Shoes and personality

I’ve read that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. What do my shoes tell you?
My shoes just happenned to be out (but not arranged like this) as the trim in my closet is on the docket to be painted sometime in the next few weeks. So, what do my shoes say about me? First of all, they scream conservative. I have a dirth of color in my shoe litter. One whopping pair that are not black or brown (with the exception of my tennis shoes). Also, is it obvious that am not a shoe collector? I have just enough shoes to serve their purpose and not be an embarrassment to my family. I’ve heard shoe collectors say they collect shoes because unlike clothes they always fit. I must have special feet because all shoes of the right size do not fit. Maybe you’ll notice that my bare foot is included. This is my most popular foot apparel. I guess when it comes right down to it, I just don’t like shoes-to wear. I really am a great admirer of shoes. Anyway, most of the time I go barefoot. If I’m going somewhere that requires shoes, they come off the second I get home. Here’s the funny part. I’ve been told on more than one occasion by more than one person that I have really ugly feet. So ugly for normal feet in fact that that it’s surprising that I don’t try to cover them up. I’ve never been offended. I don’t think they are lovely feet, but I don’t think they are that bad either. Who cares if they look like I ran into a brick wall? Keep your feet clean, do what you can to make them look nice, but if there’s no changing what you were given, why give it a second thought? What would it say about me if I really did care about whether I have great looking feet or not?
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  1. The pointed toe shoes are very “in” right now (according to TLC’s What Not to Wear at least!)

    I love your boots BTW!!!

    I think you have a great assortment of shoes.

    And hey, your toes are painted so you must take really good care of your feet!

  2. Well your feet look better than mine do at the moment. I seem to be having trouble getting to my feet and still being able to breath while working on them. The pedicure shop sounds nice till I think of the smell there which by the way still is bothering me. I hope soon to grow out of this as I would like to have nice painted toes for my delivery.

    As for my own shoe collection, well it seems to get smaller and smaller as Yoda has eaten three pair of my nice sandals. I haven’t had the time or energy to go looking for replacements. I would say though that my collection looks a lot like yours, black and brown with a splash of red. Fun blog.

  3. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    once again, a great uplifting post. i currently have 4 pairs of shoes and that is it. i have to say that you must take better care of your feet to as my toenails are not painted. i think i too have ugly feet, although i do not think yours are ugly at all! 🙂

  4. such square feet, and so many pointy shoes! Ouch! you know, you have perfect feet for ballet, toes all straight, more surface area to support the weight. I personally love to be barefoot, but I have great looking feet. No really, I’ve been told I should be a foot model.

  5. I love my feet. I think they’re my best body part. I have a ton of shoes, too. I love shoes and clothes, but have drastically cut back on buying both since I started having kids. The last pair of shoes I bought were the cutest little Burberry’s that look just like the old time Dr. Scholl’s sandals with the wooden footbed and the leather strap across the foot. I love them. Oh, I did buy a pair of Born sandals last year…I’ve only worn them once so far because i’m in desperate need of a pedicure. Your shoes are definitely conservative! But nice. Your feet aren’t that bad, either!

  6. triplet mama says

    I think you have a great assortment of shoes…lots of dressy pairs in my opinion. My shoe pic would be like 10 pairs of flip flops…that’s pretty much all you catch me in unless I’m dressed for work. My shoe collection has really gone flat since the girls were born. Ho hum, I’ll get back in action one of these days.

  7. oops. I forgot to include my flip flops… favorite next to bare feet.

  8. I love it! I posted some of mine on my blog, too.I have everything from red heels, converse, soccer shoes, “hooker” boots and strappy heels! Shoes do tell all. I enjoy your blog! xo jo

  9. I love your shoes. I used to only own a few pair but something has changed inside me and I have bought tons this summer. Maybe I will have to post mine too. You have very nice feet 🙂 Oh and the green ones are my favorite too. I have similar boots. I think if I posted though I would only include summer shoes 🙂

  10. Mark and Kiss says

    Okay, Angie, you would all die laughing if I posted a picture of my shoes! Maybe I should for the comedic element. I LOVE your shoe collection. I am excited to see your shoes, family and oh, yes, YOU this weekend! Love you-Kirst