NEW Super Snack Pack® is this Mom’s Friend!

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The New Super Snack Pack® is this busy mom’s friend. Now that Spring Baseball is in full swing, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going most of the time.  If my life wasn’t mapped out on my digital calendar, I’d seriously be lost.  That’s why I appreciate the little things, like easy and convenient snacks for all of my kids, but especially the boys. snackb

NEW Super Snack Pack®

super snack pack

The New Super Snack Pack® are the perfect snack choice for our family.


The kids can stash one in their lunches, grab one for  a quick snack after school while they are doing their homework {snicker}, and best of all, right before a baseball game or practice.


I don’t know a kid that doesn’t like pudding, so these are always popular in my house.  I like that they are affordable and can be purchased (in my case in bulk) at my local Walmart!

Bet you are wondering what’s New about the New Super Snack Pack®?  Well, it offers even more of the smooth and creamy Snack Pack® pudding you love in every cup (‘cuz they are 60% bigger)!

And, best of all, with this $1 off coupon, the puddings just got even more affordable! The Super Snack Pack® comes in three flavors:  Creamy Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, Creamy Chocolate/Vanilla

How do you manage your busy schedule and keeping your kids fed in between meals?

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  1. Melissa-in-NJ says

    I used to laugh when my friend [who has kids who are older than mine] used to tell me that she served dinner right when the kids got home from middle school (around 4 PM). I thought she was kidding. But she’s right and now I do it too! They’re starving when they get home, and why should I have them snack at 4PM? Just go right on in to the entree. We can usually hold them off until about 4:30 or 5 but then we sit down and eat. My husband works from home so usually he joins us, but if he has to go in to the office, we don’t wait.

    When my older son gets home from high school at 2:30, he eats cereal to tide him over since lunch is at 10:30 AM (no wonder we’re messed up, huh??)!! But that is getting expensive! I need to find him a high protein snack, maybe hummus and pita chips.