The Mad Pace of Life-{Guest Post}

It’s my pleasure to welcome Sharon of Good True and Beautiful to share her goodness today. Wanna know one of the things I love about Good True and Beautiful?  She has a tab entitled “Just for the Joy of It”.  She finds the Joy in life.  That’s beauty in itself. The mad pace of life […]

My Life as a Parent: Milestones, New Chapters, and the Status Quo-{Guest Post}

{Guest Post} Our family has been through some major transitions over the course of the past year, and the evening of June 3, 2010, not only felt like the culmination of all the changes we have experienced recently, it also marked the end of one long chapter of my life. It was exciting, fulfilling, satisfying […]

I get out. I promise…..

I  take my friends up on their invitations occasionally! Like today. I’m not here, I’m virtually on the East Coast at Casa De La Dummies. Join me where it’s HOT and HUMID.  Or so I hear.

Making a Systemic Change-{Guest Post}

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Betsy MacKinnon from TheLiquidBetsy. Don’t you just love the name Betsy?  Betsy can usually be found herding her three kiddies through life, mainlining all kinds of media (especially questionable TV,) or reading the Financial Times. She’s so set on surfing back in her hometown of Newport Beach, CA, […]

“Wednesday’s With Ken” – Guest Post

when angie asked if i wanted write a guest post, i knew exactly what i would write about. in a way angie inspired this post but then again maybe it was fear of cancer,  definitely …and friendship too angie wrote this post back in february of this year.  she had run into a friend she […]