How to Make a Sea Shell Flip Bun {hair tutorial}

How to Make a Sea Shell Flip Bun is one of my favorite Up-Do styles for the summer because it looks so summery.  The silhouette actually looks like a sea shell and of all the updo’s my daughter does for me, I have worn this one the most. It can easily go from casual to formal, and that’s one of the things I love most about it.  Here’s how to make a Sea Shell Flip bun, with a video tutorial for making a princess lace braid in case you don’t know how.  You can also make this braid without the braid and it looks lovely.

Sea Shell Flip Bun

How to Make a Sea Shell Flip Bun

Sea Shell Flip Bun

Step 1: First you start making a lace braid starting at the part. Start ending the lace braid once you get behind the ear, then just braid the rest of the hair regularly. Repeat that step on the other side of the head, then tie together with an elastic. If you have trouble with this step or you don’t know how to make a lace braid, watch the video below.

Step 2: Next, gather all of the hair into a ponytail. It should be about the height of where the elastic is. Don’t pull the hair all the way through the ponytail, leave it as a bun like in the picture. If your hair is long, you can make two of these.

Step 3: Make an opening above the braids and carefully start stuffing the opening with the ponytail-bun hair. Put the ends into the opening first so that they don’t stick out the top.

Step 4: Adjust the hair so that it looks neat and smooth. If there is anything sticking out of the top of the bun, you may have to bobby pin it down. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and enjoy your hair!

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