Wordful Wednesday ~ Rain Gutter Regatta 2012

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Wishing you all a WONDERFUL 4th of JULY filled with GOOD FOOD and LAUGHTER and RELAXATION.

#3 is my first to be a cub scout.  I’ve been surprised at how much fun it’s been for both him and me.

I’m a huge fan of the Pinewood Derby but I think I’m a bigger fan of the Rain Gutter Regatta.

Rain Gutter Regatta 2012

Here’s why:  The boys show up at their pack meeting, “carve” their styro-foam boats and then “race” them down the rain gutter tracks.  The whole event takes a little over an hour and the boys love it.

Of course, I loved it too because Garrett realized early on that the key to winning the races is in the blowing technique.  Smart kid.  So, he won almost every race, and we weren’t at the event all night.  Double score.

He earned his Bobcat award last month and has been working hard on his Wolf.  I can stand behind a program that challenges my son to work towards goals and it’s not necessarily all fun and play, you know?

Have your boys gone through the scouting program?  If so, what’s your favorite event?

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  1. Don’t know much about the boy scouts in my area, but we have been looking into 4H for the same reasons you like scouting. My son would love the boat activity and race.

  2. Our neighbors have two boys in Boys Scouts and they love it. It seems to be a fun learning experience for them. CJ has been asking about joining and we have been pondering the idea. Anything that has such a positive influence on young boys sounds great to me. Thank you for sharing Garrett’s experience & for featuring my little man this week! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  3. Never heard of the Rain Gutter Regatta…looks like fun though!! Happy 4th of July to you, too!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun. Love the idea of them carving the boats out of styrofoam

  5. Congrats to Garrett! I remember our Pinewood Derby days. You have yourself a grreat 4th as well!

  6. I love Cub Scouts!! We just finished our 2nd year for my oldest (Bear) and our 1st year for my youngest (Tiger). I was the den leader for my oldest which is a learning experience unto itself!! My 3 yr old believes he is a Bear because he stayed with me for our meetings. We called him our “Bear Mascot” and he believes he needs a uniform too. We have several years before he can start as a Tiger but he’s already very excited about it!

  7. That looks like fun. Way to go Garrett!

  8. My little guy isn’t old enough yet, but I’m sure we’ll be looking into it when he’s older!

  9. Happy 4th of July! I’m glad he’s having such a good time and learning such valuable lessons. My son is not a scout, mostly just because we just can’t fit it in.

  10. That looks like great fun!

  11. Looks and sounds like cub scouts is a lot of fun. I have 2 boys but I doubt they’ll ever join scouting. It’s not that big where we live, and the sports that my boys are involved in take up a ton of time…
    Happy 4th and thanks for the linky!

  12. My son is a cub scout and he loves all the activities. His favorite of course is the campouts. Max is now a Wolf. Kudos for your son’s cub scout accomplishments.

    Thanks also for featuring my WW-Sandbuckets of Fun post as one of your faves. I feel so honored!

  13. Oh my – my son loved those activities. WHAT FUN!!

  14. that looks fun… i keep saying i want broxton to be in something like that when he gets older…

  15. Hahah, looks like fun! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to join girl and/or boy scouts. 🙂

  16. No boys in this house to have Boy Scouts, though I will most likely be signing up the girls for Girls Scouts.

    Smart boy 😉

  17. Luke never did a raingutter regata, but we got our fill of pinewood derby. The last pack meeting when he ‘graduated’ was a HAPPY day for me.

    The boys in the spidey costumes– so cute. I have a feeling I’m going to miss this age when Zeke is starting school. He’s all about ‘Bob the bilber’ right now, and the goooolden hammer– as he says it.