The Blog Frog

I’m slow to catch on.

I have this track record of signing up for things when they are newly launched and then not doing much with them until I see all of my friends having fun with them.  While I’m not.

This is true for both Twitter and The Blog Frog.

I’ve had a Blog Frog account and Community for ages, but I just started becoming active in discussions going on in different forums.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t even realize how interactive and interesting the discussions could be until I talked to Laurie of Tip Junkie and Cindy of Skip to my Lou about it at Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix.

I’m really enjoying being able to respond to a specific query and also read the other respondents answers.

I think The Blog Frog might be my next “thing”.

Wanna join me?

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. I love the Blog Frog, but I need to spend more time exploring & seeing what all it has to offer!

  2. Me too!!! I signed up for BlogFrog so long ago, but I didn’t get it, and just figured it was just another place for people to find me. I’m definitely going to have to spend some time looking at it.

  3. Like you, I have had an account for ages but I don ‘t do anything over there. I guess I should start. After all, all my friends are doing it. 🙂

  4. Just out of curiosity, is Blog frog another “facebook” type of thing?

    I find it so hard keeping up with all the twitters, fecebooks…not sure how I’d manage yet another social site thing-y! 🙂

    Would love to have your input on it?


    • I think the biggest difference is that you are not streamed your “friends” activity and there are not a bunch of extra applications like “Mafia Wars” and such that FB has.

      • Thnaks for replying! 🙂

        How to you keep up or promote your activities then?

        Sorry to be a pain…but just wanted to get the inside story if u know what i mean 😉

  5. I tried to do it and it didn’t work for me. It kept saying “ning community: doesn’t recognize you and then it wouldn’t take my password. wth? nothing technical EVER works for me.

    That’s why I give up.

    Happy for you, though.

    Signed, Eyore.

  6. I’m slowly getting hooked on Blogfrog, too. I’ll head over and visit your community!

  7. Susie's Homemade says

    I just started doing a Blog Frog Friday to get more traffic to my community. The response has been slow.

  8. I recently discovered The Blog Frog after Mama Kat recommended it but so far I really have not spent much time on it. So thank you for the reminder, I need to do that as it is a great site.

  9. I was a guinea pig for Rustin’s CBC class about The Blog Frog, and he created a community for me in front of about 75 women. I have no idea what I’m doing. We’re in this together!

  10. I’m like you and installed it last year after blogher. love the concept but struggled to get it going and gave up. Anyone got tips?

  11. Totally a fan of blogfrog, but the ladies are right. It IS hard to grow your community.

    You can draw people to your blog by leaving comments and discussions in other communities! When you leave a comment or start a discussion in a bigger community your profile is then viewed by all of those active community members.

    The key, in my opinion, is not necessarily to build your own amazing community (unless you want one), but to get yourself seen in all kinds of communities and draw people in that way. 🙂

  12. I just can’t get into. For me it is like another time suck. I wish that I had time to participate in everything, but I just don’t. Unfortunately.

  13. I am over at Blog Frog too but since I have only been blogging/tweeting/ etc.. for a little while it is just too much for me over right now. I follow people but have only written in on SF Bloggy Boot Camp since I am going. I am hoping to be more active over there…. some day!

  14. I’m all signed up to your community. Even commented on a few discussions.

  15. I just signed up for Blog Frog a few weeks ago and I’m ALREADY hooked. One day I’ll be a big girl and get my own community but for now I’m enjoying everyone else’s.

  16. I am on blogfrog too – but don’t really “get it”.

    What is not helping is that I have somehow got TWO blogfrog accounts – Jan and JanMary. Can I merge them? Should I merger them?

  17. Now I’m intrigued. This was the second reference I’ve come across to Blog Frog in as many days…now I’m going to have to poke around and see what it’s all about. As usual, I’m embarrassingly late to the technological party…I mean, I still haven’t signed up for Twitter!

  18. It is fun. But wow time flies when you are on there!

  19. Finally! 🙂 Haha!

  20. I have a Blog Frog account too and keep getting messages that people are my BFF’s but I haven’t been there in awhile. I really need to stop on by and figure it all out. Glad to hear you like it, I’ll put it on my to do list for tomorrow.

  21. I’ve just started to check it out. I am a bit confused by it’s layout, but if I spend enough time, I think I will be able to figure it out!