5 Summer Up-Do’s and How To Do Them {hair tutorials}

How to do Up-Do’s for the summer are going to make your life so easy this season!  These Up-Do braid tutorial, including How to Do a “Sea Shell Flip Bun, How to do a Braided Sock Bun,  How to do an Upside-down Braid Into-a-Bun, How to Make a Staircase bun/braid, and How to make a Twistie Bun, […]

How to Make a Braided Sock Bun {hair tutorial}

How to Make a Braided Sock Bun is the most time consuming of my top Up-Do styles for the summer.  It’s easy to do, but takes a bit of time because it requires a few small braids within the bun and those will take a few minutes.  The pictures don’t really show how pretty the braids are […]