Safe Email for Your Kids! {review}

My boys have been begging me for an email account for quite some time now.  I’ve told them empathetically no because I’ve felt like no matter how many parental controls I put on their email account, trash still gets through, and I want to see everything that that is both coming and going from their account. I’ve often second guessed myself because I do think that having an email account would help them with their writing.  If they had the desire to correspond with someone via email, and they actually did, their writing skills would improve from practice.  It’s a fact.  However, is that extra practice worth the risk of letting them have an email account?

Up until I found, the answer was No. has so many safety features though, that I’ve been swayed.  My boys now have email accounts.  Their new email accounts are safe!  I have complete control over their accounts and  I  set them up so I feel confident about the safety filters.  I decided whether or not they can receive emails with links or images.  I decide who can send them emails.  In fact, I see their emails before they do.  So, at this age when I don’t want them surprised by the junk that can appear in email, I feel like they have been given a safe place to send and receive “letters”.

You can try the service for free, by the way, by clicking on the image below.

More Features

As I mentioned above, there are tons of safety features built into the service to keep your kids safe while inside the house.  So, your kids can learn about technology and increase their writing skills in a safe environment!  The parent login is fantastic!  You can:

Parent Login features:

  • Manage each Individual Child {love this}
  • Manage Contacts
  • Safety Settings {you set and control}
  • Modify Look and Feel {cute backgrounds}
  • Ground Child {is your child spending too much time on email?  You can “lock” them out of their email for a set time!}
  • Time Restrictions {you can set time restrictions for use!}
  • Block Senders {don’t want someone sending your child email?  Block ’em!}
  • Activity Logs {want to see what your child has been up to?  Now you can!}
  • Mail Queue {approve/delete}

Child Login:

The child login is really easy and intuitive.

Login is easy and the interface for the child once they are logged in is clean and simple as well.  There are quite a few templates to choose from for inbox background customization.  My kids love that.

My boys have loved having their own email.  I’ve really liked having an email provider that is so safe and specifically designed for kids.  They have a teen feature that I haven’t explored that looks really promising as well.  If you decide to try out the service, you’ll have to let me know what you think!
kids email.orgSpecial thanks to for introducing me to their service.  Even if they hadn’t sponsored this post I would have recommended the service because I think it’s that great.  

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  1. I’ve always felt bad for saying yes to getting my daughter a gmail account last year when she was 11. One: I had to lie about her age and of course sent the message that it’s ok to do that when it suits you. Two: I went a few days without checking/monitoring it and she had ads and spam of course. Ugh. Initially I was going to disable it, but I’ve decided to let it stay. I figure that nearing 12, she needs to be fully aware of the types of ads/scams/spam that is out there. But! Zoe is only 8 and has just started asking for an account. is definitely worth looking into, so this is very timely.

  2. Hi Kat. Leave a comment, would you?

  3. I’m definitely going to be trying this out for my kids… Thanks for the information!

  4. I’d be in trouble if someone could lock me out of my email. 😉

    My boys send messages to each other through one of the programs they use… usually video messages calling each other buttheads. It’s so charming. LOL

  5. You may want to take a look at Mifrenz – and email application for children. I wrote it for my own children and now it’s available for others.


  6. Vigilant Parent says

    E-mail is often a gateway for a slew of issues in the household, phishing scams being the worst of the bunch. I wasn’t aware of this service, my kids have been using hotmail accounts. However because I use the magic mail program from the easybits magic desktop (more info here: , it very much guarantees their safety by putting everything in quarantine so I can monitor and approve as I see fit. It is a chore, surely, especially because now they have plenty of friends at school and colming the incoming mail and approving those contacts from all the spam and phishing takes time. Perhaps if this was common knowledge, less junk mail would pervade my kid’s accounts.