your child {I’m pretty sure I can recall my child’s gentle nature without the aid of a cotton ball}. We will work along side you this year to help your child grow to be the best that they can be {This is good news!}.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us {If we send out children to public school, we don’t have much of a choice, but I do appreciate the sentiment}. We promise to do our best every day to be your child’s companion in learning and exploring this bright new world {It did seem brighter out yesterday than normal….} they’ve just stepped into.

The Kindergarten Team”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fanciful nature of the letter, and wonder how many moms had my reaction (probably not many) and how many thought it was the sweetest sentiment ever. What would you have thought had you been given this “gift”?

Today is my most recent installment of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

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  1. Jenn@ The Crazies says

    Aw… At first I was thinking. what a sweet letter.. then I read your comments and am laughing hysterically LOL.. too funny

  2. I got something like that when my daughter entered Kindergarten–oh so many years ago. It was sweet thought and we got some candy with ours.

  3. parentingBYdummies says

    Huh, my kid's kindergarten teacher gave us nothing, aside from about 100 identical emergency contact cards to fill out and the procedure for kicking a naughty child off the bus. But, being a former elementary school teacher, this does sorta sound kindergarten teacher-y. They were always all smiley and cheerful and dressed, well like a teacher (you know long skirts, loafers, sweaters). Guess that's why lower grades are not for me. I don't like crying, runny noses, tying their shoes, or believe it or not, hugs. I know I'm a cold hearted snake, but it works fine for my 8th graders!

  4. I would have reacted just like you. I'm not usually keen on the mushy, sentimental stuff from school. I have never cried when sending my kids off to school. Instead, I run home and celebrate by reading in peace…

  5. Wow. i would have reacted like you. Then I would have went home and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

  6. Oh dear, I'm not a mom so my opinion doesn't really count but I agree with you.

    That was just silly!

  7. Wow that letter was actually pretty darn sweet wasn't it!

  8. Kelly Deneen says

    I have not gone through sending a child off to school yet, but I think the letter is sweet. Of course your comments made me LOL too. I love snarky days. 😉

  9. I thought the letter was sweet; however I am with you on the "gifts"…like now what are you going to do with all that stuff (cotton ball, tissues etc..)? if it were me, who HATES clutter, I would want to throw it out..but can't because it has "something to do with the kids"…
    (am I sounding callous) 🙂

  10. I did not receive this when my daughter started kindergarten. I received 9000 papers to fill out and a angry morning drop off line lady yelling at me. i digress…i would have had the same response you did though. (even though i did cry when i first dropped my daughter off)

  11. I think that would make me cry. They need that for when someone leaves their baby at daycare for the first time. But the cotton ball was pushing it a little bit over the edge for me. lol
    At least it shows that they are thinking of the parents, too.

  12. Oh man! You gotta love Cali! LOL

  13. Disclaimer: I am not a mom.

    But, I think it's rather cheesy. I think the sentiment is nice, but I always picture myself praying for the first day to come.

  14. I've yet to send a child off to kindergarten- I have 2 in preschool, but I didn't cry then and I'm so freaking jealous of moms whose children are already in school. Maybe when my third(and last) child goes to school…nah, I think I will collapse in a puddle of exhaustion instead.

    I would have rolled my eyes at that note and then pointed and laughed at them moms sobbing their way away from the classroom.

  15. I would have thought…. they are so creative, my child is going to have a blast!

  16. I think this is neat. I would have loved it.

  17. WhisperingWriter says

    That letter would have cracked me up too.

    I did tear up when my son started school but I didn't burst into tears or anything.

  18. I've only cried because I had to wake up early to get the kid there on time

  19. I cried when I sent my baby to Kindergarten this year…not because I was all "my baby's growing up" but because she didn't need me , she didn't want extra hugs – SHE was a big girl.


  20. I am a sucker for the sticky sweet:-)

  21. Life with Kaishon says

    I loved it.
    It just made me cry.
    Right now at 4:21 pm
    while Kaishon and the neighbor kids are jumping off the couch and screaming at the top of their lungs.

    I can NOT handle him growing up.
    I am glad you are stronger than me : )

  22. I have not cried sending my daughter off to school. I kinda cry by having one at home 🙂

    Usually we have a big party here in the neighborhood on the first day of school. Complete with champagne.

