Just returned home from a week in Cancun. Without the kids. Decided that we’d do a little jet setting before the paparazzi started following me around as a result of my day of fame. Can you hear my laughter?

We had so much fun, and I have so much to be thankful for.


*Dolly had not turned into a Hurricane when she passed through the Yucatan Peninsula.

*Great times with my husband. We figured that all the dates we haven’t gone on in the past 10 years more than paid for this trip. πŸ™‚

*My In laws who flew into town to watch the kidlets, and my sister in law who woke up at 3 am to take us to the airport.

*Safe transportation. Even though Grace was convinced we were going to die.

*A worry free trip. Except for the tropical storm and delayed flights.

*A clean house when I returned home. Oh yes, a clean home, and you all know how much THAT means to me.

*Healthy, happy children. Who hardly missed me at all.

*A tan. I haven’t had one in too long.

*Surprises in the mail:

This one came from Bridget at Everyday Chaos.
Iwas the lucky winner of her blog giveaway.
Not only does she have lovely toes that just peek out from her round, beautiful tummy, she is an exceptional scrapbooker and crafter. I LOVE her blog and always look forward to her posts. I found her through Rachel at Made with Love and Glue. Lots and Lots of Glue. who designed her blog as well.

And this one came from my sister at There’s a First Time for Everything. Once I figure out how to work with this, I can do some more in depth photo editing than Picasa allows. Tiffany is incredibly talented with card making and I’m planning on her help developing some skills of my own!
You may recall that I ALWAYS make a return visit to those that visit my blog for the first time. So, as soon as I love my babies up (it might take awhile) and do all the real life things that are required of me, I fully plan on visiting all of the amazing SITS sisters that took the time to stroke my ego. With over 200 new bloggers to visit, who viewed more than 1000 of my pages THAT day, it may take a bit. But I’m not daunted. I have a feeling I’m going to be adding a lot of great new blogs to my blogroll. And to my regular bloggy friends…….I’m looking forward to catching up.
And just so you know, I did not update my blog while I was gone. The posts that appeared were pre-published. LOVE that option.
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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Wow a week in Cancun! How fun was that!!! Can’t wait to see your pictures. Glad you made it back!


  2. MoziEsmΓ© says

    You guys are a gorgous couple! Welcome back home – glad you had fun!

  3. Look at you all tan and everything! So tell me, how was it…I’ve been thinking of you guys all week!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Glad to hear you had a great trip.

  5. Good N Crazy says

    1. Glad you are back safe and sound and glad the trip was uneventful, but fun and sun and all that!
    2. Your husband looks great, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him! Now he can be famous too!
    3. Let me know how that software works out? PSElements has been great, and it’s under $100.
    4. more jealous of the clean house than the trip…isn’t that sad?
    5. remember me when you don’t have time to remember the little guys okay?

  6. Sounds like a fun get away. Glad you are back safe and sound!

  7. Welcome home! So glad you enjoyed yourselves! Can’t wait to hear more.

    I love Adobe Elements too. The editing is great and the organizer really helps me keep my photos organized.

    I missed you!
    Email me.

  8. Casey's trio says

    Your back…and with a tan-always a plus! So glad you had a great time:)

  9. the schirano triplets says

    that is so wonderful that you got a week away with your hubby…much deserved! glad to hear you had such a great time…enjoy giving those babies lots of love!

  10. Oh you SO deserved it!!! Enjoy!!!!

  11. Welcome home. I trip with your hubby was well deserved! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and came home to some real treasures. Congrats on being famous….and enjoy all those blogs!

  12. Sherri - KaysvilleMomma says

    Welcome Back!!

  13. I bet you had a GREAT time, no kids huh?!!! Yea for you! πŸ™‚

  14. The Jensens says

    Angie, I love love LOVE these pictures of you and Jeff together! SOOO CUTE!

  15. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time. I didn’t even know you’d been gone a week.
    You’re great at keeping up with the blog.

  16. Wow- you both look so tan and relaxed. And no kids? I would be in heaven! πŸ™‚

  17. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Wow, how fun! I am so glad that you were able to go out with Jeff and just spend time with him. Good one!

  18. Kiki and Lele says

    thanks a ton… i wish i could get away with my hubbie to cancun… it seems like you deserved it!

  19. You and hubby are adorable! What a cute couple you make!! I’m so glad you got away and had fun…and came home to happy kid and a clean house. Man, some people get all the good stuff. I’m so jealous!

  20. Annette Piper says
  21. Stephanie says

    Welcome back! You both look so refreshed in the pictures!

    What great inlaws you have πŸ™‚

    Awesome blog giveaways to win and come home to. How exciting!

    I missed you – glad you are back.

  22. I totally was thinking to myself I think she is out of town and leaves like tomorrow! How cool that this whole time we were able to view your blog and you never posted them. I never knew there was a way to pre-publish posts.

