That Universal Law

What’s that law called that exists in the Universe that makes us what what we don’t have?

You know, that law that makes people with curly hair want straight hair? People with brown eyes want blue or green and vice versa? Or, I know………people who wear glasses want perfect vision and those that don’t need glasses want them? Wait. I’m not sure that’s one of those laws. But it should be.

Can you believe that after all I went through to get perfect vision {remember this?} I miss eyeglasses? Let me clarify. I don’t miss the poor vision or the reliance on glasses or contacts to be able to function. What I miss is having a cute pair of frames I can throw on and feel a bit…….studious when I want to.

I sort of got my eye glasses fix last year when my Emma needed prescription glasses for a lack of depth perception. I had so much fun helping her pick out a few pair of frames. I LOVED her glasses. I loved her in them. I was actually sad when her eye sight corrected itself and she didn’t need them anymore.

This may be why I’m craving a pair of eyeglass frames for myself now. It’s been long enough since my Lasik surgery that I’m pretty sure Jeff just might be amiable to me getting a pair of “prop” glasses. No one needs to know that I just want them for looks.

In my search for some super affordable glasses, I found Glasses USA. I can’t believe their excellent, and by excellent I mean super affordable prices {we’re talking $18 starting price for a pair of prescription single vision glasses}, and I found out that the company has a “heart”. No pair of returned glasses are restocked. Glasses USA donates all returned eyeglasses to organizations around the US who sanitize and then redistribute the glasses with the correct prescription lenses to people throughout the world who cannot afford vision care.  How great is that?

Now, no laughing when you see my in my no-prescription-lenses frames in the near future.

Disclosure: Glasses USA is helping to make my fancy for a new pair of glasses a reality!

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  1. there are so many cute glasses out there that it makes me kinda wish I needed them. That or Jeff would let me pick out some cute frames for him.

  2. Interesting…

    T Rex just got glasses a few weeks ago – he was pretty drastically far-sided. I've never seen a child so young wear glasses – he is just barely 2. However, I guess he really needed them because now it's the first thing he asks for in the morning – "gasses".

    I get a lot of comments from people so it must add to his cuteness factor. I sure hope it's like that when he goes to school. I was teased incessantly when I had glasses as a young person. Maybe times have changed. Or maybe I need to visit Glasses USA and get some super cool frames for him!

    (On his blog there is an updated photo of him in his new glasses. T Rex Tales)

  3. I so want to have lasik so that I don't have to wear glasses any more. Though, I do LOVE my glasses.

  4. S Club Mama says

    I don't think there is anything wrong with that! I don't look good in glasses of any kind so I won't be that person, but I get what you're saying.

    My hair used to be stick straight. I loved it. After Tristan, my hair got a weird wave in the back. Now after Isaac, my hair is mostly wavy except for the front few inches (from front to back). I hate it. I don't know what to do with it. It's half curly, half straight. I just wish it were one or the other.

  5. I want to get up the nerve to have Lasik someday! But I'm scared of almost all things doctors, so that could be a potential problem for me! But I totally understand the feeling of wanting to look "studious" at times! 🙂

  6. parentingBYdummies says

    I hate wearing glasses. Maybe if I got lasix I would feel differently, but I kinda doubt it. I don't think my glasses make me look studious, I think they make me look boring. HUGE difference.

  7. I love my brown eyes and have never wanted any other color.. They are just so dark. I hope Santa brings me some glasses..

  8. Do they sell new hips and butts too? (no really…)

    Glasses are a fashion accessory that you don't need corrective lenses to enjoy!

  9. I always wanted a pair of cute glasses too….never needed them, still don't now. I was so hoping when the mirgraines came it would be as simple as a cute pair of frames. Not so much!

  10. Sadly, two years post PRK eye surgery, my eyes are worsening and I may need the real things again in another year or so. Sigh….. It was so awesome while it lasted!! lol

  11. Okay, you're a bit of a freak, but I think I can kinda sorta understand your wanting your glasses back. And this does sound like an excellent company to buy from!

    Justine 😮 )

  12. Nicole O'Dell says

    I always say that if I had put the money I spent on glasses and contacts aside, I could afford lasik surgery…but I never do it. I want to have that surgery really, really bad. But, I do totally get what you're saying and could see myself, a year later, wanting a cute pair of frames–not that I have them now. lol

  13. confused homemaker says

    I need mine, but love all the different frame choices out there now. It's a lot of fun to get a new frame, if you need them to see or not.

    And have you decided about making the WP switch yet? Come on you know you want too…everybody's doing it (gee I sound like a teen boy on prom night, yikes!)

  14. Haha, I HATE having to wear glasses/contacts! I'm so blind that if I wear glasses I have no peripheral vision and run into a lot of things and get dizzy so I wear contacts, which dry out a lot. I guess I could buy frames that covered my entire face, but then who wants to look like that?? I guess we really do want what we don't have!

  15. Can't wait to see your new accessory. I think glasses are just as fashionable and accessory-like as jewelry. I love my new glasses. I need them for distance but find myself wearing them more than I need them LOL 🙂

  16. brunger bunch says

    I totally agree..I used to have a pair of non-prescription, until they broke. I liked to consider it an "accessory" like a hat, or necklace. I am late at commenting and looking at blogs, but I loved your vacation spot. What sweet thoughts. Esp. about you sweet mom:) You are AMAZIN' and I hope to see you again soon!

  17. Seriously? You are hilarious! I never, ever wear my glasses, except when I have been having constant headaches and nothing else will work. 🙁

  18. ya big faker! lol. just kidding. I can't stand wearing even sun glasses, so I know if my vision were perfect, I never would.

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