    And I would have thought that the baggy was wasteful…cause I would have thrown it away…

  23. Erin @ Closing Time says

    I am a mom, but I homeschool, so I haven't experienced this. I probably would be the type to cry if I dropped my child off at K for the first time. However, if I got that note, I would probably end up laughing instead.

    A kleenex, maybe. Tea, nice thought, though impractical in the heat. But a cottonball? Seriously?

    I guess they thought they were being nice, but it seems a bit ironic to me. I think the moms who would appreciate the note and "gifts" would probably drown in a vale of tears after receiving it…it would not comfort them, only make it worse.

  24. I have to admit that it was sappy but I really could have used some kleenexes the day I dropped my youngest off at kindergarten.

  25. Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran says

    Here from Mama Kat's…I thought I would cry when #1 child started kindergarten, but she was so excited, and I had 3 more at home to keep me plenty busy. Same thing with #2, #3, #4, #5 and even #6. No tears…just so happy that each of them was ready to start. And with the last, was glad I didn't have to keep someone happy, at least for a few hours!

  26. We're still four year again from kindergarten but I'm pretty sure I won't get a nice note like that!

    I think preschool will be a bigger deal than kindergarten.

    Hopefully a good first day.

  27. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    Joining me on this journey of all the kids in school eh? 🙂

    I like the letter too… We caught a mom in near tears outside the drop off area the first day… and we tried to cheer her up.. but I think she didn't want cheering ya know??

  28. Okay, I am a sentimental weep at a puppy commercial fool, but even I think that may be the corniest li'l gift ever!

    (A cotton ball? Really? My kids tend to have the spirit of those little spikey balls that drop from PinOaks…. 😉 )

  29. Kate Coveny Hood says

    I don't cry either – but I just took my kids out of daycare which is a far longer separation… I think the cotton ball thing was realy pushing the envelope…

  30. I thought it was really sweet until you got to the cotton ball part. Like, what??

  31. I thought it was sentimental and sweet until I realized the letter was accompanied by the tea bag and a cotton ball. Seriously?!

  32. Did I cry when my kids went to kindergarten? Depends on which child 😉

  33. Jean Stockdale says

    Yes I cried when they went to kindergarten, camp, college, off to Europe to travel, and oh my-the ugly cry-when they married.

    Thanks for your kind words. Join in the online Bible study for MOMS if you will. We would love to have you!!

  34. Ok, when reading it in the context of this blog post, it's over the top and laughable.

    However, I know for a fact that it would have made me bawl like a baby when my kids were little, and I would have looked at it all the freakin' day long the entire first week. I cried and cried and cried every time they went back to school from summer, from spring break, Christmas break, and long weekends.

    I'm not exaggerating.

    And yes, I do still cry every single time.

  35. I think its kind of sweet. I didn't want to cry, I tried not to cry but I just couldn't help it. Maybe its because he is my first. I wonder if I will cry with the next three, probably b/c they will be my last.
    I am a crier what can I say.

  36. I am with you on this Angie. I have never cried. I thought I might be sad when little G got on the bus this year, but he was so excited that I was just excited for him.

    The cotton ball thing was a little weird. How many drafts do you think this letter when through.

    Do you think the first draft had a baby chick in it? Then with budget cuts it went to a cotton ball?

  37. I would have laughed as well. No, I didnt cry when I dropped my oldest off at kindergarten, I didnt cry when Jax started preschool and I wont cry when my baby starts either, but I will jump for joy when all 3 of them are in full time school!!!!

    I couldnt wait for Friday so the contest is up and running!

  38. I would have thrown out the tea bag and the cotton ball, but I would have needed the kleenex.

  39. I briefly teared up the morning we took Ben but then I didn't REALLY cry until two weeks later, dropping him off one day. I blame the preggo hormones.

    That note is sweet but I love YOUR take on it (in other words, the part in parentheses!) : )

  40. Kelli @ writing the waves says

    The cotton ball thing is definitely over the top…haha! 🙂

    Have to give the teachers credit for trying to make a smooth transition, but I agree it is a little corny, although I definitely would have needed that Kleenex. I still get a little choked up after I drop my daughter off and she's been in K for a month now! 😛

  41. ughhhh i am cringing in embarassment… you know how you feel when someone is singing bad.. outloud.. and proud…

    i too… former teacher extraordinaire and i would NEVER DO THAT weirdo shizit.

    it's all gooey.
    i have to wipe it from my mind.

    i also don't EVER TOUCH COTTON BALLS.. they arE NOT SOFT.. they feel like cheap sweaters…ewwwww and they make noises..ewwwww

    FOR real.. i gagged reading that..

    what are you? some heartless witch?? i bet you didn't even cry watching the gospel choir at the michael jackson tribute.. didnt' you?


    jk.. i didnt' cry either at kindergarten bus put her on it time… .. until today. she told me not to wave to her. lmaooo i cried.

    i felt like she broke up with me.

