My Boys…

Have been going through a phase (while Jeff is at work, of course) where they all need to sit on my lap first, or get the first plate, cup or spoon. It’s been really sort of frustrating, but the conversations as a result have been really funny.

Picture 3 puppies. Jumping up and down, whinning, yipping, trying to get the first bite of food. Those puppies should have my boys faces on them. This morning John asked for juice first, so I have him his cup. Garrett started whinning about why he didn’t get it first, so I explained that John asked first, so he got it first. Then I gave Garrett his cup and then lastly, Jacob his cup. He smiled and said, “thanks”. I commented that Jacob was my sweet boy to wait patiently. Garrett threw himself on the floor crying and said, “you never call me anything”. I should have reminded him that he is my beloved liar.

And then, once again the boys all wanted a drink of my breakfast shake. Garrett got the first drink (since he asked), and then I gave John his drink. He dripped it everywhere, so I said, “Tiki, don’t drip it all over the floor”. (Knowing it was John, just calling him the wrong name). Then I heard, Jacob say, “John”. He didn’t want to be blamed. LOVE it.

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  1. Too cute! Whenever the twins want to sit on my lap Olivia is ALWAYS climbing on top of them. Or she’ll be sitting by me (everytime I sit down for a sec!) and then they will want to. I am a big lady but jeez!! It is really fun though too. I am finding a joy in hugging all 5 of them at once.

  2. Oh those boys are too cute!

  3. We have the “me first” issue something aweful around here too. It drives me crazy!

    That is too funny that Jacob corrected you. My girls still answer to the other’s name although my brother and SIL swear that the girls were trying to tricke them when they were here. They said the girls intentionally answered to the wrong name. I am doubting it and thinking the Ry and Jay just had them mixed up!

  4. The three puppies comparison is PERFECT. I can totally imagine what it looks like!!!

  5. Very typical moments. I am impressed they know their own names. At this age my girls both called one another Hailey, no matter how many times we called her Sydney. It was really funny.
    SO… whats your breakfast shake? I want to know about that.

  6. Are You Serious! says

    I love that he corrected you. My kids do that all the time when I call out the wrong name. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I’m with Laura, what breakfast shake?

    I’m dealing with the competition in a big way to. Today at mommy and me they talked about sibling rivalry. Basically the only think I took away from it is that I suck. Literally everyone had read parenting articles and books. Me? None.

    I love the correction! That’s some brilliant thinking!

  8. I love that your three little boys really want their mama’s attention!! Aren’t little boys grand? 😉

  9. girlytwins says

    Puppies are a perfect analogy 🙂 We have that same problem too here. However my girls are no where near knowing the difference between the two of them. They just call each other sister.

  10. We haven’t started the “me first” stuff yet, but my girls are now fighting over toys. This morning Sunny crawled over and yanked Elle’s thumb out of her mouth and then smiled while Elle cried, so I am frightened of what the future will bring!

  11. The Pruetz Family says

    I second your last line — LOVE it. They are too cute.

  12. My boys also fight who’s gonna sit on my lap, so one would sit on the right, and the other one on the left. And then their sister would rest on my back.
    So… calling the wrong name happens everywhere… huh? it’s like when I saw (from the back) some one watched TV too close. Then I said “Ar, back off! (no response……) Ir!”, then he back off…
    Cute… cute…

  13. LOL. Did you say breakfast shake? Man, no wonder you look so skinny!

  14. carrie & troy keiser says

    That is so funny! I can relate with the sitting on me!

  15. Casey's trio says

    Oh the competition is alive and well in our house. Glad to read I’m not the only one dealing with it!

  16. Mark and Kiss says

    Ha, ha, ha! Very funny Angie. You know I call my boys by the wrong name too, but its not on purpose and they correct me and ask why I call them the wrong names all the time. I think I have no brain power left with this pregnancy. I loved the imagery and could totally picture it. Thanks for the little slice of life and the laugh it brought to my day. –Kirst

  17. Josh and Betsie says

    The site really gave me comfort from the beginning when we first thought I was having momos. But now that we are having dimos it still helps. I didn’t know any of you were lds until I clicked on debra’s blog. I am sure I will still be asking tons of questions to help ease my fears.
    Your kids are SUPER cute. I love seeing your little twins when you comment on pages on the momo site.

  18. That is too funny! At our house the boys are always fighting about getting a specific color of cup. Our motto is “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” but they still do. One of these days I am going to go out and buy all white cups.

    Your twins are so cute. My hubby would be jealous. He wanted red headed kids so bad!! 🙂

  19. I love the puppy image… especially since I have one eager puppy jumping on my hands as I type.

  20. Man that sounds like a bit to put up with. I dunno if I’d have the patience. Good explanations though.

  21. Off topic but I was seriously wanting to name Lillian Garrett should she have turned out to be a boy.

    Yea, I’ve always liked that name.

  22. jenni anne says

    naughty puppies! if johanna doesn’t get the first snack, it usually ends with her throwing herself on the floor screaming. adorable.