The First Day of Bisco’s New Life


I just got home from dropping Bisco off at the Animal hospital.

Today is the day that just might change his life forever.

He’s getting neutered, and it just seems wrong.  Even the word sounds so, well, emasculating.  But, I guess that’s about correct, right?

I just wish I didn’t feel guilty, and that I still had the $200 bucks in my pocket I just shelled out.

I hope he deals well with pain or I’ll really feel badly.

Not badly enough to NOT take him in though.

Here’s to him not lifting his leg, and having friendships with female dogs in which he doesn’t try to “hug” them.

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  1. Yay, Bisco! It’s tough for you, but it is SO important to spay/neuter. The health and behavioral benefits alone are worth it, plus knowing that he won’t create more little Biscos (as cute as they would be).

    Now Bisco, you make sure to really milk this – get as much love, attention, and good treats as you can! Just rest your cone-head on your peoples’ legs and make sad eyes – they’ll give you whatever you want. 😉

  2. (I think your blog ate my first comment, so I’m sorry if this is a duplicate.)

    Yay, Bisco! I know it’s hard for you, but it is SO important to spay/neuter. The health and behavioral benefits to him alone make it worth it, plus you’ll know that he won’t go around making any new baby-Biscos (as cute as they would be).

    And Bisco, you make sure to milk this for all its worth! Just put your sweet little cone-head on your peoples’ leg and make sad puppy eyes – they’ll give you anything you want. 😉

  3. This is adorable!

  4. i don’t understand … why did you put “hug” in quotes … haha!!

  5. This is why I always buy female dogs.

  6. I just said a little prayer for Bisco’s man parts. RIP.

  7. $200?! Couldn’t Matt or your dad just have ripped those things out with their teeth? You know, like they do with sheep?

    Yet another reason why we will have NO pets in the foreseeable future here at casa de no-humping-my-leg-thank-you-very-much.

  8. You’re doing the right thing!