Some of this, some of that…..

Garrett’s new do….

Grace caught me on my birthday. Although not a good picture, it’s the only one taken on my birthday. You know how they say a picture tells a thousand words? This one screams that I look tired, that I need to exfoliate (didn’t realize my face was so dry), that my face is still bruised and a tad swollen from my extraction AND that I’m 32!!!!!

Toothless Grace with pierced ears…..

I’m cringing as I write that I’m offically 32! Why does it seem so much older than 31? I had a great birthday. Jeff spoiled me and made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had so many phone calls from those I love which I appreciate so much. I missed most though since I was busy laying around downstairs watching Conference and the phone was upstairs and everyone knows how much effort it takes to actually get up and find the phone…….ha ha.

Big news! Grace got her ears pierced and she’s literally over the moon. She hasn’t stopped talking about it. She actually made a list of people she needed to call to spread the news!

Next big news! Jeff cut Garrett’s hair for me. Jeff loves it long, I like it better short, and it was really a selfless act for Jeff to cut his hair just because I wanted him to. He looks adorable, but like a different kid.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! It is so nice to have someone take care of you for the day isn’t it? You certainly deserve it!!

    So exciting for Grace! I remember when I got mine pierced and it truly is a milestone as I recall.

    Can’t wait to see Garrett’s new haircut. Sam still has the long, shaggy do and I can’t bring myself to cut it. Maybe when I see how cute Garrett is.

    I miss you. I feel like we haven’t talked in ages – just via comments on our blogs, which is such fun. We need to catch up soon!


    I agree about turning 32. I turn 34 this year… how the heck did THAT happen!??? Wasn’t I just getting married last year? LOL How can I possibly be one year away from 35? I miss my 20’s!!!

  3. I like Garrett’s haircut! I too like my boys hair short. I buzz their hair myself.

    Yeah for Grace! My Emma has her’s done. olivia wants to wait a little bit.

  4. I am glad to see a picture of you… I love conference, laying around resting while watching it is so nice. Atleast it was your birthday so you had to get that right. I on the other hand tried to watch what I could amist the noise and tivo’d the rest for later.
    I love Garrett’s hair too! I too, am 32, as you know. I beg to differ… we are not old! Now when I turn 33 I might have a freak out because then I am closer to 35 than 30 (LOL). I know I make no sense.

  5. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    happy belated b-day to you. it sounds like you had a great one. i turned 29 this year, so i am dreading next january when i will hit 30. i agree, where did the time go???? my girls all had their ears pierced when they were a few months old so they don’t know any different, but how exciting for grace!!! she looks soooo proud of them! i have to agree with you, i like my sons hair cut short. we had the hardest time doing that when he was younger cause he hated having it done, but he is better now, especially since we found a kids place with a motorcycle to sit on!! they always look so much more grown up!! anyway, i hope you have a very happy Easter!!!