Musical Monday-Running Down a Dream

Musical Monday

I was 19. Touring Western Europe on a bus.

This was the song our tour guide blasted every morning just after we’d lugged our too big suitcases down to the curb, stumbled onto the bus, found our seats and had fallen back to sleep.

She didn’t want us to miss the sights sleeping, you see. It was our theme song.

It woke me up every time.

And always reminds me of Europe. On a bus.

Good times.

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  1. wow, sounds like a really good time! i would have loved to experience that sort of thing when i was young. i’ll just have to do it when i get old, i suppose! lol

    (btw, i literally JUST heard this song on the radio!)

  2. blueviolet says

    Nothing like traveling in Europe when you’re young like that. I do so remember that and would like to forget some of it. 😉

  3. Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    What a fun memory. You must be pulled back everytime you hear any song from it!!

  4. isnt it weird how some songs can take you back so vividly?

    i’d love to hear some stories from that trip!

  5. mommaof4wife2r says

    on a bus…awesome! i want to go to europe and listen to tom petty to keep me awake!! so much fun!

  6. Jenni Jiggety says

    What a cool experience!

  7. Kelly Deneen says

    Wow!! I want to tour Europe. Very cool!

  8. Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures says

    Great story! I love Tom Petty!

  9. The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom says

    Ingenius to play Tom Petty to keep you all moving! Great story and song!

  10. great song….

  11. Tom Petty is totally my celebrity husband.. I just love, love, love him.
    This is a great song, isn’t it? Perfect for the road.
    Happy Musical Monday!

  12. what a great memory–i love that song!

  13. I love Tom Petty’s Music. It rocks 🙂

  14. Kacey R. says

    Oh I can’t think of a better song to wake up to. In Europe. On a bus. lol Sounds like a blast!

  15. Scary Mommy says

    Amazing how music takes you back, isn’t it? Love that song!!

  16. This is a great song. I love it when songs have such a vivid, specific memory attached to them.

  17. Would love to hear more about your trip to Europe. Have you been back since this trip at 19? Would you ever go back? What were the favorite places you visited? I went to Europe once too. I was going into 8th grade. I don’t remember much and guess I did not appreciate it at the time. Don’t know if I would go back.

  18. How cool that you toured Europe! I bet it was awesome!!!!!
    This is a great theme song.

  19. Honey Mommy says

    I have never even been out of the country! I bet touring Europe was great!

  20. Veggie Mom says

    Tom Petty brings back lots of memories. I did the Europe thing on a bus, too. Learned how to crawl up in the luggage rack above the seats and sleep. Seriously!

  21. Gonna have to hear more about that Europe tour one of these days!


  22. Jennifer says

    Fabulous memory! When I was 19 I was living in Eastern Europe.

  23. Michelle says

    I love it when songs bring back great memories.

    I’m glad I am finally able to view your blog. It came up blank several times today!

  24. Jennifer P. says

    I LOVE the songs i associate with my time in Europe! Glad you have them too!….now i won’t be able to get “Running Down a Dream” out of my head (even though I only know the chorus) 🙂

  25. Awesome! What a great memory. I love how sounds and smells can take you right back. TOo cool!

  26. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I remember you going on that trip. You came back and told me I looked like a German and I was so afraid you ment that I was getting really fat. I had this image in my head of a big robust woman in a viking outfit. I bet you had such a great trip!

  27. Halftime Lessons says

    Seriously one of my alltime fav songs…I have it on my Daddy’s Anthems tab…very few songs move you like this one does…

    Nice taste, ma’am.

  28. I want to tour Europe with Tom Petty singing in my ear.

    Truly, that’s the BEST idea I’ve had all day. Thanks for the inspiration.