Wordful Wednesday – Our Vacation to Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya

 I mentioned this last week, but we packed our bags and flew to the Riviera Maya for the kids spring break.  For the first time in AGES, we totally “unplugged” and enjoyed a week of sun, food and swimming, minus electronics.  It was really, really nice.

I have so many pictures that you’ll be sick of hearing about our trip.  And seeing it.  TRUST me.

We knew from past experience that the kids would want blended drinks poolside so we decided to go for an all inclusive resort.  It was the best choice because I swear to you, those 5 kids drank more blended drinks each day than I would have ever thought possible.


The boys would crowd around Jeff when he would get a drink like it was the first time they’d ever tasted a blended fruity drink.  It was insane.  Let’s just call it the vacation of the Mud Slide (this was basically a blended chocolate milk), the Mango Tango and the Good Boy, shall we?

The Beach

The sand on the beach was amazingly soft and totally made up for the fact that there was a ton of seaweed in the ocean.  I know that sounds strange to say.  There’s always seaweed in the ocean, but this was in inordinate amount. Like, it was floating around everywhere.  The water was so blue and warm though, there was no deterring us from swimming in it!

{See the seaweed hanging out in the water?}


Do you kids guzzle blended drinks while on vacation, too? 

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  1. What an awesome vacation…and yes, all inclusive is totally the way to go!

  2. Lucky girl! Looks like a great vacation. The beach was gorgeous!

  3. Tire of the beach? I think not! This place looks right up my alley!

    • It was so nice, although the place I’d really like to go back to is The ROyal in Cancun. It’s adult only, all inclusive.

  4. Haven’t grown tired of the photos! Still remembering all my blended drinks poolside when I was there two years ago!

  5. My kids suck down blended drinks no matter where we are. They ask for them at home. I’ve been through four blenders in three years. It looks like you had a magnificent time, such wonderful memories.

  6. We just came back from Maui, and honestly our kids love the pools more than the beach anyway. Looks like a lovely place, and yes our girls loved the slushy drinks.

  7. Looks like an awesome vacation! I loved the poolside pictures where the boys were holding the sodas. That was super cute.

    • They always had a drink in their hands. If it wasn’t blended, it was a bottled soda. I thought for sure they’d go through sugar withdrawals when we got home but they seemed to be OK. 🙂

  8. Wow!! Looks like a fabulous trip!!!!!!!! How fun!!

  9. Yay for blended drinks!! Can you blame the kids? They’re delicious AND refreshing. (Then again this is coming from someone who might have a slight smoothie obsession.)

    And I adore the picture of you and your kids. Such a framer!

    • Thank you…..I don’t blame them. I have to admit that I sampled like every single one…..which equals quite a lot. 🙂

  10. These are great. Looks like so much fun!

  11. Looks like a beautiful place to vacation!

  12. What a fun looking trip! I’d love to visit Mexico someday.

  13. Stop taunting us with these beautiful pictures!

  14. Looks like you all had a great time…

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What an awesome vacation! I can’t wait to see more pictures – and blended drinks! LOL!

    • I’m so glad you aren’t totally sick of the vacation pictures yet because I have at least one more post. 🙂

  16. We learned (the hard way) that all-inclusive is definitely the way to go! Now you make me want to speed up our plans to get back to our favorite all-inclusive in Punta Cana! 🙂 LOVE all the pictures – looks like so much fun – and relaxing! 🙂

  17. Ahh that looks so amazing!

  18. That place looks gorgeous! I would give just about anything to be sitting on the beach right now with my own blended drinks.

  19. We went there on our honeymoon and it is just paradise!

  20. Okay, is it creepy to say I love coming here because I feel like one of the family when I view all these amazing photos? I hope not because that’s the vibe I get.

    • I’m so glad that that is the vibe you get, that’s what I want. Homey. Real.

  21. what beautiful pictures..
    yes, i am totally living through you… ha ha ha… i was just pretending to be the sister or something… oh how i would love to go on a vacation!!!! 🙂

  22. I continue to be insanely jealous!

  23. The more pictures that I look at from your vacation the more I think I need to look into scheduling something like it!

    And I didn’t realize that you worked for Tip Junkie!! How awesome is that!

    • The worst part of vacation is coming home from vacation! 🙂 Yes! I’ve worked from Laurie for about a year. It’s so much fun!

  24. I wish I could take an awesome vacation like that!

  25. I am so jealous. What a gorgeous place! I love the rustic feel of it.

  26. Geez, you guys do vacation RIGHT!!

  27. I’m so jealous! It looks amazing there, and your family is so adorable. It’s been too long since I’ve stopped by your blog, but I hope to get on a weekly jaunt here to hook up to WW again.

    Hope you’re doing well Angie!

  28. Now I really need to start planning a trip back there STAT! I think I mentioned on your previous vacation post that the Riviera Maya area is one of our absolute favorite places to visit and I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we’ve been there! We’ve been there 4 times and LOVED every single trip. And I’m a BIG fan of all-inclusive, because when I think vacation, I want total relaxation. I don’t want to have to carry cash around with me or worry about going somewhere and paying for every meal. And for the record … I like the blended drinks too! After looking through your photographs though, I’ve decided my toddler needs a passport ASAP 🙂

  29. kristin says

    I totally want to do this with my gang. Do you recommend a particular resort? Did you fly or drive? I guess we’d have to fly, that’d be our biggest expense. Looks like a ToN of fun. Happy for you.

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