{Princesses Don’t Do Boring}-Guest Post

The other day the kids were all sent downstairs into the basement “on the kids’ side” as they call it. It is where Hubby & I lovely created the perfect play space. A space where everything had a place. You know a place that is ripe for dumping everything on the floor & your perfect plan of organization looks more like a natural disaster has hit your home than children.

Although lately I’m wondering maybe children should be considered traveling natural disasters. Because they are natural (unless your kid is a plastic kid, then you’ve got other problems) and from my experience they know how to create total havoc when you least expect it. Seriously, they are like a perfect storm walking around with juice & crackers in hand.

During the clean-up adventure my adorable walking natural disasters tried whatever they could to not help. I mean every excuse in the book was pulled out. From “I’m too tired” to “NOT MY MESS!!” to “I don’t even like that” As if not liking it matters you dumped it on the floor kiddo, time to pick it back up!

However, there was one excuse that I wasn’t expecting. It came from my daughter.

There she stood before Hubby & I dressed head to toe in frilly pink princess gear with a face that was meant to break hearts & your will for making her clean. And then she said what was most unexpected with that adorable & forlorn face looking straight at both of us.

“Cleaning up is boring. Princesses don’t do boring.”

Hubby & I looked at each other. Attempting not burst out laughing right then & there and told her with our best parental straight face that even Princesses HAVE to do boring. And then we turned away from her, looked at each other again & tried to wipe away the tears in our eyes from the suppressed laughter at her adorably hilarious attempt of trying to play the Princess card as a way out of cleaning.

Because seriously, where did she come up with that one?

The Princess in question belongs to Beth at The Confused Homemaker, who “is almost an urban legend as a married academic with four kids who loves to bake.” I think she’s pretty darn amazing.

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  1. That princess is one smart cookie!

  2. LOL! Too cute. I agree though, cleaning up IS boring. I wish I didn’t have to do boring too.

  3. Yes, cleaning up IS boring.

    Sometimes I feel like if I clean up ONE MORE toy I’m going to lose my mind.

  4. She is right, although finding some old junk could be pretty entertaining.

  5. I don’t like cleaning either. And neither does my Baby Girl. She creates a ton of fuss when I tell her it is times to clean her room, like tears and wailing for a good hour before she gets started. But she has NEVER pulled out this excuse. Now I’ll know to watch out for it. LOL

  6. I must be a princess too! 🙂

  7. Awesome! I think I will take that philosophy on in my house too 🙂

  8. That is awesome – I’d like to use that excuse sometime and make it stick!

    • I think she was a little bummed that it wouldn’t *stick* and we still made her pick-up, she has tried the Princess excuse for other things since then. I think she’s hoping one time it will stick 😀

  9. Princesses don’t do boring? That’s priceless!

  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is EXACTLY what my husband and I have to look forward to! I love sassy kids!

  11. LOVING the guest posts… two days in a row I am laughing.

    This is the best though. I mean, boring? Princesses don’t “do” boring? Classic.

    Though I also like the excuse, “I don’t even like that!” I am so going to use that one on the Hubs.

    • Both are good excuses for getting out of cleaning. I do remember trying to pull the “I don’t even like that” line a few times, I still regret though since I lost out on a few things. Learned NEVER try that line with my Grandma because she meant business.

  12. Ask Cinderella 20 years post-happily-ever-after, and I bet she’s dealt with some boring stuff. But having glass slippers help tame the monotony, I bet. =>

  13. That is priceless. We have every excuse in the book here also and right now I can’t walk in the playroom. I am ready to board it up 🙂

    • There are days I think boarding up portions of the house where the kids seem to act like mini natural disasters in would be good. Right now I’m looking a sea of pillows & mega blocks. I’m thinking maybe I will tell my kids that I don’t do boring 🙂
      .-= beth aka confusedhomemaker´s last blog ..Esme Chair =-.

  14. LOL! That is totally something one of my kids would say.

  15. I should tell my husband that I am a princess because there is a lot of boring stuff that I would like not to have to do!

    • I know, how come we adults don’t get to pull these excuses out & get out all the boring things we have to do? Just once I’d like a day where there wasn’t one boring thing (or boring thing after thing) to deal with.
      .-= beth aka confusedhomemaker´s last blog ..Esme Chair =-.

  16. I wonder if I can use that exuse to get out of laundry or dishes????

  17. So that’s what the deal is huh? I’ve got three princesses over here who love to make excuses when it is time to clean up….must be too boring! Gotta love how kids come up with random stuff when you least expect it.