SITScation is finally here!

I’m so excited to meet so many of you.

If you are not going, I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I return.

I might even tweet about it while I’m there. Maybe.

I’m taking my FLIP.………………

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Scary Mommy says

    I am soooooo jealous!!! Have so much fun and I cannot wait to see the video!

  2. Live.Love.Eat says

    I'm with Scary Mommy. Came so close to going, just didn't work out. Have a ball!!!!!!!!!

  3. See you soon Angie!! Drive careful!

  4. S Club Mama says

    hope you have a blast! can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. I hope you have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

  6. I'm jealous.

  7. Take lots of video! Cant wait to see it!

    Will pray for your safe travels.

    Love and Prayers,


  8. Noooooooooooo! The jealousy! The JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!

    Have a fabulous time and promote my blog while you're there! LOL! As if!

    Justine 😮 )

  9. Have fun!! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back:-)

  10. Have a great time! Vegas is so much fun. Vegas plus other bloggers has to be a blast.

  11. Kelly Deneen says

    Have a blast!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. 🙂

  12. scrappysue says

    looks like a fun toy – have a blast and report back soon!

  13. So lost on the SITScation. I found SITS, but nothing on a vacation to Las Vegas! Have fun and take lots of video and pictures!

  14. Amethyst Moon says

    I'm jealous! wish I was going, but there's always next year! Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  15. Ooh, sounds like fun! Have a great trip!

  16. brunger bunch says

    Hope you have a fabulous time!

  17. adventuresinjuggling says

    i really enjoyed meeting you and sharing the joys of life with our circuses. SITScation was wonderful and you are one of the many reasons why for me.