Need Extra Money for the Holidays?

Just loose a few teeth. That’s what Emma is planning on doing.

She and I were discussing ways that she can make some money to buy some presents and she said, “well, maybe I’ll lose like 3 teeth”. Problem solved. I wonder how much she thinks the tooth fairy pays per tooth? If only it were so easy.

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  1. Ironically, this is also Hope’s plan. I wonder what Hope and Emma have in mind….

  2. Great! This is something I can work on while I’m waiting for the money tree in the backyard to bloom!

  3. Angie, how do you do it all??? I just paid for my kids gifts for others this year. We can barely get homework done and keep up with housework. You are amazing!

    Very wise lady you have their! Teeth are $2 each at this house.

  4. Casey's trio says

    How funny..sounds like a resourceful young lady. I wouldn’t be worried unless I see her walking around with a pair of pliers!

  5. ROFL! Too bad I had to pay to loose my teeth this year (wisdom teeth). Being grown up is no fun at all!

  6. My solution when I was her age was to ask Santa for a blank check. My mom shot that one down fast.

  7. That’s a whopping buck fifty at our house. Not worth it I’d say!

  8. carrie & troy keiser says

    hahahaeehehehehehaahaeeeah! 🙂