Promoting Your Blog with Google Plus

With over 300 million active monthly users, Google+ offers bloggers a great opportunity to publicize their content to a vast audience of potential fans. Here are a few processes which you can follow in order to effectively promote your blog using Google+, and thus generate a wealth of online traffic towards your blog posts.

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Google+ Circles

Google+ circles offer bloggers a unique way of interacting with likeminded individuals who may become potential blog followers. These Google+ circles enable you to create specific content which you can share with particular groups. This process grants you the ability to target certain demographics with specific blog content in order to encourage them to read your blog posts and recommend them to others. When sharing posts or updates, you have the liberty of deciding which content the members of each of your circles can view. You can choose from;

  • Public:  where content will be visible to anyone who can view your public profile,
  • Your Circles: where content is only visible to those in your circles,
  • Extended Circles: where content is not only visible to everyone in your circles but also to everyone within their respective circles.

Consequently, you can promote your blog directly to your target audience. By interacting with these users on a regular basis, you can keep them informed of any new blog content you produce, as well as gaining inspiration for future posts which they would like you to create. In this way, Google+ enables you to establish a bond with your followers from which you can cultivate and sustain a loyal fan base.

Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are a series of networks wherein both personal and professional users can interact and share their thoughts and expertise. As marketing consultants Realia Marketing state, these online communities grant bloggers an ideal opportunity to be “positively rated by your peer group” which “inevitably gives credibility to your position, skills and experience”.  Search for communities which relate to your blog and its content, and proceed to ameliorate yourself with the members of these communities. If you participate in these community discussions, you can seize a lucrative opportunity to display your particular areas of expertise and attract user interest towards your blog. Active participation within these communities will encourage users to notice your authority and intellect. Subsequently, they will be motivated to discover your blog and recommend it to others with similar interests.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship can be immensely beneficial for bloggers who wish to improve their online literary reputation. Google Authorship appendages a visual link to your blog posts when they appear in online searches, thus imbuing your posts with a professional presence and encouraging users to trust their credibility.

Alongside Google Authorship, bloggers can also capitalise upon Google Author Rank. Simply put; Google Author Rank generates a score for each online author with respect to each topic about which they publish content. These scores directly affect how highly authors rank in search engine results for content related to each of their chosen blog topics. Fundamentally, this process enables Google+ users to be officially verified as content producers; a role which will exponentially improve how prominently their online content ranks within Google searches.

As such, this process can be extremely effective for promoting your blog and generating a larger amount of online traffic towards your posts.  If you write your posts in such a way as to improve your Author Rank in particular topics, you can consolidate your reputation as a literary authority on these subjects. The higher your Author Rank for these particular topics, the more credible your blog will appear to prospective followers. Ultimately, this will earn you more trust and respect from potential blog readers who will be motivated to follow your posts and direct others towards them.

Google+ Hashtags

In order for potential blog followers to easily locate your Google Profile, and ultimately your blog, it is worth your while to utilise Google+ hashtags. You can easily implement these hashtags within your blog posts to enable your followers to locate and discover your online content. Moreover, you can use these hashtags to specifically promote certain aspects of your blog. If you create a hashtag for a particular blog post or multimedia link, blog followers can easily navigate towards this content and share it with other potential fans. By integrating these Google+ hashtags throughout your blog, you can efficiently distribute your content to a larger online audience, thereby elevating your online blogging reputation throughout a variety of Google+ communities.

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