Happy Birthday to my sweet, sassy, funny, fashion conscious not-so-little-anymore girl. I love you.
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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Wow! 8! She’s such a beautiful 8 yr old! Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow, she is so grown up. Looks like she had a happy birthday!!

  3. Casey's trio says

    Happy 8th birthday to Grace! Hope she had a great day:)

  4. Crazymamaof6 says

    she is gorgeous! i hope she had a great day!

  5. Are You Serious! says

    Cute pictures! She looks thrilled.

  6. My name is Tammie says

    Happy 8th Birthday! She is beautiful and looks so happy!

  7. Clark Captions says

    Wow! Can you believe it??? Grace is just beautiful! Time goes by so fast…I hope she had a great birthday! Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Birthday Grace!! She’s a beautiful girl. Watch out in eight more years!!

    The next weird one is ten. Isaac turns ten in February. I don’t think I’m ready to have a double digit kid!!

  9. She’s so adorable…
    Happy Birthday Grace!!

  10. Happy Happy birthday Miss Grace!! Eight was a big birthday around here. They are so independent and grown up. You are such a lovely girl!

  11. Happy Birthday Grace! Such a special birthday. Anthony is counting down the two more months until he turns eight.

    Nothing like your kids growing up and making you feel old. I don’t feel old but then I remember that I have a 10 year old and realize that I’m not a young new mother either!

  12. I can’t believe it! She is so grown up it is scary. Good luck holding the boys back.

  13. wow, they grow up so fast! Happy birthday!

  14. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    Wow. I read that title on my RSS feed and got the wrrrooong impression. Wrong baby, thankfully…

    Congrats, Grace!

  15. I can’t believe I have not yet commented here. Grace is beautiful! I hope she had a great day. 8 is great!

  16. Wow. I can’t imagine, in this stage of my life Masaru being 8! Time goes by way too fast I think. More reason to enjoy your life in the here and now.
    Angie? How has it been having your 4th and 5th child as twins? Has it been hard? Are twins a lot harder than one child?