  42. I would have gagged…partly because that was the corniest thing I've ever read and partly because the feeling of cotton balls tends to elicit that reaction from me. Ugh!! My kids are SO not cotton balls! They should have put baby bunnies in the bags…that would be more adequate.

  43. Well, I have to say, as a primary grades teacher, and as a former lover-of-teaching-kindergarten that this was definitely in the right spirit. They were meaning well, but sometimes its hard not to wonder exactly what they were thinking. I guess I think its nice that they were trying to ease the transition (which I have seen can be pretty tough on some people) but I also think its a bit corny.
    Glad it was a good? first day!

  44. aaaa….no. I'm with you. Give me a drink with a little umbrella in it, 'cuz I'm having myself a party! seriously people. It's 3 hrs. I barely have time to do a few errands and grab a quick nap before the 'precious little one' is home again. Sheesh. Who are these cry baby moms?

  45. As someone who taught in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, I think the key factor is being a first time mom vs. a 5th time mom 🙂 The first timers love the fanciful venture of schooling, while it's old new for the rest!
    Regardless of whether you tear or not, how exciting to have ALL of your kiddies at school tomorrow!! Maybe instead of holding the cotton ball you hold a glass of wine? 😉

  46. Knowing me I would cry like a big baby but not until I got home and I think the bag would still be sitting on the front seat of the car unopened and unread!

  47. So, I'm a teacher myself, and I would have thought, so cute, or very thoughtful….but your perspective is so much funnier!! You said all the things that most of us only think…LOL…. Thanks for the laugh ;0)

  48. Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy says

    Oh… you are my soul sister!!!

    i would have thought the SAME things!!!

    Sending my oldest to High school last year??? Sent me over the edge, and it took me a week of crying to get over it…

    Great balls of fire that letter was cheesy!!!

  49. DysFUNctional Mom says

    I didn't cry until I dropped my youngest off, then I cried my face off.
    That letter & gift, ugh….I'd have rolled my eyes and chucked it in the trash.

  50. I love it! This is too funny. I'd be happy for the gift!

  51. Erin, Nick and Merrick says

    LAME! I would have laughed!

  52. Sweet sentiment, but I am with you. I didn't cry when I sent Emma to preschool or kindergarten, but I did get sentimental thinking about how much she has grown and changed in 5 years.

    And I do worry about her every day, wondering if she is okay. Is she eating her lunch? Is she paying attention to the teacher? Stuff like that.

    I would have used the cotton ball that night to take off my makeup.

  53. along your vein for sure. I think my comment would have been.."nice(with a little raised eyebrow)for her to care, but give me a break. What a waste of time for her. And then probably "filed" it away with a chuckle. atleast your teacher welcomed you. Ours ban us from the classroom and doesn't even want to meet about problems. grrr.. Home schooling is looking better and better

  54. Wow! Enjoyed your blog. The joy of parenthood…. Your inside comments were hillarious…lol!

  55. Sickening. How very trite. A cottonball, oh geez. Gentle spirit??
    Not mine.

    I would have thought the same as you did!

  56. Live.Love.Eat says

    I think that letter is pretty funny! They meant well.

    I actually thought I was going to burst out in tears when i sent Tristan to kindergarten this year (after all, I cry at Publix Thanksgiving commercials) but I only teared up a little. It helped that he was so ready for it!!!!

  57. I know I'm SO late to comment on this post, but after catching up, I had to comment on this one. Love the pix of the kids & the very funny commentary of the 1st. The water main break must have been terrible! I have to admit that I would have been one of the sappy ones that loved the letter, I think- didn't get anything except huge packets to fill out. My youngest went to k this year and I was a mess- having been home with kids for over 11 years, the idea of being alone freaked me out. Yes, they are searously considering checking me in somewhere!!

  58. says

    I am laughing! Do these teachers think after we drop off the kids we go and sit down and eat bons bons? No way we try to get as much done as possible! Funny post!