Scary Mommy Here

Last week, the unthinkable happened: My blog disappeared. My blog. Poof. Gone. The pages were blank— my words… my pictures… my baby.

Gone. Can you imagine?

I knew it was coming, as I made the switch from good old Blogger to the new shiny world of WordPress. I was told the transition would take a few moments though, but somehow it ended up taking several hours. Several endless hours during which I sat at my computer, maniacally hitting refresh every three seconds. The thought of the pages somehow being lost in cyber space forever terrified me. The countless hours I’ve spent here. The memories I’ve documented. What if they all just disappeared? It was simply unthinkable.

What began as a baby book of sorts has turned into so much more. A new way to look at life, with humor rather than frustration. For someone who never enjoyed writing before, my daily entries became my salvation. A way to feel not so alone in the day to day tribulations of motherhood. To get support and understanding from people all over the world whom I never would have otherwise met. The line between real life and blog life is now so blurred that my friendships overlap between the two. I used to preface stories about people here with “my blog friend…” but now it’s just “my friend.” It’s pretty amazing.

My blog finally reappeared, and I let out an enormous sigh of relief. As I’d approached my one year “bloggyversary” the previous week, I found myself growing tired of posting, exhausted trying to keep up with all of my buddies and just all around burnt out. I contemplated just giving up once I hit the one year mark. I’d had enough. But when I faced the possibility of having it all disappear, I realized just how important it is to me. I may not post everyday now or visit everyone quite as often as I’d like, but I have no plans on abandoning my blog. It means way too much to me. And I’m so glad to have realized it.

Be sure to go check out Jill on her own turf. It wouldn’t hurt to enter her diamond earring giveaway, either. πŸ™‚
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  1. Wow. No blog. That would be scary…even for scary mommy.

  2. Simply AnonyMom says

    I am so sorry you lost all your followers, and I hope they are swarming back. Even if you don;t post daily we won;t go away. You’d have to beat us off with a stick…

  3. Misty Rice-Baniewicz says

    This is SO ME right now. Its my salvation of not feeling so alone at home as a mom. I am so use to the active lifestyle of travel, modeling, acting, the sexiness of being in the spotlight. Going to the ‘main events’ of the evenings in any big city. Wearing nice clothes…. to being home every day, day in and day out. Barely getting out of my pj’s, seeing what my face looks like with makeup on and or getting in a single adult conversation, other than the 3 minute call my husband gives me around lunch.

    There are so many days where I feel exhausted and burnt of blogging. ….. I feel like that a lot lately.

    But the thought of it been taken away or disappearing…. NO THANKS.

    Great post.

  4. My blog disappeared once, too, and the panic mode set in! I sat in front of the blank computer screen bawling my head off for the longest…until it finally showed up, again! Oh, what a relief it was! This blogging thing is addictive!

  5. Oh, I think I would cry.

    For my blog.

    And then I would cry for the innocent computer that I smashed to smithereens!

  6. Glad you decided to stay. I get sad when people leave the bloggyworld, because that is the only connection to them, so when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Sometimes it worries me, because it sounds stalker-ish and obsessive, but just like you said, they’re friends. πŸ™‚

  7. you won’t realize how important a thing is, until you lose it.
    happy bloggiversary…

  8. I cant even imagine that. I would be in total freak out mode. This is exactly why Im buying an external hard drive to back it all up.

    Love and Prayers,


  9. Phoenix's Mom says

    I am so glad things came back! I’m new to your blog, but so far love what I’ve read! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. sassy stephanie says

    I was in the same boat not long ago. I felt like I was neglecting way too many things to blog. And stressing out while trying to “visit” everyone. I had to take a break and reassess. Of course, I don’t have nearly the amount of readers you do. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with so many visitors.

  11. Kelly Deneen says

    I love this post! My blog has become an important outlet for me too, and I love the friendships I am building. I am glad your blog was not lost forever.

  12. koopermom says

    My blog is an outlet for me, along with a place to remember the little things. I’d def. cry if it dissapeared!

  13. I would be terrified if that happened. Pure freak out mode. I’m so glad you found it!

  14. I can’t even imagine how awful it would feel to lose everything. So glad you didn’t! And love the “new” blog! Wishing you all the best!

  15. That is scary!

  16. WHAT? That would be cause for a major freak out!! Glad you are back!!

  17. Scary Mommy says

    It was terrible. Not a fun night in my house, LOL!

    Thanks so much Angie, for trusting me with your baby today! Hope your having a great week! πŸ™‚

  18. Scary Mommy says

    Crap. “You’re.”

    When are the comments going to have grammar check?

  19. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ I still haven't gotten my printed yet. I'd die if it disappeared! I'm glad it back up and running for you! πŸ™‚

  20. Yeah for your feature. You did a great job. I would be sad if my blog went away.

  21. I haven’t had any problems with my blogger interface, but I really want to do a makeover and I’m scared to DEATH because of all the horror stories! LOL! Thanks for sharing today!

  22. I’m interested in knowing if you like WordPress better, I almost started with them and would like to hear from those who have made the switch.

    I am going on 2 years of blogging now and find that preposting is the life saver. Having lots of drafts saved up is a cushion for those times when you just aren’t in to it or have real life issues going on.

    Glad you got your blog back. Nice to meet you here at Angies. πŸ™‚

  23. mommaof4wife2r says

    don’t abandon us…i’m glad you are sticking around. shewwww.

  24. You would have to pick me up off the floor if I my blog vanished! It’s my journal of life and everything that means so much to me. Bless your heart! I’m so glad you had it recovered. HUGE sigh of relief I’m sure. Nice ot meet you! My name is Alicia by the way.. I’m off to check out your space in blog world now. :o)

  25. Poetry Sue says

    It is strange how these pixels and dots and numbers all come together to create something that is so precious to us. very strange indeed.