    I am so GLAD for you both. The pictures are so fun and you both deserved a break. I bet the kids are ALL over you two.

  23. 4 Little Men and Twins says

    love the pictures of the two of you… looks like you had a great time


  24. This Womans Dreams says

    Hey that sounds like alot of fun you had .. It is always important to spend some alone time together .. We plan on going to Leon Gto Mexico to see antonio’s Mom In January But she wants to see her grand babies so it will be a whole family kinda thing..
    I haven’t heard from you in a long time so thought I would stop in and say hi!!! Glad you guys had a blast..

  25. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I’m so glad that you got to go and that all was well when you returned. Bet it was a blast!

  26. tinabean1988 says

    Congrats on the time away with your hubby.
    We all need that at times.
    It looks like & sounds like you had a ton of fun.
    It was nice of your family to jump in & help you out.
    There is nothing better than a great family.

  27. Are You Serious! says

    β™‘ How fun!!! A whole week away! Fabulous!!! Great pictures! πŸ™‚

  28. Mekhismom says

    I sounds like you had a great and well-deserved vacation. Lucky you to return home and find presents!

  29. Welcome home and I am sooo glad that you had such a great trip (without hurricanes). Congrats on all the hits. You are going to be one busy lady!

  30. Adelaine says

    Wow – a whole week!! That has to be sooo refreshing! I’m glad that you enjoyed yourselves!!

    Thanks for adding me πŸ™‚

  31. That’s so great that yall (yes I live in the south) got to have that time together. And come home to a clean home. WOW! Congrats on a safe fun trip. pre-posts are very cool. I love reading your blog. Thanks for your time!!!

  32. I’m not jealous one bit that you got to go to the beach with just your husband. Nope…not one bit! ;o)

    But seriously, I’m glad you got some well deserved time off. It looks like you guys had so much fun!

  33. stefanie says

    Thanks so much for visiting!

    It looks like your vacation was fabulous.

    A clean house….what’s that???

  34. Veggie Mom says

    Cancun w/o the wee ones? OMG! Can you say fanTAbulous? Thanks for dropping by and Sharing the Comment Love in the Great Pop’rs Giveaway! Stop in again soon and join our E-mail Oprah Campaign! πŸ™‚

  35. I cannot even tell you how good a child-free week anywhere sounds right now. You have to share more so we can all live vicariously through you!

  36. Stephanie says

    Welcome Back. I loved seeing you write that you ALWAYS visit someone who has visited you for the first time (and then I read your etiquette post). I do the same ALWAYS, to at least say thanks for coming by. There are a few who never came by to say thanks to me just once, after I had been by theirs and commented, so I finally took them off my blogroll and made room for others. Oh well……..

    But welcome back. I know I have commented before through SITS. Just as a reminder… πŸ™‚

  37. I’m so glad you stopped by today. I feel like I’m being visited by celebrities with all these former feature bloggers!
    BTW, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is what cured our walls of kisses.

  38. Stephanie says

    Just to clarify, ALL SITS gals have been so gracious and always came back and said thanks. There were just a few non-associated SITS bloggers I have found along the way who never said thanks once for the visit.

  39. Zen Ventures says

    Awww ain’t that sweet? You look like a very cute couple!-btw, thank you for stopping by my site. I hated the fact that blogger doesn’t have a good system for responding to comments but I’m happy to visit your site anyway!:)


  40. Philigry says

    oh, that sounds like so much fun!

  41. That’s you WITH a tan? Hmmm. Well, pretty good for a red head I guess. We can’t all have japanese olive skin I suppose. Still, I did get the Wms freckles, so I think I actually don’t tan anymore, my freckles just start melding together.
    I didn’t even know you were in Cancun , thanks to that nifty feature, boy, I am feeling like a louse, you blogged ahead of time for your vacation. Too much to live up to, you’re my blogging idol now. Oh and btw, traveling to Mexico during hurricane season seems to be a dangerous tempting of fate for members of our family, glad you made it out alive. What was the day of fame?

  42. What a wonderful trip…Reading all of the things you are greatful for is just as nice. Your gratitude is a good reminder to be thankful for all the help we receive.

  43. Looks like you guys had a great time. And, as someone living in TX but totally clueless, I didn’t even know about Dolly until Tuesday night. Good thing we weren’t in the path! Darn my husband’s “24” addiction!

  44. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    Oh, gee, now I’m jealous!

  45. *jealous*

  46. You two are one HOT couple.

    200 new bloggers. Wow, you go girl.

  47. The Georgia Peaches says

    Awesome. Hopefully, Sean is looking at your blog and getting ideas for our anniversary!

  48. Bonnie the Boss says

    You two are too cute!!!I am glad things went well!!! You deserve it!

  49. You are FOR SURE a most gorgeous couple! WOW! Congrats on the vaca–I’m really happy you got to go!

  50. oh-sorry about that-I got all click happy!