My Life’s A-Changin’

I’ve been preparing myself for years for the day when all of my children would be in school.  I knew that the day would inevitably come; I loosely dreamed about the things I would be able to do with my time.  Like laying in bed all day.  Sleeping.  Or laying in bed all day.  Reading.  Or shopping. Without 5 children to keep track of……so many lazy dreams.

I’ve also had a not so lazy dream.  I’ve wanted to go to graduate school and get a Master’s Degree in something I’m interested in.  My dream has been to get my graduate degree NOT for  job marketability or opportunity, but for the sense of accomplishment and mental challenge that it would bring.

Suddenly, my life has changed.  I’m living those days that I had envisioned for years, only it’s not quite how I thought it would be.

For one, I did not have a party upon sending all of my children to school like I thought I would.  Instead I cried.  Much more than I’d like to admit.

Secondly, I now have an internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 5 or 6 am and certainly doesn’t allow me to sleep in, much less sleep the day away.   I just can’t. do. it.

Thirdly, I find myself not particularly interested in lazy pursuits.  I have enjoyed the manicure and pedicure I’ve indulged in, but really, I suddenly find all kinds of things that I want and need to do……

Like, researching graduate schools  and trying to justify the use of some pretty hefty sums of money for a degree that I only want……because.

Do I really  just want my Master’s Degree so that I can say I have one?  Pretty much.

Of course, I also want the knowledge that it will certainly bring, but is my want really justifiable?  The time I would need to study would have to come from somewhere, which would impact my family at some level, and then there’s the monetary aspect.  Jeff and I have FIVE children to educate.  Is my higher education worth it when that money could be used to educate one of them?

I think so.  Despite a million reasons that I’ve come up with that point in the other direction.

So, here I am.

Busier than ever.  Just trying to navigate my way through this new phase of life…..and hopefully make the right decisions.

And lastly, my good friend MamaKat wrote a post about internet/blog safety a few days ago that left rocks in my stomach.  You won’t want to miss it.  For real.

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  1. Wow, very impressive! Good luck to you. =)

  2. Hi hun, wow you sound rather similar to me int he fact that even when my youngling is with me I still wake up early and want to learn and explore etc.

    I think it’s amazing and inspiring that you want to study again and why on earth not. Life is too short to be cacoooned in a bubble and not knowing about the world around us – regardless of the subject you will always learn about other cultures etc even with investment banking lol.

    I have two courses I want to sign up to however funds will not allow it at the moment. So I envy you. And dont worry I think I will have to buy a share in kleenex for when youngling goes to school for first time!

    Take care
    Kate Collings
    xx – always welcoming new followers, guests and comments xx

  3. I can relate a lot. You know you don’t need the degree to be amazing (you already are) but if you want it then take the time to work out how to get it & I know you can make it happen. Plus, if you get a Master’s degree you might increase your earning potential & that could help in the future when the kids need assistance if they decide to move ahead to college.

  4. Go for your dreams Angie! Yes, it will cost money and you will have to take time out of family to study but the rewards will be with you forever. Knowledge is the one thing we can take with us! Your family as well as you will benefit from your gained knowledge even if they have to sacrifice for you to attain it! Good luck! I’m hoping to go back to school when all my kiddies are back in school but I’ve still got several more years ahead of me. Hopefully by that time my husband will have finished school!

  5. so can relate and understand those feelings and almost there in my household.

  6. I think the example you are setting for those five kids makes it more than worth it.

  7. I think an investment in yourself is always worth it…even if the benefit isn’t evident right now. I also think that it a pursuit that can be done at anytime and at any age. If postponing is what is best for your family right now then, you have to go with that. Don’t table your dreams forever though. Those silly kids have a way of growing up and moving on with their lives and we should nuture ours too:-)

  8. I think you are absolutely right to do this for yourself – you are setting the very best of examples for your children showing them that all of us need things in our lives that are for us, goals to strive for and reach, despite their being obstacles in our path. I can’t wait to hear more about this.

  9. Good luck Angie.

  10. I have that pesky internal clock too. When my husband goes out of town, I stay up until 2 in the morning, thinking, “I’ll just get up at 11 tomorrow.” 8:30 comes, and I can’t go back to sleep. Boo.

  11. Good for you, I just hope that you can make it all work out for you! I know that I will probably want to go back to school too once my kids are in school. I just have a lot of years to wait LOL

  12. no matter what choice you make I’m sure it’s going to be the right one. Remember knowledge comes from everywhere around us not just in a piece of paper called a degree.

  13. go to school. or at least do an online course. no guilt baby. no guilt.

    I read that mamkat post. Yep. It’s pretty scary. It’s the reason I went private. I know that’s not possible for you, but yeah, it’s something to think about.

  14. I was fortunate enough to get my Master’s Degree before I even had kids, but I have to say that I have never regretted getting it, even though we are still paying off my student loans!

  15. Go for it Angie!!! You deserve to develop your interests. Your kids will be at the age soon enough where they don’t want Mom around all the time anyway…you know, those lovely pre-teen years for some of them! So, use that time to develop yourself because you’ve earned it lady! Look at it this way, you can “model” for your kids how they should go about completing their college education one day!?

  16. You are clearly a smart woman but if I had to just remind of you of a piece of advice, it would to simply remember to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. And yes, that post has me a little freaked out now.

  17. Good luck with your dreams!

  18. My dear Angie – for heaven’s sake, don’t pay for college out of your pocket! There has got to be a scholarship, grant, or government program that would pay for schooling for an “unemployed” mom of 5 (yes, you do count as unemployed and in this environment, there are lots of programs for unemployed folks).

    PS: While you are thinking about college for your munchkins, you might want to read my somewhat unique ideas on the subject –

  19. Very cool, Angie!!! Perfect timing too with all the kiddos being in school now. Now you’ve got me curious as to what you are leaning towards studying. I got my Masters in Elementary Education never thinking that I’d be using my degree to homeschool my own kids ( – we’re trying it out this year). You never know where you might put that degree to use! Best of luck to you!

  20. I’ll send you mine if you want it. I don’t use it.


  21. Angie,

    Good for you… pursue that dream! I often laugh that I got an MBA and then found myself a few years later staying home mom changing diapers! 🙂 But you know what? I’m so glad I did it; nothing is wasted. Now that my kids are getting older and are in school all day, I’ve been using more and more of my education and work/writing experience for some of the things I’m involved with… and loving it. So go for it and enjoy it! And as far as internet privacy, that post literally had my heart pounding as I read it. I felt so bad for her and I was relieved that it was her sister. I’ve always been private about my kids on my blog and that post made me glad. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Good luck and I hope you pursue whatever it you are looking to do.

  23. Best of luck in whatever this next phase in life brings you!

  24. I say go for it! I regret my decision to “take a break” after getting my bachelor’s; that break has been going on for 10+ years now. Not. Good. I would love the opportunity to go on and obtain my Maters.