Save Money While You Shop With MyPoints

These days I do most of my shopping on-line.  I just don’t have the time to shop at brick and mortar stores like I used to.  So, when I find a program that allows me to shop at the stores I already do {I’m not going to change my shopping habits}, AND rewards me for […]

Tory Burch Love

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay. A few years ago I started buying used leather handbags on eBay.  I found crazy amazing deals and started to sport designer purses for a fraction of the price they would have been new at retail stores.  It felt really, really fantastic to […]

Personal Microderm System Review

A little exfoliation goes a LONG way.  I know this, I understand this, I DO exfoliate yet my face always seems to need a little MORE exfoliation.  I’ve tried just about every product out there to combat this problem, but with mediocre results. All it took was one home dermabrasion treatment with the Personal Microderm […]

Twisted Silver Review-EUREKA!

My love affair with Twisted Silver continues with my newest piece, Eureka. The Eureka necklace, a newer addition to The Renegade Trip Collection is one of Twisted Silver’s more versatile pieces. I’m assuming the name of the necklace was “born” because of the three aurora borealis crystals captured in a triangular mesh medallion that is […]