A Dog?

My children really, really want a dog.  And, when I say “really, really want a dog”, I’m not exaggerating.  At least one of them asks me DAILY if they can please have a dog.  Daily. This has been going on for well over a year now. Jeff really, really wants a dog too.  Luckily he […]


Everything that has ever brought me joy in life has been divisible by two.  Or more. I guess I should explain. I’ve been thinking about the things that bring me the greatest joy, and every single thing is “married” or linked to someone else. My children have brought more joy into my life than anything […]

Elmer’s “Bag It Forward” for REAL and Virtually

Collective Bias and Elmer’s (as in Elmer’s glue) have joined forces in order to help families in need as the next school year approaches and I couldn’t be happier to be involved in the movement. “Bag It Forward” provided my family with the opportunity to help another family collect school supplies for their children, and […]

Babysitting and Telephone Etiquette

My daughters just finished a really wonderful babysitting “unit” in their  Achievement Days group. The unit was called “The Babysitters Club” and the girls spent a handful of hours learning about babysitting, discussing scenarios that may occur during babysitting; how to deal with them, and then they got to put their knowledge to the test.  […]