Laundry Room Organization with #DuckShelfLiner

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A few months ago I discovered Duck Brand's Shelf Liners.  They pretty much changed the way I organized shelves and cupboards because suddenly I was introduced to a product that was not only easy to install, but could be re-aligned, didn't require any adhesive and could be wiped up with a snap.

DuckĀ® Shelf Liners

I first tried out Duck Brand's Shelf Liner in my toy hauler in all of my cupboards and drawers.  They've continued to work like a charm even after several trips. The contents of my cupboards just don't move.  It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Even more beautiful is that it only took me a short period of time to put in the shelf liners.  Installing the liners need not be an exact science so you can really make the installation really quick and pain free! Most recently I organized my laundry room with the Duck® Shelf Liners.

Laundry Room Organization with #DuckShelfLiner


Now, it might not seem like lining my shelves would make much of a difference, but it makes a HUGE difference. My storage is extremely limited in my laundry room and my shelves are slippery and were getting scratched up, so lining them helped a ton.  The Duck Brand's Shelf Liner will help me preserve the life of my laundry organizing shelf while helping me keep the items ON the shelf without slipping off.  Plus, there was the added bonus of forcing me to take everything off the shelf and organize it while laying the liners. Installing the shelf liners was super easy and only took a few steps and minutes.

Installing Duck® Shelf Liners:

 #DuckShelfLiner 1.  First, gather your materials.  You'll only need scissors, the Duck® Brand Liner you've selected and a tape measure so that you can measure your shelf. duck shelf liners

2.  Clean and clear your shelves.  #DuckShelfLiner 3.  Next, cut your piece of Duck® Liner to the appropriate size.  You'll find that it cuts like a breeze.  Simply lay on shelf when it's the correct size.  You'll find that it "sticks" without any adhesive so no need to do anything else except align exactly how you want it.

4.  That's it!


5.  If you have any extra, you can use it to line another shelf in your house like I did!  {{smiling}}

Duck® Brand is onFacebook and Pinterest so be sure to check them out for tons of creative inspiration!  They also have several patterns so your options are not limited!

What projects will you be making that Duck® brand shelf liners would be perfect for?


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