  26. T Rex Mom says

    Scary Mommy – I thought your blogged moved again! Momentarily when I opened up this blog and saw your logo I thought, for a moment, you had moved again. Glad things are finally stable again!

  27. Every time I tinker with my template or start monkeying with the code I cross my fingers and say a little prayer to the bloggy gods for the safre return of my baby, er, blog. Glad this has a happy ending πŸ™‚

  28. Glad you didn’t lose it all!

    Hope you guys are all doing well!

  29. Mammatalk says

    Eek! The thought! Glad it all worked out!

  30. Mom Taxi Julie says

    I was trying to change my layout and did the freak out like that. I kept hitting the back button and got lucky and found it before the changes so I could fix it.

  31. Casey's trio says

    Jill, your posts are always entertaining and I thank Angie for introducing me to your blog a few months back! I think she led us over to you by bribing us to tell you how beautiful and funny you are:)

  32. How terrifying to think that it went away. I am so glad that it came back and you are here to stay.

  33. Swirl Girl says

    oh sure- lower my chances even more by guest posting here.

    I heart Scary Mommy.

  34. TentCamper says

    A few things my dear:
    1. I don’t know what I’d do if my blogs vannished. I would most likely go into some sort of melt down and turn to the bottle for comfort.
    2. Why have you not added the Hot Mama pic/link to your blog?
    3. why am I (or HOT DADS) not on this blogroll?

    I may have to get out my whip!!!!

  35. Jill, Happy to hear the blog survived!! I just hopped over to your blog for the first time– Love it! Really glad you’ve decided to stick around so I can start following! Haha! Congrats on the recent blogaversary!

  36. although i am sad to hear that nearly lost your blog, i am so glad you didn’t abandon ship at the end of the year mark.

  37. scrappysue says

    i switched from blogger to wordpress. once. then back again. blogger ain’t so bad. the thought of losing everything – ugh. so glad you got it back!

  38. Following Him says

    I would have cried if mine disappeared! Glad you got it back though!

  39. Migraine Mom says

    I love you Scary Mommy! I’m glad you are sticking around! πŸ™‚

  40. I’m glad you got it all worked out – your blog ROCKS and I love the new one as well as the old one. Good luck getting your subscribers back – I’m sure you won’t have any problem!! Love the post of all your kids sleeping you your bed, btw – tee hee! Been there – ugh!

    Take care and I’ll see you soon – Kellan

  41. Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor says

    I am glad you got it all figured out. What precipitated the move? Is there a tactical advantage?

  42. Veggie Mom says

    This is the kind of thing that really scares me. I started printing out my daily posts. Don’t know how long that will last, though!

  43. Ronda's Rants says

    Ha! We search until we find you!

  44. Hope those subscribers have re-subscribed by now! And then some. ;o)

  45. It would be a sad world without Scary Mommy.

  46. Live.Love.Eat says

    You are soooooo right in that the 2 worlds collide after some time. I also say “my friend” when referring to someone I “met” through blogging. Women need constant connections each week and sometimes we don’t get them in real life if we didn’t get together with a girlfriend for coffee or our long distance BFF didn’t pick up the phone. But each day, even if we blog for a few minutes, we’re making connections and I really believe they have made happier this past year.

  47. Elaine A. says

    Sometimes it takes almost losing something to realize how much we really like/need it, huh?

    Glad you got it back! : )

  48. April Greer says

    How are your numbers building up? I’m doing my part…I’m gonna go see you….

  49. Sarahlccβ™₯ says

    I can’t imagine that happening, but I have experienced a few wierd moments with other near-losses via cyberspace of my pictures. :-O

  50. Ryan Ashley Scott says

    Just glad it wasn’t lost forever. I’ve only been here for 3 months and would have a meltdown if I lost my blog. oooh, makes me shiver.

  51. Scary Mommy says

    You have the greatest readers, Angie!

    Thanks for the support, guys! πŸ™‚

    I do like WordPress. It’s not quite the nirvana I thought it would be, but I like it. I’m happier with the design now. The plugins are really cool and somehow I feel more legit.
    But it’s still new and I’m learning the ropes.

    I can’t say I’d do it all over again though!

  52. I agree with ya, Jill… comments need to have spellcheck!

    And I agree with Lula… the world would indeed be a scary place without Scary Mommy!

  53. Sneaky Momma says

    Did you know that you can export your blogger blog and save the posts on your computer? I lost all my stuff not too long ago. I figured this out and now I don’t worry anymore. πŸ™‚
    I’m glad your blog reappeared. How scary!

  54. I went on a field trip in 8th grade much like the one you are describing….”scared straight” I think it was called.

    Glad you decided to stick around πŸ˜‰

  55. Mark and Kiss says

    I love being able to know what is going on with my family and friends in little snippets by what they post. It is nice to stay connected because I am so bad at maintaining correspondence.

  56. Munchkins and Music says

    That is soooo scary! I have had problems with my blog before too where it wouldn’t show up on my computer. It was so frustrating! I’m glad that you found it. πŸ™‚

  57. Honey Mommy says

    I totally need to figure out how to “back up” my blog so I can’t ever loose all the work I’ve put into it!

  58. My friend at church is going to turn her blog into a scrapbook at the end of the year. I think that was a great idea!

  59. Tiaras & Tantrums says

    Hi (Guest) girlie!! I’m glad to hear you are not giving up – I think this epiphany happens to a lot of bloggers.

  60. Kathleen W. says

    Your post said it sister…I’ve been going through the blog blahs, wanting to stop posting for a while, since it sometimes is a chore writing posts, responding to comments, etc. But I really would miss it and miss the people who visit me and whose blogs I visit. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my feelings!