The conversation with a doctor

Garrett and Emma went yesterday for their yearly well check visits. Garrett was actually really excited to go to the doctor and I was amazed at how well he did. He didn’t even cry when he got a shot, and he answered all of the doctors questions with complete sentences. The conversation went something like this (in part):

Doctor: “Garrett, do you know how to kick a ball?”
Garrett: “yes (pronounced as if english is actually a second language, Spanish being his first), I know how to kick a ball very high.”

Doctor: “Garrett, do you know how to throw a ball?”
Garrett: “yes, I can throw a ball very high.”

Doctor: “Do you know how to jump up and down?”
Garrett: “yes, I can jump up and down very high.”

Doctor asks mommy. “Any problems with peeing?”
Garrett answers: “I Never pee the bed.”

Doctor asks mommy (about Garrett). What about pooping?
Garrett replies with surprise: “I NEVER poop in my bed.”

Oh my sweet Garrett. He makes me laugh. I’m such a lucky mommy.

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  1. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    garrett is soo cute! what a big man, and no tears for his shot, wow! kids never cease to amaze me with what they will say…lol. very cute!

  2. Casey's trio says

    Too funny! You’ll have to remind him of that conversation when he is older! Did you just die laughing?

  3. Very funny. Remind me to tell you about Luke’s ‘gagina’ story if I haven’t already. It also happened at the Doctors. I’m trying to hear the ‘yes’ was it like, yyyeeesss?

  4. that’s exactly how it sounded……and I’m dying to hear the gagina story!

  5. HAAAHAAAHAAA! I love kids, I am so glad he never poops in his bed, that is great to any mom!