More You asked, I answered…..

“Best money you ever spent?” is Jamie’s query.

The $600.00 in co pays shelled out for our monoamniotic adventure. If it were not for a good insurance plan, we would have been financially ruined. Had we had to pay cash for our hospitalizations it would have been close to a million dollars. I’ll always be thankful that we only had to pay a mere trifle.

I’m also beginning to think that the money we are spending on our Anniversary getaway will be money well spent.

Taya asked, “Is it true that redheads have all the fun?”

Is this a trick question?

“What three qualities do you feel are your best? Which are your worst?What three qualities do you most want to instill in your children? ” was the question asked by Robin.

I’m dependable, I know how to get things done, and I’m a great multi-tasker. I also have a tendency to get annoyed very easily, I’m not as forgiving with others as I am with myself, and I’m not the best communicator. I want my children to be self reliant, I want them to make good choices, and I want them to have integrity.

Kristin inquired, “How much time per day would you say you spend, cleaning or vacuuming? Do you like to clean? Do you yell more when your house is clean and the kids mess it up? Do you have them all trained to pick up after themselves? Can you tell, I’m a little obsessed with how clean your house always is, when you have more/twins kids than me! “

Well, I only vacuum once a week at the most. I have really great carpet with flecks so unless there is a lot of junk on it, I don’t notice and don’t feel compelled to pull out the vacuum. I would guess that I spend about 2 hours a day cleaning. That includes laundry. I never clean my house from top to bottom at once. One day I’ll do bathrooms. One day I’ll change and wash all the bed linens. One day I’ll mop the floors, etc. Mostly, each day I’m maintaining a semblance of order. I try to always go to bed with a picked up house. My kids make messes, but they know that the messes better be contained. Except the twins. They are my wild cards. I can’t go by experience with the other kids because they break all the rules. But that’s a side note. About the “contained messes”. I have certain rooms for certain functions, and they know that toys, for example, don’t belong in the kitchen. Toys in the play room need to stay in the play room. Toys in their bedroom stay in their bedroom. I do not have any toys in common rooms like my living room so that helps. I don’t usually yell when they make messes. Usually.

Cecily wants to know, “Who inspires you? Do you find inspiration in the mundane like I sometimes do? Do you act on it like I sometimes don’t?

I find inspiration in many things……usually the little things….a book I just read. Something I listened to. Blogs I frequent. People I know. My husband and kids. Sadly, more often than not, I do not act on the inspiration. (shaking head in disgust…)

Jojo asked, “What is one of your favorite smells and what memory is linked to it? “

One of my favorite smells is baby lotion. It reminds me of my children when they were infants because that’s the only time I took the time to lotion them up. In a way I’m glad though because it’s easier to pinpoint the time…..:)

I also really love the smell of warm, fresh smelling clothes……the smell and feeling makes me think of security and warmth and reminds me how blessed I am to have a washer and dryer, and an abundance of clothing to meet my needs and satisfy my wants.

A few of the questions I’ve been rolling around in my mind and I still don’t have answers. So, these questions will be the ones in competition for the huge gift card. Your vote is appreciated!

Arizona asked, “Who is more your type. Batman or Robin?”

Brenna asked, “Are you a skeptic or a believer when it come to Ghost’s? Do you believe that people from the other side visit us and try to get in touch with us or try to scare us?

“Who is your hero? Not just any hero – but the hero that inspires you to get through the day? The hero that makes you glad to be alive and the one that stirs you to do your best? ” was asked by Rosie.

Melissa wanted to know, “Which adult do you think your the closest to? No one your age like people our parents age.”

My other cousin Kristen asked, “If you were to choose any religion other than your own, which would you choose?”

Laurie wanted to know, “If you could choose any of Snow White and the seven dwarfs to describe your personality which dwarf would you be?”

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  1. Crazymamaof6 says

    WOW fabulous questions they are very thought provoking!
    WOW! i’m loving AZ’s question! can’t wait to hear that one.

  2. Melissa says

    This is a good idea. I like it.
    I liked the Religious question. I’ve never thought about it you know. Now I’m thinking which religion I’d choose. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Ha ha! No, not a trick question! Just itching for something new(hence the blog layout changes) I’m wondering if being a redhead might be fun for awhile! I like the religion question as well.

  4. Cecily R says

    You gave great answers AGAIN. Your house cleaning answer made me want to sink into the floor though. My house is a tornado right now.

    The religion question is REALLY interesting but I don’t think I’d be able to answer it. For that reason alone I choose the Batman vs. Robin question.

  5. Are you telling the truth? Brooke says she used to watch you vacuum your house 2 or 3 times a day!!!!
    I like the religion question, I think I’d be Buddhist. Not cuz I’m japanese, but because it’s so individual and personal. No meetings. It’s really more a state of mind…

  6. I did not pose the question although I have the same name, but I think Laurie’s question was good and would love to hear the answer.

  7. Great questions and even better answers!
    My whole house has at least a couple of toys in each room- yes he rules, only in the most sweetest adorable way though, hence all the toys!

  8. andrea j says

    It was fun to read your answers! Of course red heads have more fun Taya!!

    I think I would like to hear the answer to the hero question. We all need inspiration from somewhere to get through raising our children.

  9. Angie~
    Thanks for all your help. I am going to test this and see if it works.

    Also my fav question is the hero question.

  10. Angie… you asked if my mother has red hair… no she doesn’t… but my brother does… but we have to go to my father’s sister for the closet red hair… besides one cousin. It’s weird because there are three in our family and only two in the entire extended family.

    Yes… my twin is living. And we were delivered naturally. My mother didn’t even know she was having twins. The doctor did. But didn’t tell her. She just thought she was having another big baby. We were carried two weeks short of full term. I was 5lb 10oz and my sister was 6lb. Everyone was astonished.

  11. I’ve been reading a little about ma twins but don’t know much. Certainly my mother’s doctor was very weird not to tell her. He was very unconventional. She remembered back that he had asked her a couple times what she’d think about twins, and such… but never clued in. When she asked him about it later he said that he knew she’d love them both anyway and he didn’t want her stressed. Oh well! Here I am! She didn’t have a name for me… since she wasn’t expecting two of us… so we were called Twin A and Twin B for a bit.

    Did you know that red heads are expected to be extinct in another 100 years?

  12. Well I completely understand about being financially ruined because of preemie twins! It is NOT fun!

    I like the Batman Question!

  13. Such good questions…I love these posts of yours!!!

  14. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Well of course I’m going to vote for mine. I look forward to the answer to all of them. Good luck!

  15. Shannon says

    Glad to know I am not the only one who only vacuums once a week! Great post!