I was supposed to get together with some girlfriends to can jam today. I suspect Jacob has pink eye once again so I had to bow out. My lifes story it seems. Instead I made freezer jam. For the first time in about 5 years. It reminded me of making jam with Jeff’s grandma Doris. We made jam together a handful of times. At the time I didn’t appreciate all the effort she made to allow the opportunity for me. She provided the jars, pectin (only MCP for us), berries, lemons and sugar. I made up the jam under her supervision and then got to take the jam home. How generous is that?
Today’s batch was a raspberry/marionberry mix. Sadly, it’s the end of raspberry season so no more fresh raspberries for us. These particular berries were handpicked by my friends the Gates. Thanks so much! This gift will last throughout the year! The gift that keeps on giving.
Next batch……..strawberry.
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  1. Angie,
    I was going to make a post on one of my top favorite things being freezer jam. I have never made it and never ever get it, so I was going to joke I needed a friend who did. Too bad your not closer I would beg some off of you. You are the WOMAN!

  2. Looks Great! Mom still makes my jam for me, but last year I did can my own fruit, salsa, and pickles for the first time ever. The garden is not going well this year, so I’m probably not going to get a lot done. Oh well, breaks my heart, I really LOVE to can….(dripping sarcasm implied)

  3. Laura,
    Next time we come to Utah, I’ll bring you a jar, promise!

    Yum, salsa….I canned a ton of applesauce last year with the apples from our tree, but I’m afraid we pruned it a little too much….doesn’t look like much fruit is appearing.

  4. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    wow, you have 5 kids AND you can things… i have never canned anything in my life. i don’t even have a garden. way to go!!! they look yummy!

  5. You domestic goddess you! Good for you for doing it by yourself anyway. I just put up 15 large jars of apricots from Dru’s tree in Utah. I felt like the little red hen who picked the fruit, hauled it on the airplane, washed it, bottled it, and ate it all by herself… It is fun for me to be able to do things I remember my mother doing at the kitchen sink for hours and hours in the summer heat. I never appreciated how much time she spent so I could devour an entire bottle of fruit in one sitting. Bjorn ask when I was going to do peaches. He really likes peaches and we have been making peach shakes since the weather got hot. He knows the peaches will be gone soon and he would like a stash in the winter. I don’t know anyone who has a tree to get the fruit free or cheep. So …

  6. hi my name is mommy says

    Yummy, that looks so good!

  7. Casey's trio says

    Yum…wish you were my neighbor!

  8. Well, if next time I come to Utah would ever happened I would get really really excited, and not about the jam!

  9. familyof6 says

    My Mom used to can all kinds of vegatables from our garden and make freezer jam. I have got to learn how to can! I love strawberry jam!! My fave!