Star Athlete Poster {how to}

If you have a child in individual sports like ice skating, karate or gymnastics, then you’ve probably been responsible for making a “Star” athlete poster.   Most schools also have “Star” student posters, so if you are like me, you dread the week your child comes home with the assignment for making their “star” poster,  and run around at the last minute trying to put something together that looks presentable.   My sister made her daughter this super cute “Star Athlete Poster” with items she had around the house, showing that it can not only be easy and stress free, but look really fabulous as well.  Here’s how she did it.

Star Athlete Poster

Supplies Needed for Making a STAR ATHLETE POSTER:

Star Athlete Poster

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Embellishments {rhinestones, die cuts}
  • Photos
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Adhesive
  • Bio Paragraph

Directions for Making a STAR ATHLETE POSTER:

star athlete poster

Step 1:  Trim photos.  Lay out photos, bio and die cuts on the scrapbook page to see what layout looks the best.
Step 2:  Mat photos on coordinating scrapbook paper.  Adhere to the page when you are satisfied with the layout.
Step 3:  Add embellishments.  Rhinestones were added to enhance the figure skater die cut as well as the biography.  It’s as simple as that.  The entire project took under 30 minutes.

Star Athlete Poster

Star Athlete Poster

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  1. thats cute 😉
    I need to get crafty so I can finally start on Broxtons book..
    I mean, he is FOUR now 😉

  2. Who has those things ‘laying around the house’? LOL. I sure don’t. You’d be appalled at our ‘star’ posters.
    White poster board… check
    photos printed out on the crappy printer on regular paper… check
    glue stick… check
    project done by child…. check
    Looks like a 5yo made it…. you betcha.

    But Rachel– awesome poster. You’re setting the bar high sistah!