If these jeans could talk…..

When a pair of girls jeans appeared in my laundry room with a note attached to them, I was annoyed.  My kids totally know better than to put their clothes in the laundry with “stuff” in/on them that cannot be washed.  Paper, pens, crayons,  GUM…..all hanging offenses in this household. I ripped the note off the jeans in […]

Excessive Water Usage?

According to the wonderful water providers for my city, my family wastes/uses extraordinary amounts of water each day.  At least, that’s the only conclusion I can draw based on an EIGHT HUNDRED dollar bill. After Jeff and I lifted our incredulous jaws off the ground, we tried to figure out exactly how much water we […]

Rules for Children at Table

I found a genealogical gem a few years which I just recently re-uncovered.  It’s aptly titled “Rules for Children at Table” and was written by my great-grandfather (I might need to add a great or two in there), Ezra Martin. Once again I’m struck with an “if only”.  IF ONLY I had paid attention to […]