Emma and me….my favorite part though, John sneaking over to the pond to try to catch some tad poles.

Jacob and me

Love the expression on Tiki’s (Jacob) face.

Can we please stay away from the pond? John is on the left, Jacob right.

I downloaded my last batch of pictures and found something amazing. More pictures of me. I’m always doing the picture taking, never the one in the photos, so this is pretty rare. Thought I’d post some of my favorites since I’m sure this won’t happen again any time soon. Grace wants to be a forensic scientist when she grows up, but maybe photography will be a nice hobby? Hum…..maybe she needs a digital of her own?
Also, I’ve changed my settings so that you no longer need to be a “blogger” to post comments. They can be posted anonymously. Would love to hear from you.
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  1. Grace did a fantastic job of taking pictures!! I do not even let my kids near my camera.

    I love your backyard. I need to do some lanscaping in ours. Next year… when the boys are walking.

  2. Love the pictures, love that your in them too! You look great. What a fabulous backyard. Although I am not sure I could keep my twins out of the water.

  3. seangates says

    Hope you’re feeling better! Fun pictures!